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Gabby Agbonlahor is at it again with Newcastle – Doesn’t end well for him…

2 months ago

Fair to say that Gabby Agbonlahor achieved his objective of getting noticed on Monday.

The very average player turned very embarrassing pundit, looking to be outrageous and coming out with something so laughable it was bound to be getting a reaction.

Maybe he had been given an ultimatum by Talksport, no more appearances and easy cash, unless he significantly raised his irritation levels.

What better target then then the Newcastle United fanbase, a fanbase never slow to defend their territory, especially when it is Newcastle Upon Tyne that is being insulted…

Gabby Agbonlahor saying (see below) that any player would much rather go to a club like Brentford than Newcastle United…rounding it off with ‘Players don’t want to live in Newcastle, let’s be honest.’

The predictable tsunami of ridicule for Gabby Agbonlahor was overwhelming…but has it put him off?

Not a bit of it.

After all, on discovering this rich seam of getting attention, why not double down on it!

Never mind how stupid it makes you look, just count up the people taking notice of me…

Gabby Agbonlahor speaking to Talksport today (1 December 2021):

“I stand by exactly what I said.

“If I was 25 again and offered the choice, I’d choose Brentford over Newcastle now.

“I’d rather be closer to London, for me to move all the way up there you’re going to have to pay a lot more money.

“They’re going to have that problem in the January transfer window – attracting players with their league position and attracting players to go to Newcastle, they’ll have to pay them more, let’s be honest.

“Even Brentford, Watford, teams that are around Newcastle at the moment, players aren’t going to go to Watford for the same money as Newcastle – they’re going to choose Watford over Newcastle.”

Asked if history, stature and fanbase comes into it:

“Not really, no.

“I’ve had like 10-15 ex-players, I won’t name them, who have said ‘you’re spot on, Gabby. You say it how it is and it’s the truth.’

“I’m sure Newcastle is an amazing city, an amazing place to live in but players in general want the lifestyle – not every player because it’s not important to some players – but some want to be close to London for the lifestyle.”

Honestly, somebody struggling to try and back up his lane claims, then invents loads of imaginary people to back up what he had to say.

I’m sure there are 10-15 former players (though obviously Gabby Agbonlahor hasn’t had them ringing him this week…) who didn’t fancy moving to Newcastle Upon Tyne and / or playing for Newcastle United, just as there are hundreds / thousands of former players who didn’t fancy moving to Birmingham and / or playing for Aston Villa.

Also appearing on Talksport, to give the alternative (not so stupid) view and the perfect put down to the agitator…

Warren Barton (London born and bred) – 1 December 2021:

“Gabby is a nice fella but he’s not the brightest fella in the world is he?

“To be fair, you wouldn’t want to be on a long flight with him, would you?

“Les Ferdinand lived up there, David Ginola lived up there, Shaka Hislop lived up there, I lived up there, Rob Lee loved it up there. It’s a great place to live.

“It’s a bit of ignorance by Gabby but, to be fair, as I said, the lights are on but no one is in.

“We won’t worry about him, to be honest with you.”

Surely the biggest laugh of all, is that this is Gabby Agbonlahor saying it. Somebody who is born and bred in Birmingham, who only ever played for Aston Villa (apart from a handful of games on loan at Watford and Sheffield Wednesday), if living in and around London was such an important thing, why did he never leave Villa? Why didn’t he move to Arsenal, Tottenham or Chelsea. or more realistically Millwall or Leyton Orient?

I don’t want to sink to his level but how funny is it, that somebody from Birmingham, who has lived pretty much his entire life there, is actually mocking the idea of why anybody would want to live in Newcastle!!!

You literally couldn’t make it up.

Have you seen the state of Birmingham compared to Newcastle Upon Tyne???

As for Aston Villa itself, their stadium is located in such a rundown mess of an area, which you then compare to the beautiful buildings adjacent to St James Park…

Another point of view on Talksport earlier today….

Jamie O’Hara (almost London born and bred – Dartford, Kent) – 1 December 2021:

“I don’t get the agenda of [players supposedly not wanting to be] living in Newcastle.

“All right, it’s a bit colder than London, but Newcastle is an amazing city. There’s so much to do there. A beautiful city with amazing people.

“I don’t get it.

“For Gabby to come out and say it, is absolutely ridiculous.

“Newcastle are a huge football club, you’d be playing in an amazing stadium at a historical football club.

“And it’s an amazing place to live in terms of house prices. You’d get a palace to what you’d pay for a two bedroom apartment in Brentford.

“I’ve lived in a two bedroom apartment in Chelsea, it cost me three grand a month and it was the smallest apartment in the world! I’d much rather live in a palace in Newcastle, playing for one of the most historical clubs in England.”

Gabby Agbonlahor speaking to Talksport – 28 November 2021:

“Players will go there [Newcastle United, only] for the money.

“Let’s be honest.

“When I was playing, Newcastle was the place where you were thinking (twisting his face…) ‘Mmmmm, not sure, I don’t really want to go, that far north, the weather. I’m not sure…’

“Players want to be close to London.

“You know, closer to London was an attraction.

“You’d have to pay more…

“If you offered now, a player, forty thousand pounds a week at Newcastle, or thirty thousand pounds a week at Brentford, he would go to Brentford.

“Even on less money.

“(With a big snide smile on his face) Players don’t want to live in Newcastle, let’s be honest.”


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