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Leicester fans comments after hammering Newcastle United – A bit different this time…

1 month ago

Down below, you can read what the Leicester fans have been saying after Sunday’s match.

A 4-0 win for the home side and Eddie Howe and his players leaving the King Power with nothing.

This is a regular feature we do, seeing what the opposition fans are saying after playing Newcastle United.

However. on this occasion we have gone down a slightly different route.

I’m guessing that pretty much all of you are sick of going over time and again what happened on the pitch yesterday.

So, after spotting a major theme of discussion from Leicester fans about the relative atmosphere / support on show at the King Power, we thought we’d concentrate on that this time.

After all, it was pretty much the only Newcastle United positive on Sunday!

Leicester fans commenting via their Foxes Talk message board:

‘Why is the atmosphere so flat at the KP? When I was going every weekend, when we were in League 1 it was pretty rocking.’

‘Have you ever got excited watching paint dry?’

‘Yeah I get that.. But we are 2 0 up.’

‘Atmosphere is much more lively today than some recent games at the KP. or have i got the TV turned up louder.’

‘Heard the Geordies more than us from the tv.’

‘Are you surprised? They bring 3000 animals to Disneyland, hardly surprising when they outsing us.’

‘Noticeably a lot of empty seats today.’

‘Horrific today and the goal music was a joke. The fact that Newcastle fans are dancing along when we score just says it all ffs.’

‘Absolutely horrific, amplified by Geordies singing at 4-0 down and our fans leaving in their droves.’

‘Have to feel for the Geordies .Miles from anywhere, with amazing loud support. Awful team.’

‘Newcastle fans were great value tbh.

They were dancing to the goal music more than we were. When I left the ground they were calling our support sh.t and saying we’re richer than you. I can’t argue on both counts!’

‘I find the Newcastle support’s relationship with their players and club bordering on abusive and manipulative.

They clapped their players today in an utterly baffling gesture.’

‘Rather be silent than come out with the sh.t Newcastle sing.’

‘I wasn’t being that serious but for all the “Newcastle fans are so good” their songbook isn’t. The Wilson song was decent though.’

‘Thought atmosphere was pretty good.. There was a nervousness every time there was a mis-placed pass and it took a third goal to really settle everyone down

Newcastle fans were amazing. Dancing along to the goal music, joining in with everything, salt of the earth. Made for a great afternoon.’

‘It’s gruesome. Batter the world’s richest club 4-0 and people stream out early like it’s nothing.

We’re spoilt rotten.’

‘Newcastle fans have always been a strange bunch. Clapped them off at the end like they had won the cup. Celebrating our goals. Their side is sh.t and showed a complete lack of comittement today and will get relegated.’

‘I could see at least 20-30 people around me watching F1 on their phones in the first half. One guy screaming “come on” to the race. So many annoying people every where today.

Newcastle fans were brilliant today. Fair play. If we were losing 4-0 I’d be gone.’

‘Away fans taking the at 4 down as our lethargic, old, tired supporters slip into unconsciousness.’

‘Our home atmosphere is unfortunately beyond repair now due to many factors. The club do not want us to have organic support. It needs to be cookie cutter, manufactured ‘support’. Clappers, T-shirt cannons, light shows, goal music…’

‘I know I shouldn’t care about what other fans think about us, but Newcastle fans must be scratching their heads thinking how our fans can be so quiet when 4-0 up.’

‘To echo as many have said the Newcastle fans were class today. Good luck in their new year rebuild. They will need it to attract the right mercenaries to get them out of trouble.’

‘A large away crowd always outsing the home crowd when it’s not a massive game whether we like it or not. Newcastle home fans are cr.p for the majority of the time.’

‘Getting out-sung for 90mins even when we are 4-0 up, sums about the matchday atmosphere. Abysmal. The away fans even joined in when the goal music came on, and were pretty much non-stop all game. Absolute class.’

‘Trouble is … you’re not comparing like with like.

We’re on a downer, as we’ve just been knocked out of the Europa League, and been playing some of the most boring turgid football in recent years.

Newcastle are currently sh.t, and they know it.

But they’re on a high, as they know the good times are coming.

They’ve got 100’s of millions of £s coming there way … and in 5-10 years will probably be on a par with Chelsea and Man City. So a 4-0 drubbing doesn’t bother them at all.’

‘Their fans would have been the same if they were rock bottom with Ashley still at the helm.’

‘By that very logic we’ve had back to back 5th place finishes, back-to-back European campaigns for the first time ever in our history(?), a stadium expansion around the corner … so why isn’t the KP bouncing???’

‘Saying “away fans are always going to be louder” is a bit of a misnomer. They’re in the relegation zone and lost 4-0.

Imagine our away end if we were 4-0 down to anyone.’

‘The Newcastle fans outsang us all game when we beat them 5-0 at home in 2019.

And life was pretty damn good as a Leicester supporter back then.’

‘Silly to compare the diverse home support to the Newcastle hardcore that have spent hours on coaches building up the passion and wedged in a corner as one unit.’

‘That’s too easy an excuse. Our fanbase is just generally passive.

Putting fans on a coach for 3 hours doesn’t make them loud, they just evidently get behind their team more.

Do you think our fans would be singing whilst 4-0 down at St James Park?’

‘Newcastle fans bouncing at 4-0 down and our fans heading out at 4-0 up is the difference in mindset between two sets of fans.’

‘That Newcastle side yesterday showed absolutley nothing to suggest they’d even be promoted again (I know they will) . They all looked like they’d rather be anywhere else and the little effort they did put it just made it all the more tragic. I’d back both those west brom and sheff utd sides to have beat then yesterday pretty comfortably.’


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