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Liverpool fans comments on Newcastle United and especially the supporters – Savage!

1 month ago

Looking at these comments from Liverpool fans ahead of Thursday’s match against Newcastle United…I find them intriguing.

You can basically split most of them into two very separate groupings.

One about on the pitch, the other off it.

When it comes to the football side of things, the overwhelming view appears to be, that the Liverpool fans are going to see a very easy win, with an automatic boost to their goal difference as well.

To be fair, many Newcastle fans are expecting the same…however, football doesn’t always work out like any of us expect / fear.

Take last season for example, Liverpool couldn’t beat Newcastle in either match and indeed, only scored one goal in over three hours of football against NUFC.

Or what about the last two Premier League games the Liverpool fans have watched? Against Wolves and Villa, the scousers only won 1-0 in each game, needing an injury time winner at Wolves and then a disputed penalty midway through the second-half against Villa. In each of the two games, Liverpool only had five efforts on target.

The Liverpool fans may well see their team score for fun on Thursday night, or maybe they won’t. The arrogance they show in a lot of these comments below will prove very amusing for Newcastle supporters, if those in black and white avoid defeat.

To nobody’s surprise, the main grouping of off the pitch comments from Liverpool fans, are regarding the new Newcastle United owners.

More specifically, a lot of hatred / vitriol from Liverpool fans towards Newcastle supporters for ‘welcoming’ the Saudi 80% element of the new ownership.

Some comments along the lines of: ‘If these type of people took over Liverpool then we would…’

Well, when it is only hypothetical, it is very easy to claim whatever.

The reality is, that pretty much 100% of Newcastle United fans celebrated the fact that Mike Ashley had gone.

When it came to the Saudi PIF as the main part of the takeover, I think Newcastle United fans are no different to how any other fanbase would have reacted. In terms of, at one extreme there are some NUFC supporters who couldn’t care a less about what goes on in Saudi Arabia, whilst at the other extreme, some Newcastle fans will never go to another game whilst there is Saudi ownership of our club.

Everybody else, the vast majority, is somewhere in between those two extremes.

A lot of the Liverpool fans commenting, want to believe that all Newcastle fans think / behave the same. Talk about stereotyping! So if hundreds of Newcastle fans choose to stick an Arab headdress (or tea towel…) on, that equals ‘everybody’ apparently.  Much the same with those Newcastle fans who don’t care about what goes on in a country like Saudi Arabia (or China, Russia, Qatar, North Korea…), to then think / pretend that all NUFC supporters feel the same is pretty pathetic.

Newcastle United fans experienced fourteen and a half years of Mike Ashley and after the shameful way he behaved towards Kevin Keegan, the final thirteen years of his ownership saw pretty much the entire fanbase desperate to get rid of him. Those 13 years saw Newcastle United fans try pretty much everything, with indeed countless thousands doing the ultimate and stopping going to matches, to such a degree that Mike Ashley gave away 10,000 free half season tickets to fill the gaps. This is unparalleled in English football, which other Premier League fanbase has forced an unpopular owner to give away 10,000 free season ticket holders.

Many of those who gave up their season tickets, lost hundreds of loyalty points built up over a couple of decades or more.

What those final 13 years of Ashley ownership proved, was that in this modern era, when you have a multi-billionaire owning your football club, it is all but impossible to force him to sell if he doesn’t want to.

Now we have an ownership consortium where even just the Reuben family part of it, represents wealth that is around ten times what Mike Ashley has, never mind the potential finances that the Saudi element represents.

In the real world, if Saudi owners took over in the red half of Merseyside, would we see a completely empty Anfield and all Liverpool fans packing in their season tickets, everyone refusing to go to a single game until the Saudis sold the club?

Maybe that is what would happen….or just maybe we would see Anfield full of Liverpool fans regardless, with any of them choosing not to go to matches anymore, replaced by others more than happy to fill the vacated seats.

As Newcastle fans who do have the reality of now seeing Saudi ownership at our football club, the bottom line is that as supporters you only have one real very small bit of power, which is whether to go to matches or not.

No doubt some Liverpool fans may well respond to this and say that they would be protesting outside Anfield every match if they had Saudi owners. Maybe they would do, some of them. Maybe a lot would, for a certain period of time. Maybe none of them would. At that same time though, inside Anfield it would be full.

A bit like some Man Utd fans with the Glazers, there are Newcastle fans who really took the protesting so much to heart, that in the end they fell out of love with the club, at least in terms of wanting to go to matches anymore, even now Ashley has left. I have no doubt some Liverpool fans might do the same, if they did ever have Saudi owners. However, that wouldn’t be the reality for the very very overwhelming number of their supporters.

That is the reality.

Liverpool fans commenting via their Liverpool FC and Red and White Kop message boards:

‘Well if the foxes can stuff ’em 4-0 we ought to put double figures past them.’

‘Blow them away so they drop below Norwich on GD.’

‘At least we wont have Fathead motivating his players specifically to face us this time.’

‘Should be a comfortable win for us, just got to be focused and take nothing for granted. Good that our injuried players are on way back.’

‘Newcastle are there for the taking let’s add some more goals to a goal difference.’

‘Got a soft spot for newcastle, maybe because those Tino Asprilla days and that celebration or those 4-3’s

cant see how we dont win this tbh, but want newcastle to stay up.’

‘Great matches. I like Newcastle, great, loyal fans. They deserve better, but not on Thursday night.’

‘Connection with Newcastle in the 70s, McDermott and Kennedy were brought from Newcastle.

And always the connection with Kevin Keegan.’

‘Thursday has not been one of our best days for playing and results in Premier League history.

Not helped by rarely playing that night, and I think Klopp has helped remedy it a bit by our tremendous seasons of 19/20 and 18/19, but if I had to pick a day to play it wouldn’t be Thursday

Of course this is Newcastle, but since we’ve been getting 3pm Saturdays and this lot are hardly a big draw when it comes to competitive games this season I don’t know why we’d play on a Thursday, especially having played at 3pm on Saturday…………

If they want a TV game then I’d suggest Chelsea vs Everton or Leicester City vs Tottenham would be better.’

‘I can see a hammering.’

‘Must win

Preferably 10-0.’

‘No offence to the Toon … but we should be winning this VERY comfortably.

That said, no team tinkering or funky line-ups please … best 11 and rest players as and when we are winning by a few goals.

City have made their move and revealed they are once again ready to smash this league … only we have a hope of stopping them, but one slip up and it could be over. That’s the nature of the Prem now with their strength.’

‘I used to like Newcastle United a little bit. Newcastle and West Ham. Partly I suppose because none of my mates ever supported them and that frees you up a bit and allows you to show some charity. But mainly it was because their fans seemed to live football in the way that we do as Liverpool supporters. In the age of terracing St James’s (and Upton Park) were great places to go. You knew they’d be up for it and that the atmosphere would be hot. You sensed they cared that little bit more about football than other places. Neither ground was anything like Anfield of course, but they were a cut above Stamford Bridge and Maine Road and those other desolate mausoleums.

I still don’t mind West Ham although I do have a good mate now who is a Hammer and therefore I’m beginning to dislike them a bit too. You have to. But Newcastle is a wholly different matter. There’s nothing personal about my new-found contempt for this club. It’s simply the fact that since the Premier League capitulated and stated, in black and white, that Mohammed bin Salman qualifies as “fit and proper”, Newcastle United are now owned by a bloody despotism. More importantly still, none of their supporters appears to care.

I was shocked by that. Call me naive and sentimental but I imagined that the socialist traditions of Tyneside actually meant something. I thought the Geordies might have shown a bit of solidarity for the underdog – or, failing that, a bit of respect for themselves. 

I’m in the school that would now want Newcastle relegated before Manchester United. And I’m just not very keen on Manchester United.

Relegation has been a central part of the Newcastle experience of course. It’s years since they won anything. In my lifetime I believe they’ve only ever won the Fairs Cup (the predecessor of the UEFA Cup). On the few occasions they’ve reached a domestic cup final in that time they tend to get royally thumped. We thumped them famously, in 1974. (By the way that Alec Lindsay goal was not offside).

This long and continuous record of failure is why their supporters are apparently now showing no objection about being commandeered by a dictatorship. They even state this themselves! They’ve “suffered”, they say, and therefore they feel morally obliged to take the bloody lucre. I don’t know what system of ethics supports that conclusion, but it’s evidently a popular one in Newcastle.’

‘Let’s roll over these. Cause we’re better. Cause we’re owned by someone better.’

‘They are utterly hopeless. I think our under 18’s will give them a tough game.’

‘The way Newcastle are right now you could put Milner on in place of Salah and he would likely bag a hat trick.’

‘Lovely fixture … could play our entire 2nd team and win 4-0.’

‘I admire your positivity but this kind of talk is just begging for a up. Please stop it.’

‘This lot sold themselves to the devil and their fans lapped it up.

Hopefully we give them a pasting to help them on their way to the Championship.’

‘I’d like to think our fanbase would chase away any tyrants wanting to take over the club even in the worst of times but especially now.

Like you I grew up with a soft(ish) spot for Newcastle. A mate’s dad was a Geordie and he was sound and he also raved about Beardsley when Andy Cole was scoring for fun. The Keegan era was fun even if ultimately it just meant another league title for Man U.’

‘I also HAD a soft spot for Newcastle, but with the current owners that soft spot has disapeared (and moved itself to villa lol!!).’

‘Newcastle are poor, and seem to be getting worse. Anfield is not the place to come to turn your season around, and I’ll be quite happy if we batter them given their rephrehensible ownership.’

‘I share thise sentiments about the moral abyss created by allowing the ownership deal to go through.’

‘Anything less then 5-0 here i’ll be disapointed. the toon.’

‘Without something completely ridiculous happening like a 2nd minute red card or a meteor hitting Anfield then the scoreline can basically be whatever LFC’s players want it to be. The current Newcastle players and manager are a complete mismatch in terms of ability and tactics.’

‘Mo hat trick, then take him off for a rest in the 35th minute.’

‘Obliterate this nothing club owned by sadistic monster.’

‘Hope we absolutely batter them, cricket score.

I’ve never wanted to see a team relegated as much as these crooks, not United, not City.’

‘As many goals as possible please. We are tops on goal difference and an ideal opportunity to build on this. No complacency but we must be hitting at least four against this lot whatever team turns out.’

‘Personally I am tired that all this talent linked to Newcastle – when most of the top players are still interested in playing in European qualification level teams and not motivated by money only. I can see most of them avoiding joining a team in a relagation battle for the whole season.’

‘I’ve had to rethink my opinion of the Toon. When I think of Bobby Robson, KK, Terry Mac, Peter Beardsley, Alan Kennedy et al, there are historically, reasons for having a soft spot for a club such as them. It’s a depressing but maybe predictable sign of the times that the supporters should, having suffered a dozen years of Ashley, ditch their principles so readily. Frying pans and fires.’

‘I’m quite impressed Shelvey is still playing at the top level, admittedly only just. Not that he was a particularly bad player, just seems like forever ago he was starting for us.’

‘I also once had a small fondness for Newcastleugh.

Then they changed, we didn’t. They lost a sense of where the soul of their club was born, we didn’t.

They aligned themselves with the tory element of football supporters, we didn’t.

I’m not quite certain when singing ‘sign on’ crept in to the psyche of their already disillusionment that they may be a better city. But it was more that 6-years ago, it’s not a recent thing. And it’s never drowned out by any of their decent faithful. For that reason alone they can off.

And then there’s their unacceptable gratitude of receiving a financial boost from one of the most despicable human-beings on the planet. There’s no going back from that is there? As a fanbase they they capitulated to greed and wealth, we didn’t.’

‘I couldn’t agree more about Newcastle and the Saudis. Will the English league end up with a bunch of clubs at the top funded by oil-rich monarchies and oligarchs? It makes me sick to think so. It gives an even greater sense of purpose to supporting the reds, and to want all those sports-washing f.ckers stuffed by every other proper football club in the country.’

‘It was both sad and shocking to see the masses of Newcastle fans openly celebrating these thugs takeover and even dressing the part. We as a club have had few barren spells but I guarantee that the bulk of Liverpool fans would never accept an owner like they now have.’

‘Newcastle. Ugh. Just because they had a couple of seasons in the limelight during the mid 90s under Keegan, you’d think they were some sleeping giant (very similar toxic vibes to Everton) that deserves to be hugely successful. Hence the ridiculous narrative that “they’re back”.

Oh and will we never stop hearing about how they “suffered” under Ashley. Ask Khasoggi’s widow and kids about real suffering.’


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