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Liverpool fans comments on Newcastle United and their supporters before AND after match

1 month ago

Interesting to look at these comments below from Liverpool fans, both before and after Thursday’s match against Newcastle United.

Scousers having their say on both NUFC and the club’s supporters, even mentioning the match sometimes…

Fair to say that as fanbases go, none have quite as high opinion of themselves as the Liverpool fans.

Obviously that is a bit of a generalisation…but they (Liverpool fans!) started it (see the comments below…)

There are good, bad and indifferent people amongst every set of supporters, but I do admire the levels of puffed up self-importance and self-righteousness that so many of the Liverpool fans below reach.

They wouldn’t want money at their club from anywhere but the purest of sources, indeed they would make sure their club didn’t take that money.

Hmmmm, I must have missed the riots on the streets around Anfield that prevented deals with companies from countries such as China, where every company is effectively part of the state.

Some of the Liverpool fans below, have such a self-inflated sense of their own importance, they state confidently that they wouldn’t accept a takeover they didn’t want and indeed would prevent it happening.

Well, in the real world, life is somewhat different. Liverpool fans have never prevented anybody not taking control of their club and they haven’t forced anybody out. Like Newcastle supporters with Mike Ashley, the Liverpool fans could do nothing about Hicks and Gillett, they were only able to move on from them because the American duo ran out of cash and couldn’t afford to keep the club. If Hicks and Gillett had had the money Mike Ashley has, never mind what the Saudis and / or Reuben family have, no doubt they would still be owning the Anfield club now, whatever the Liverpool fans might or might not have done. As for the lengths the opposing fans went to, when it came to trying to get rid of unpopular owners, countless Newcastle fans sacrificed going to the matches and left Mike Ashley with over 10,000 unsold season tickets, which forced him into the unparalleled move of giving away for free 10,000+ season tickets to save his embarrassment and fill the empty spaces. I can’t recall the Liverpool fanbase making those kind of sacrifices and leaving Hicks and Gillett with 10,000 unsold season ticket holders.

This is actually not having a go at Liverpool fans…just reminding them that they are the same as any other fanbase, no better or worse.

I also really enjoyed the comments below where some of them claim that they are badly done to, when it come to media coverage of their club and decisions from match officials.

Yet people claim it is Newcastle United fans who are deluded!!!

Liverpool fans commenting via their Liverpool FC and Red and White Kop message boards:


‘Well if the foxes can stuff ’em 4-0 we ought to put double figures past them.’

‘Blow them away so they drop below Norwich on GD.’

‘Newcastle are there for the taking let’s add some more goals to a goal difference.’

‘Must win, Preferably 10-0.’

‘I used to like Newcastle United a little bit. Newcastle United are now owned by a bloody despotism. More importantly still, none of their supporters appears to care.

I’m in the school that would now want Newcastle relegated before Manchester United. 

They’ve “suffered”, they say, and therefore they feel morally obliged to take the bloody lucre. I don’t know what system of ethics supports that conclusion, but it’s evidently a popular one in Newcastle.’

‘Let’s roll over these. Cause we’re better. Cause we’re owned by someone better.’

‘They are utterly hopeless. I think our under 18’s will give them a tough game.’

‘This lot sold themselves to the devil and their fans lapped it up.

Hopefully we give them a pasting to help them on their way to the Championship.’

‘I’d like to think our fanbase would chase away any tyrants wanting to take over the club even in the worst of times but especially now.

‘Anything less then 5-0 here i’ll be disapointed. the toon.’

‘Without something completely ridiculous happening like a 2nd minute red card or a meteor hitting Anfield then the scoreline can basically be whatever LFC’s players want it to be.’

‘Obliterate this nothing club owned by sadistic monster.’

‘Hope we absolutely batter them, cricket score.

I’ve never wanted to see a team relegated as much as these crooks, not United, not City.’

‘It was both sad and shocking to see the masses of Newcastle fans openly celebrating these thugs takeover and even dressing the part. We as a club have had few barren spells but I guarantee that the bulk of Liverpool fans would never accept an owner like they now have.’

‘Newcastle. Ugh. Just because they had a couple of seasons in the limelight during the mid 90s under Keegan, you’d think they were some sleeping giant that deserves to be hugely successful.’


‘It wouldn’t have been a huge surprise if Diogo’s goal was chalked off. When I saw the close-up replays later on, I couldn’t see any clash of heads. Not sure why the why the player went down holding his head.’

‘I agree cant see a clash of heads but a elbow is close to his head as he comes down hard to see if there was contact.’

‘I expected the ref to blow as i dont think the ref should question a head injury,can you imagine if ref waves play on and the player is unconscious and choking on his tongue.’

‘It would have been nice to totally smash Newcastle who are in all kinds of trouble, but we got the lead back in the first half, again showing the will to win, and wrapped up the points int he 2nd half, not being as clinical as we like to see. But all in all, who cares right now.’

‘Strange game and very strange atmosphere, Thiago poor first half giving ball away and set up Shelvey for their goal, improved a bit in the second half.’

‘I would have understood if jota’s goal had been ruled out,maybe got away with one.

Keita turned the game as newcastle where starting to look dangerous,our best midfielder on the night.’

‘I was in upper main stand and atmosphere was dead. There were complete rows in front of us barely clapping or singing. A few people tried to get chants going but no response. Was wondering if people feel a bit scared about COVID and perhaps feeling they shouldn’t be singing or something?’

‘Our lot sounded very quiet but I’d put that down to COVID concerns.’

‘It wasn’t good but between covid and the fact we were playing a team we were always likely to beat comfortably it was always going to be like that.’

‘Through the box it sounded by far the quiestest game all season. On the one hand it´s a shame because I was hoping Newcastle´s new Saudi Overlords would be getting a lot more stick.’

‘Regarding the Geordies our own apathy allowed a fair assessment from The Kop of their repertoire. With aspirations to be a big club, they have a shockingly Championship array if songs. Really poor from the barcodes.’

‘The head injury argument is pure guff. He was cheating and everyone knows it. We need more of this to stop these teams pulling this type of sh.t, as its starting to be come a bit of a tactic. Fall over clutching your head when defending a corner to get the game stopped. Fair play to the ref last night.’

‘Can’t be stressed enough. It’s absolute boy who cried wolf sh.t. It’s about f.cking time refs cottoned on to this sort of thing, everyone moans about diving but this is every bit as bad.’

‘Forget new manager bounce and think of blood money bounce. There will be loads of Newcastle players desperate to jump on the Saudi gravy train.’

‘On Mike Dean I wonder if there is a reason for that great manc apologist Martin Tyler to again refer to Mike Dean’s origins when refereeing on Merseyside.

During the Newcastle game “This is Mike Dean’s second consecutive game refereeing in his native Merseyside after the Everton vs Arsenal game”.

I’ve never heard him comment about Anthony Taylor growing up next to Old Trafford or about the host of referees from Manchester. Is this all about getting the argument in to continue to allow mancs to ref their games, even against us?’

‘Hayden was clearly playacting. That’s the kind of sh.thousery he does. He doesn’t offer much else to be honest.

The other guy got up & played on even though he was the one who might actually have had a head knock.

Glad Newcastle were punished for it. If anything Hayden let his team mates down in a dangerous situation. Howe is kidding himself if he thinks that was a turning point, we played in 2nd gear & they were getting pumped either way.

As for their fans…have they always been that obnoxious ?’

‘Always, they’re the only set of fans in the country who sing about themselves as opposed to their team, “Geordies!”.’

‘To be fair I’ve been to St James’ a few times and they are just as bad there, remember them gleefully singing to Kenny, a former manager of theirs too, ‘you’re getting sacked in the morning’ non-stop when beating us there. Couldn’t believe how classless they were as I was also brought up with the wrong assumption that their fans were decent.’

‘I cannot believe that we would have ever allowed a takover like theirs to go ahead.’

‘I can see why they are complaining about it, we probably would too if it were us.’

‘Would we? I’m certain we wouldn’t.

I think we’d be calling the player a sh.thouse if he pretended to have a head injury and gave away a goal as a consequence.

And it wouldn’t be played over and over on Match of the Day, if it was the other way around.

We are always getting sh.t refereeing decisions.’

‘They’re quite a horrible squad this Newcastle lot aren’t they? I really do want them to go down.’

‘Listening to the Newcastle fans inside and going to their coaches after the game I really hope the b.stards go down.’

‘I like my Newcastle friends. But I sincerely hope they get relegated.’

‘Eddie Howe is a myth, he spent plenty of money at Bournemouth but made them gradually worse and worse.

Given his defensive record as a manager it was a shocking appointment by Newcastle.’

‘He got Bournemouth promoted 3 times in 6 seasons – from the brink of administration, a 10-point deduction, and imminent relegation from the football league. He got them to the Premier league and kept them there for 5 seasons.

He’s not as good as some hype him up to be, but to say he’s a myth is a stretch.’

‘Newcastle players , fans and that turbo Bluenose wool of a manager were only moaning after Jota scored.’

‘Geordies seem to think that they will all be getting houses built for them like the Abu Dhabi developments in Manchester. Problem is the rents will be too much for them. Just like the locals in Manchester.’

‘So comfortable our players got bored second half.’

‘Mike Dean was very good.’

‘I thought it was a bit presumptuous expecting us to give Newcastle a hiding tonight. Howe is a decent coach and knows how to set teams up at Anfield.

The other thing is Newcastle have a squad of players desperate not to be replaced in January. It is basically a team who has seen subs warming up on the side lines and suddenly break their necks to stay on the pitch.’

‘Every play bar Saint Maximin would be replaced in the squad in January if they could be.’

‘I only got to see the highlights so it looked like Newcastle were hard done by, but it’s good to see that Dean saw it and played on. He also nicely screened TAA’s shot, by scurrying across in front of him.’

‘English is my second language. During the game (first half), the commentator live on my TV was saying, “Newcastle is doing an agriculture here…”

WTF was that mean?’

‘Personally I was surprised he didn’t blow but after seeing the incident I say well done.

For people saying ‘well he didn’t know that’ he did. Watch again, Mike Dean was looking straight at it

His only fault now is to not come out and say he saw it and knew they were play acting to stop an attack.’

‘I’m glad Staveley and the other ‘respectable’ face of Saudi Arabia were there to witness it.’

‘If we had been sh’t for years and Newcastle were great, the boot would be on the other foot. People love to root for the underdog.’

‘We were sh.t for years. Maybe not Newcastle levels of sh.t, but certainly sh.t by our previous standards. Most couldn’t wait to put the boot in on us!’

‘I think I’ve never been more relaxed going 1-0 down, that’s against the richest club in world football. The only worry was a Callum Wilson breakaway.

As for the concussion, I don’t think he was feigning.’

‘Jake Humphrey is a Newcastle fan isn’t he?’


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