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Leicester fans with stunning comments ahead of playing Newcastle United

2 months ago

Interesting to see what Leicester fans have been saying ahead of playing Newcastle United.

Well, more than interesting.

Leicester fans were celebrating Brendan Rodgers leading the club to their first ever FA Cup trophy only seven months ago.

Leicester fans seeing their team under Rodgers finishing fifth in the Premier League seven months ago, the same league position as the previous season.

Indeed, Leicester may have fallen below that level at the moment, eleventh in the Premier League, but currently only five points off the top six.

Yet see what the Leicester fans have had to say below…

Leicester fans commenting via their Foxes Talk message board:

‘Never been so sure of a loss before. 0-4.’

‘All they need to do is bring Titus Bramble and Andy Carrol out of retirement and we’ll lose 20-0 from Corners.’

‘If we concede in the first 10 minutes from a defensive corner, I fear booing and chants against Brendan will break out.

Could be embarrassing.’

‘0-1 Newcastle ( shelvey 90+4’) comment inbound.’

‘It is extremely optimistic to think we can keep a clean sheet for 93 minutes IMO.’

‘Knowing our luck we will smash them 9-0.

And Brendan Rodgers will be God again on here.’

‘I don’t want to get up after my nightshift to watch it, I know that much!’

‘They’ll want us more than us and out run us.’

‘I think this will send me over the edge with this team.

If we lose this and their f.cking weird fans are celebrating with their headdress garb on taking the out of the league like they do; I want a f.cking written apology from every one of our first team.

Lose this and he has to go.’

‘Newcastle have new manager bounce, and a will to win.

We have absolutely nothing.’

‘I did have this pegged as a win, but with the squad decimated by covid and players basically playing 4 games in 10/11 days. It could go any way.’

‘All I know is that Callum Wilson will score.’

‘1-3 to Newcastle

First goal to them from an aerial ball inside the first half, probably inside the first 30 mins.’

‘Newcastle to score in 3rd minute from a corner, we’ll get back in it only to lose if from another set piece, and I’m being positive!’

‘Pretty much every game has been similar for an age now, as in poor defending, slow build up play, individual errors, 2 goal being conceded, a lack of cohesion.

We look so easy to play against.

Why should Sunday be any different ? BR seems to have no idea how to rectify any of our issues. He has to be on borrowed time.’

‘1-3 Newcastle

Almiron brace.

Harvey Barnes pulls one back with Joelinton getting their third in the last 10 minutes (set piece).’

‘They’re cr.p, but we will end up making them look like a Brazilian Liverpool on acid.

It’s on TV as well and we like to humiliate ourselves for the world to see, plus as the media were bashing themselves silly over Gerard it’s only right we let Sky blow their loads over the new billionaires overlords that are Newcastle.’

‘6000/1 odds lol on us keeping a clean sheet……higher odds than we had winning the league.’

‘They stuck 4 past us with Steve sh.tting Bruce as their manager with nothing to play for. It also should’ve been more.

God knows what it’ll be like at the KP if we lose.’

‘We’re gonna make joelinton look like b.stard pele at this rate.’

‘If we lose then the boos and anger will be too much for the brass upstairs to ignore. There’s no way Brendan gets away with dropped points here. His credit in the bank has run out.’

‘I’m confident of getting 3 points against Newcastle, they are terrible and have been all season do far.’

‘I know Brendan takes offence if fans booing at the end of the game so I guess it’s ok if we get it out of the way when they take the field. After all most of our supporters will have left well before the end after conceding the obligatory 2 goals.’

‘For me this match is the defining moment in our season. Defeat to the Geordies will be unforgiveable and he must go. Like it or not, we are in a relegation fight and it starts on Sunday. Yes we are 11th,, but we all know how awful the team has been not just this season but the end of the last one too.

This is an absolute must win. Our run of games until Jan is horrific, where we could be playing a Norwich City side to stay out of the bottom three.’

‘Well perhaps we could get over our misery by getting behind our demoralised lads and making some frickin’ noise rather than catastrophising.

We are clearly struggling with confidence so what you gonna do? Boo them? Sit there grumpily? Or actually get behind them?

Get a grip’

‘Can’t see anything other than a loss. Newcastle will be up for it. Fighting for every ball. We won’t as our players lack any sort of fight.

Fans already on edge so won’t generate any kind of atmosphere so a few misplaced passes at the start of the match and they’ll get on the players back.’

‘Lump on a Newcastle win here. We can’t defend, we’ll be knackered after tonight and morale must be through the floor. Will be pleased if we can get to 20 minutes without conceding but we won’t.’

‘Wilson will have a field day with our defence

It’s also on sky so I have a really awful feeling it’s going to be utter humiliation.’

‘Sky will be on a love in for Newcastle, they will be right up for it, it’s going to be an absolute horror show.

At this stage if I were brendan I’d have a back 5, I’d set the team up to not concede, forget about going out to win, just defend, DO NOT CONCEDE.’

‘Saint Maximim going up against our defence isn’t worth thinking about.’

‘They are starting to play well. Joelinton actually pretty decent as a midfielder.

They are still sh.t defensively though.

I’m going 2-2.’

‘Last match for Brendan Rodgers.’

‘A defeat against this sh.te could be the final nail in the coffin. And you kind of get the feeling it is inevitable.’

‘Can’t remember the last time I chose not to go to a game. In fact, I think this will be the first.’

‘Genuinely accepted an invite to eat with in laws so I don’t have to watch this.’

‘Lots of topless Geordies will be howling with delight at the final whistle lauding Howe as the new Messiah with a 3 nil whooping of the mighty Leicester City.’

‘Anything other than a convincing win and he’s a goner, surely.’

‘Wait until that first Newcastle goal goes in. Let’s face we all know its coming. I can feel it already.

I don’t think Brendans got long left, we can’t keep letting in goals like this. I wouldnt mind the losses but it just feels like there is no end in sight.

It’s depressing going into games just waiting for it to happen.

Worrying times ahead.’

‘If we lose this has to be it for Rodgers surely. The lowest of the low.’

‘Can see them beating us comfortably. I’m absolutely gobsmacked we’re as high in the table as we are. Utter utter rubbish all season.’

‘Newcastle will be licking their lips. It’s going to be a horrible afternoon I can feel it already. The crowd will turn in an instant, if things aren’t going well.’

‘Mad to think Rodgers got tactically outclassed by Bruce in a game that meant nothing to Newcastle and everything to us.’

‘Always rated Eddie Howe, when Bournemouth got relegated they were extremely unlucky with injuries.

For me he has potential to be a top tier manager (like a Pep or Klopp).

That’s the most dangerous thing here imo.’


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