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Newcastle United owners special messages to fans – ‘Better days are coming’

4 weeks ago

It is now 80 days since the new Newcastle United owners took over.

Mike Ashley’s 14+ year reign finally at an end.

With 7 October 2021 seeing the new Newcastle United owners taking the keys to St James Park, in return for Ashley walking away with £305m in his back pocket.

It hasn’t been the easiest or rides so far for either the consortium or the NUFC fans.

The timing of the takeover was far from ideal and indeed following the buyout, Amanda Staveley made this clear. She said the sensible thing would have been to wait until the end of the season and do the deal then, knowing exactly what you were buying and of course able to properly prepare for the following season with a summer and transfer window to do so.

As opposed to buying a club a couple of months into a season, with the team in the relegation zone and not a single game won, still three months away from the next transfer window.

However…Amanda Staveley said that they didn’t have that luxury of being able to wait, that if they hadn’t acted when the opportunity presented itself in October 2021, they might have never again had the chance to buy the club from Mike Ashley.

Three of the new Newcastle United owners have put out festive messages to the fans.

Jamie Reuben declaring ‘better days are coming’ for Newcastle United.

Whilst along with Amanda Staveley and Mehrdad Ghodoussi, all three NUFC owners and directors thanked the fans for the support shown so far.

Some people, especially outsiders, will no doubt sneer at these Christmas messages put out by the Newcastle United owners. Saying it is all just for show, meaningless empty words for the masses.

Well, who knows their motivation and how genuine or not they may be. As an individual you will take them whichever way you want.

What I do know 100% for sure though…is that Newcastle United fans had been treated with absolute contempt for over 14 years by a club owner who laughed in their faces.

Mike Ashley only took from Newcastle United, becoming a multi billionaire rather than just a billionaire, with a major factor in his ever rising riches, due to the cynical way he used the football club as a massive free worldwide advertising / marketing tool for his retail empire, finally paying a pittance into NUFC from Sports Direct in the very later years of milking the club for all it was worth.

Even communicating with the Newcastle fans was something that Mike Ashley didn’t think was an essential, with characters such as Lee Charnley only too happy to help the then owner in treating the supporters with such contempt. Charnley and Ashley making empty promises to the Newcastle fans that were never kept, everything from the 2013 declaration that the new essential state of the art training complex would be built as soon as possible, right through to the 2019 declaration when Steve Bruce was appointed, that from now on there would be proper communication and respect for the fans.

Mike Ashley showed zero leadership, never mind ambition. Ashley often never sighted at matches for months or even pretty much a whole season at a time. Not even bothering to go when Newcastle were playing only a few miles from his North London home.

In contrast, the likes of Yasir Al-Rumayyan, Amanda Staveley, Jamie Reuben and Mehrdad Ghodoussi have been there at matches since the takeover, grinning and bearing it out in public as Newcastle United have struggled on the pitch due to the legacy left by Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce.

How much easier would it be for them to instead retreat into an executive box instead of sitting there for the media to catch every reaction as Newcastle have largely failed on the pitch so far in their 11 weeks in charge. Or as Mike Ashley did, simply not go to matches at all…leaving it to the likes of people such as Sports Direct inner circle figures Justin Barnes and Keith Bishop to be his representatives at games (even though they had no official club positions), or sometimes only Lee Charnley sitting there, occasionally nobody at all at NUFC matches representing the Newcastle United / Mike Ashley hierarchy.

I think Newcastle fans want leaders, they want people willing to lead from the front, owners not scared to put themselves out front when the going gets tough.

I understand all the spotlight and concerns regarding the Saudi Arabia angle of Newcastle United’s ownership and I don’t have an answer as to what should and shouldn’t happen, what should and shouldn’t be allowed to happen, who should and shouldn’t be allowed to own football clubs, what should and shouldn’t be allowed to happen in British politics overall. Like you, I don’t have any easy answers on so many important issues. However, what I do know, is that there was nothing at all in either the Premier League rules, or indeed UK Government rules, that could have disallowed the new Newcastle United owners taking over.

I’m happy to say that I’m left of centre and that in my utopian world, the UK would have absolutely no dealings with Saudi Arabia…along with the UAE, China, Russia and so on.

However, we are not living in my utopian / ideal world and when it comes to my Newcastle United part of that world, my mantra is that I speak as I find.

Like most of you I was ecstatic when Mike Ashley took over in 2007, never believing for one minute exactly how horrific we would very quickly find his treatment of our football club and fans to be. Newcastle United just there to exist and be used and abused by Mike Ashley for the benefit of himself and others who benefited from NUFC as part of their ownership of Sports Direct.

When it comes to detractors of the new ownership, I have also seen other criticisms levelled by both outsiders and some Newcastle fans at some of the non-Saudi Arabian parts of the consortium.

The Reuben family are matching pound for pound any money raised this season outside St James Park this season by volunteers for the local Food Banks, this is on top of previous money they (the Reuben family have donated to the Tyneside Food Banks.

The criticism from detractors that I have seen, is that with their Tory supporting backgrounds, the likes of Jamie Reuben and Amanda Staveley have helped to create the circumstances that have meant so many more people have needed to now use food banks.

In one way I agree, in terms of in my personal opinion we would be far better as a country if we didn’t have a Conservative government, especially when it comes to looking after the most vulnerable parts of society.

However, to use this as something to have a go at the Newcastle United owners is laughable.

To have a go at people when they are giving to charity, especially locally on Tyneside, is really scraping the barrel.

We have had a massive Tory owning Newcastle United for over 14 years who was only interesting in being a big fat leech when it came to our great city and the people who live here, never mind the way he treated the football club.

Whilst as for the political persuasions of potential owners of Newcastle United, I think we would be waiting for a ‘while’ if limiting ourselves to a left of centre consortium swooping for NUFC.

This is the Premier League, have a look around, who owns the clubs in the league above all others is about greed and getting power, influence etc etc.

The best days most of us have seen happened under yet another big Tory in John Hall.

Apologies for disappearing down this political rabbit hole…but when discussing being a fan of Newcastle United, these days we are seemingly expected to answer for everything. Whether it is domestic politics or indeed even UK foreign policy.

As I said, I think there is no better mantra than speak as you find.

As a Newcastle United fan I am happy to go down this route and if the new Newcastle United owners continue the way they have gone so far, treating the people, city and club with respect, then also back up their ambition with actions to help realise those ambitions, then they will get my…vote.

Messages from the new Newcastle United owners that were put out on Christmas Day:

Jamie Reuben:

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our incredible supporters, in Newcastle and all around the world, for their support they have shown us and the team this season.

“It’s greatly appreciated.

“I know at times it has been tough but better days are coming.

“I also want to recognise the incredible generosity shown by our supporters to the Newcastle Food Bank, which is providing invaluable support to those most in need in our community.

“And showing once again, we are not just a football club, but we are the heart of a great city.

“So, I wanted to wish everyone connected to the club, a merry Christmas.

“And I look forward to seeing you all at St James Park very soon.”

Amanda Staveley:

“Merry Christmas to all the fantastic Newcastle United fans.

“Mehrdad and I just wanted to thank you all for the incredible support you have shown us this year.”

Mehrdad Ghodoussi:

“Thank you very much everybody.

“We really do appreciate your support and we are hoping you are having an exceptional day with your families and friends.

“Merry Christmas and we look forward to 2022.”


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