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BBC Sport comments from neutrals after Liverpool defeat surprisingly not as challenging as usual for Newcastle fans

1 month ago

Intriguing to read through these BBC Sport comments following Newcastle’s defeat away at Liverpool.

The comments from neutrals especially telling…

A little different to what Newcastle United fans have come to expect from the BBC Sport ‘neutrals’!

The BBC Sport comments from neutrals are usually just overwhelmingly a catalogue of abuse aimed at NUFC supporters.

Quite amazing how usually so many fans of so many other clubs are interested in Newcastle United AND are bothered enough to go to the effort of leaving such lovely endearing messages.

On this occasion though, except for the odd one, it isn’t comment after comment saying how great it will be if ourselves and the club are relegated, with the new ownership mentioned time after time.

Instead, there are a fair few compliments for fans and team, with actually the Liverpool equaliser / Hayden on the ground incident seemingly deflecting much of the usual venom aimed at NUFC fans and owners. With actually poor Eddie Howe, getting a fair bit stick, simply for pointing out the obvious – that when a player stays on the ground with a possible head injury, then the referee always (usually!) stops play.

The BBC Sport readers comments, mainly from neutrals, although the odd Leicester and Newcastle fan also contributing, tells you all you need to know about what Newcastle fans are facing now.

‘We always beat fodder like Newcastles even with a threadbear squad.’

‘Eddie Howe becoming more and more of a shameful disgrace to decency. Off the pitch he takes the Nufc job becoming complicit in the owner’s sports washing campaign. On the pitch he claims Hayden was dizzy for 5 mins after the game. Given Hayden was faking the head injury as there was zero contact to his head, Howe’s claims are false.’

‘People are beginning to see through Eddie Howe now that he is in a more high profile job than Bournemouth, no disrespect to The Cherries intended. Odious character.’

‘Deserved albeit hard fought win . Btw Hayden wasn’t injured , got up played on didn’t end up in ICU , that’s what you get for faking it.’

‘Let’s see when that happens to your team. The world would stop rotating if it happened to media darlings Liverpool. Different when it’s Newcastle.’

‘Newcastle made us worry at the start. But we showed our class in the end.’

‘Explain to me where was there a head injury prior to Liverpool’s goal please?’

‘Match of the Day showed Mike Dean looking directly at Hayden’s “injury” 3 times before Liverpool scored so I suggest that the Ref. should be congratulated for not falling for Hayden’s disgraceful simulation, the like of which is becoming increasingly prevalent.’

‘Trent tackle not a pen, faked head injury should not have stopped game no clash of heads own players arm brushed his face.’

‘There was a head injury, the player is holding his head, and also those two players would have been defending the ball so very unsporting he (Dean) did not blow his whistle.

To say the player is cheating is not true, he clearly couldn’t carry on, and that is the point.’

‘Proper fans the Geordies, no plastic flags/fans in their end.’

‘It would be a ridiculous state of play if all a player needs to do is touch his head to get a game stopped.’

‘So you want brain damage proven before you stop play? Enough players are getting ill through over training and ‘prescription’ drugs. Do you not read the stories about dementia etc from football injuries?’

‘Bit rich calling another team cheats when you have Mane and Salah in your side.’

‘Ref’s have a tough enough job but this ‘gamesmanship’ / cheating is wrong.’

‘How do you know it was a head injury call? They were winded. And on the ground. Played onside by a bloke on the ground? That’s not football.’

‘It’s embarrassing listening to all the faux virtuous claptrap from the toon army over the head injury. You’ve seen the footage by now, he was cheating.

The only reason you are complaining about it is you want a perfectly good goal struck off. That’s trying to cheat too.’

‘Maybe if players didn’t go down screaming when they aren’t touched then refs might know when it’s real or not !

Hope Newcastle stay up though for the supporters, up there with the best.’

‘Well done Liverpool.

Newcastle have learnt from Howe how to stay down in own box when under attack, today it backfired. Shame, because the talented players should focus on playing rather than diving or tricking the ref.’

‘OK result. NUFC played well and kept up with us. We’ll take the win.’

‘You can have a head injury without being concussed.’

‘Are Newcastle’s Saudi owners allowed to buy 25 players in January?

Their current first eleven are a disgrace.

The BBC state they improved as the match went on but it was more a case of Liverpool not being at full strength themselves.’

‘They can spend what they like because the previous owner spent nada.’

‘HOWE …… liar liar pants on fire lol.’

‘Eddie Howe blaming everything but himself as usual. Be gone by easter I reckon’

‘Quite a few saying brucie should not have gone quite so soon.’

‘I guarantee there won’t be quite a few saying anything of the sort! If we get relegated so be it! We were going down fast under Bruce!’

‘I like Newcastle, the fans are good natured and not bitter and twisted. This was a good game of football and despite Liverpool winning Newcastle played a great game.’

‘Newcastle will get the points to stay afloat if they continue to play as well as they did today. The points wouldn’t be coming from a team like Liverpool.’

‘Eddie seems to think his team would have held on for the 3 points if Jota’s goal hadn’t stood.

He’s deluded, Liverpool would still have won the game with ease.’

‘Newcastle played well but they will go down this season.

Might be the best thing for them to be honest.’

‘This Newcastle team gets worse by week. Nothing to see here.’

‘Newcastle played and performed much better than anyone expected, so not sure how that implies they ‘got worse’?’

‘Clear penalty, he stopped the player to go for the ball by also hitting him on the leg while the ball wasn’t actually “away”…..Had that been a non-English player (and maybe not liverpol) it had always been a pen.’

‘Sounds like paranoia, but Newcastle aren’t going to stay up unless they get at least a smattering of fortune. Zero in every game so far.’

‘Not looking good for Staveley Toon.’

‘Good win, worked hard and even though we dominated Its scores that count. 2-1 is always dangerous. 3-1 great. I hope Newcastle stay up. I always liked them.’

‘Lots of fight in this Newcastle team regardless of the circumstances of their players going down in the box.’

‘I hope Newcastle stay up.



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