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Everton fans completely embarrass themselves – Comments reacting to Newcastle postponed

4 weeks ago

I thought I had seen it all from Everton fans.

That they had already truly scraped the bottom of the barrel when it came to their bizarre comments about Newcastle United.

Happens every time, ludicrous bile from the Everton fans whenever they are due to face NUFC.

On this occasion, the absolutely bizarre, mad, laughable comments have been sparked because the blue scousers are NOT going to be playing Newcastle United.

Tuesday night seeing the Premier League confirm that they have agreed to Newcastle United’s request for the game at Goodison on Thursday (30 December) to be postponed, a squad massively impacted by Covid cases and injuries.

The Man Utd match went ahead on Monday with Eddie Howe only able to include 14 senior outfield players in his squad, the 19 (not usual 20) man squad then including three goalkeepers and two teenagers who have never started a Premier League match.

With more injuries after Monday’s match (ASM, Wilson and Fraser…potentially others) and potentially more Covid cases, no surprise then that the game at Goodison is off.

Well that is, unless you are one of the many Everton fans absolutely outraged at this turn of events…this postponement seemingly unparalleled in football according to their supporters.

Just read the comments from the Everton fans below, astonishing. Apart from the odd rational normal person, the vast majority just way over the top.

Apparently…the new NUFC owners could have bribed the Premier League to get the match called off, injuries should not be taken into account at all, Newcastle are lying about how many players are unavailable, Newcastle Covid cases may not even exist and positive results invented, Newcastle United basically just cheats, this game getting postponed just the most disgraceful thing imaginable!!!

It is almost as though Burnley v Everton getting postponed (due to be played only THREE days ago) never ever happened…

Premier League statement – 24 December 2021:

“Everton were due to travel to Turf Moor to play on Sunday, at 3pm.

“The Board reviewed the Club’s request today to postpone the match following further injuries to their squad.

“They concluded that the club will not be able to fulfil their fixture this weekend as a result of an insufficient number of players available to play due to COVD-19 cases and injuries.

“The Board this morning was able to make its decision in advance of Boxing Day to give clarity to clubs and their fans. We apologise for the inconvenience and disruption caused to those supporters’ festive plans.”

I obviously missed the street protests from Everton fans insisting that their game against Burnley had to go ahead regardless of Covid…and injuries.

From what I read at the time, Everton fans were absolutely insisting that their Boxing Day game had to be called off and it would be a disgrace if it wasn’t postponed.

Chelsea, Man City and Arsenal have all fulfilled their first 19 fixtures, all are in the top four and have big squads full of quality players, all three also have numerous very good under 21 players that are available.

Newcastle United are the only other PL club to also get through all 19 games of the first half of the season. Yet suddenly NUFC are the biggest cheats! You couldn’t make it up.

Everton fans commenting via their Grand Old Team message board after Newcastle match called off:

‘Cancelling games now due to injuries. Shocking how clubs are taking advantage of this situation.’

‘Squad of 25 only 5 apparently had Covid, some were due back, 2 main Newcastle players out so they get it cancelled. Cheats.’

‘Great. We’ll play them after they’ve signed a load of boss players.’

‘Hmmm….Eddie Howe and in the bottom 3, that’s not really happening is it.’


‘Postponed. Farcical.’

‘Newcastle should have been made to play the kids on Thursday.’

‘Honestly just cancel the league, who cares. This is utterly rubbish.’

‘Getting ridiculous this now. We should have played Burnley game and Newcastle should be playing this.’

‘Newcastle have a new team by the time we play them.’

‘Aye, this is probably something most won’t have considered. They’ll have their key players back and will probably have spent big by then to strengthen their squad.

Advantage gone.’

‘Injuries are part of the game.’

‘FFS, how is it we had to go through 2, that’s TWO requests just to get the Burnley game off yet teams like Newcastle and Leeds go crying to the PL and get them pulled straight away?’

‘It’s okay we’ll play them later in the season after they’ve signed a few players so when we lose Benitez has his excuse in.’

‘There must be a lengthy queue of top players dying to play in N E England in the Championship next season. I can’t see the Saudi money being spent just yet.’

‘If we never play, we’ll never lose

And Benitez will never get sacked

El Masterclass.’

‘If Newcastle were as ‘dangerously’ close as Howe claimed then maybe they should have played a couple of U23 lads last night to rest the players that got injured in the game to keep numbers up.’

‘And “dangerously close” still means that they still have enough players .. so something else must have happened.’

‘To borrow a phrase

Just Play.’

‘The Premier League have got themselves to blame for this .. if clubs don’t get what they want now they cite precedence and get lawyered up.’

‘Pathetic decision to call it off.’

‘Would have been confident of winning on Thursday, no doubt they will be buying players right, left and centre. Looking at their accounts I reckon they could spend in excess of £200m with all the profits theyve been turning and then I`m sure there will be some obscene stadium naming rights etc….

Another double defeat against them incoming again this season, then as of the summer and if they stay up which I`m sure they will they will be past us as are West Ham, Villa, Leicester and the SKY 6.’

‘It should also be publicly and transparently declared the number of covid cases and injuries for each team making the request. Not a vague statement.’

‘Newcastle’s application is a bit late. When Palace made a late application it was refused for being too late. How late is too late? Anyone know?’

‘Whole thing’s looking dodgier by the day. I didn’t hear any mention of Covid numbers prior to their match against [Man] United last night but now they have after losing a couple of players due to injuries last night. Smells a bit.’

‘Should not put injuries in the same category as Covid cases!! So is this going to set a precedent all season, you can invent injuries if your main players are out to postpone.’

‘I hope they rearrange it as Newcastle’s last game of the season and we beat them to relegate them.’

‘So Newcastle finding it hard to “put a team out ” yet have 8 subs and 2 of them are keepers.

I’m sure we’ve had a game like that.’

‘I remember robbos Middlesbrough getting docked 3 points for having a team ravaged with illness.

The Arab petrol money must be already flowing into the premiership bank accounts.’

‘Gonna be painful this when Mbappe scores a hat trick against us.’

‘Just out of interest are these COVID infected footballers tested independently to confirm they have contracted the virus?

If they aren’t surely the suspicion must be that a significant amount of fixture manipulation has been going on?’

‘It’s not even covid cases it’s mainly injuries they have, make them play the youth.’

‘Yes, this is bugging me.

Calling games off for COVID is one thing, but for injuries?’

‘So yesterday they had 3 goalkeepers and 15 senior outfield players available (with 2 youth on bench).

They picked up 2 injuries.

So surely that means they still have 3 goalkeepers and 13 senior outfield players available? Which doesn’t meet the requirements to cancel.’

‘I don’t blame newcastle at all. The Premier League have screwed it up and it’s clearly getting away from them before they have realised what they have done.’

‘Quite rightly called off. Both teams can barely put out a recognized first 11 due to covid/injuries, never mind fulfilling the subs bench. It would be farcical to have played the game.’

‘That maximilimus who scored for them and was playing well did his hamstring. So they bottled the game.’

‘Howe said in his interview that they had COVID in their camp and with the injuries on top of that there was a chance they’d be at the limit with 14 players.’

‘And this occurred during and after their match on Monday night did it?

I wonder, can they just make a statement to the effect that players have tested positive, or do they have to submit evidence?’

‘Complete nonsense that a Premier League team can’t come up with a squad of 13 (or is it 14?) outfield players and 1 keeper made up of 1st teamers and U23 players.

They then confuse the issue by adding the stipulation that the U23 players must have been involved In a first team matchday squad.’


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