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BBC Sport comments from neutrals after Leicester defeat shows what Newcastle fans are up against

1 month ago

Intriguing to read through these BBC Sport comments following Newcastle’s defeat away at Leicester.

The comments from neutrals especially telling…

This is what Newcastle United fans are up against these days.

These BBC Sport comments from neutrals, with a fair sprinkling of amusing trolls!

Quite amazing how so many fans of so many other clubs are interested in Newcastle United AND are bothered enough to go to the effort of leaving such lovely endearing messages (only reproduced a small proportion of these as they got very repetitive!)…

Though fair play to the minority of genuine fans (of other clubs, including Leicester) who gave a different view.

The BBC Sport readers comments, mainly from neutrals, although the odd Leicester and Newcastle fan also contributing, tells you all you need to know about what Newcastle fans are facing now.

‘Newcastle will have to up their game if the expect to survive in the Championship next season.’

‘Leicester Reserves 4 – Richest Club in the World 0

Eddie Howe working his magic again.’

‘Tielemans, Soyuncu (the best player on the pitch today) and Maddison are in Leicester’s reserve team? Are you sure?

Newcastle might be the “richest club in the world” (something fans of other clubs have declared, not any Newcastle fan I’ve ever met) but this playing squad was assembled under Mike Ashley’s ownership.

Only one of these clubs has ever broken FFP rules and it isn’t Newcastle…’

‘Commiserations NUFC.

As a WBA supporter I cannot understand all the hatred towards you.

My experience of Geordie fans is that you are the fairest and most genuine oppositions fans.

Still plenty of time for your great club to get out of trouble, we did so from a far worse position in our great escape year.

Best of luck for rest of the season.’

‘Glad to see Newcastle and their rotten owners lose again. So Bruce was the problem??!!

Enjoy your payout Steve your hands are clean.’

‘The score flattered Leicester; they still have a lot of problems, but where does that leave Eddie Howe and the mags.’

‘So Newcastle fans, how long before you start turning on Howe? Despicable lot.’

‘We won’t turn on Howe, we didn’t turn on Bruce, nobody liked or wanted him in the first place.

Poor result for Newcastle but the referees association is going to be busy this weekend with my at least 4 non penalties given. Madison was flying through the air before Lascelles even caught up with him.’

‘It’s just Howe doing what Howe does.

Records show that relegation is Howe’s speciality.

Good shuttance to the blood money brigade!’

‘As a Leicester fan I am glad the game wasn’t decided on a soft pen, there has been far too many games decided by dodgy pens this weekend.’

‘Can not wait for Newcastle to get relegated.

Hopefully the spending of their £billions of oil money will be hamstrung by FFP and they won’t be back for a long time.’

‘To be fair they have bounced back from relegation twice under Ashley so I wouldn’t bet on them for staying in the Championship for a long time.’

‘Leicester’s best defender on the pitch today wasn’t even a defender. Thanks Ndidi..

And this Maddison lad can play..

Then again, I feel sad for Allan Maxim, zero efforts from his mates.’

‘So the problem wasn’t Bruce after all? Colour me surprised!

Newcastle are just a cra.p side, end of. Doesn’t matter who is in charge. The way their “fans” treated Bruce was a disgrace.’

‘Are you really blaming the Players? Benitez worked wonders with them, even Bruce (despite being hated and constantly tainted by the bonnie lads), managed to keep this team up.

You supporters need to think why.’

‘For one reason or another Newcastle fans get a verbal kicking.

5 years ago I was sat in a pub with a lad from Devon 1 from Iceland and 4 lads from Newcastle the game we went to was Wigan away 14th December a midweek one that was on sky along with over 4000 others, no matter what our future holds we’re used to failure, like most fans there’s no answer when asked why we support our team.’

‘Newcastle seem to be struggling more since the takeover. All the media reporting Newcastle are ‘chasing’ or targeting’ certain players, but getting players willing to play for Newcastle in the first place seems to be a bigger struggle.’

‘Stats look pretty even, but the actual game was different, Newcastle had their chances, but didn`t take them, that was the difference.

Newcastle don`t look any different pre Eddie Howe, their defence is still a shambles, and their finishing is poor.

They give the ball away far too much, and concentration in defence is very lacking.

Leicester played well enough, Newcastle were just poor.’

‘If you think yesterdays pens were dubious.

Wait until you see Leicester’s today.

Dived into player.

VAR guy was asleep and no-one wanted to wake him up.’

‘Is it guaranteed that Newcastle are going down, from the comments on here you’d think it’s nailed on.

If you consider over the next 22 games they only need 4 more points than Watford & Burnley – is that genuinely a Monumental task? Yes December looks bleak, but all those hard games that they wouldn’t expect to pick up points will be out of the way and then in January they can buy some defence.’

‘As a neutral, I enjoyed the game, it was never a penalty, but they are nearly all “soft” nowadays. Leicester are a good watch, they stuffed my lot earlier in the season. Newcastle are never going to be contenders, with the current squad, but given time I think, they will give their genuine fans something to cheer about.’

‘Once again, a terrible refereeing decision entirely changes the direction of an up to then finely balanced game. Never a penalty in a month of Sundays – and that’s from a neutral.’

‘Maddison should have been booked for diving for the penalty but aside from that Eddie Howe has an impossible job with these donkeys. Mass clear out in January if they want any hope of survival.’

‘No way was that a penalty, shocking decision.

Having said that, Newcastle are really bad.’

‘Don’t worry Newcastle fans, in a few seasons time, you’ll have the biggest smiles on your faces. just have patience.’

‘We may or may not be the richest club , the fact is we have only changed our manager not the team playing, years of buying mediocre players has left us where we are, yes we may go down but we will bounce back stronger, then all those jealous of where we will eventually be will have something to be jealous about !!!’

‘Thought we played well today, love nufc fans stayed till the end.

Walked to the railway station chatting to a few, well behaved, lots of respect.’

‘As a Leicester supporter I really felt that given our recent indifferent form and Newcastle’s new ownership and Manager that we could well have been beaten today. I needn’t have worried, it was same old indifferent Newcastle.

The premier league needs teams with supporters like NUFC but I fear they’re for the drop.

As regards Leicester – Great performance – just need to do it every week.’

‘On show is the tawdry legacy of Ashley with a net spent of practically zero over 14 years, leaving the current team made of of half of the players who appeared in the Championship season five years ago, and it shows.

To cap it all, a fantastic display of backing from a sell out away following, contrasting with a home contingent making a gentle swishing sound with their hand-out bairns’ rattles.’

‘Bruce kept then up with this squad last season but the toxics made this season impossible.’

‘Newcastle United are no better than when Steve Bruce was the manager.Also owners are rubbish.Don’t know what they’re doing.’

‘I thought the 2 teams were evenly matched until the penalty but what a travesty of justice that was.

I felt sure VAR would say definitely no pen. Crazy decision.’

‘A super experienced and canny manager in Steve Bruce, replaced by a talented, modern manager in Eddie Howe, but little has changed at NUFC.

Undone today by poor quality throughout the team, Lascalles & St Maximum excepted..

For the Geordies sake, hope they can attract 4-5 top players in Jan that can raise the performance level significantly and string some wins together in 2nd half of the season.’

‘Leicester fan for over 60 years. Love to see City win but hate cheating diving by any player, of any club.

Sadly Maddison did exactly that today. Have seen 7 premier league penalties over the weekend. The only real penalty in my opinion was Chelsea`s second.’

‘I have never had any regard for Newcastle or their bleating, moaning fans.

But I am afraid that any premiership club that gets relegated has enough money to put up a good attempt for promotion the next season in the Championship.

And That’s without the Saudi money.’

‘Newcastle beat Leicester in possesion, shots on goal and corners. So they outplayed them really, jsut a shame the defence is so useless. How does Lascelles get a game, never mind making him captain.’

‘So much abuse against Newcastle, why?

Newcastle fans can’t help who buys the club.

I couldn’t stop being an Afcb fanatic no matter who bought our club,it’s in my blood.

Would love to see Eddie do well and keep you up..’

‘Looks like Newcastle are reaping the rewards for their Managerial selections.

Very sorry for the Newcastle fans though. They deserve a lot better.’

‘Sad to see Newcastle in this mess. Its not looking like Howe can save them. Supporters of other clubs are jealous of the new owners money, shady or not. I really hope they stay in the prem. Not a NUFC fan, but a football fan.’

‘Some dubious refereeing again. Almost everyone agrees it was not a penalty but having Lascelles in the team put you on the back foot. Relying on only Wilson is a problem. As for Fraser – just not up to it!’

Stats from BBC Sport:

Leicester 4 Newcastle 0 – Sunday 12 December 2pm

(Half-time stats in brackets)




Possession was Leicester 47% (56%) Newcastle 53% (44%)

Total shots were Leicester 8 (3) Newcastle 12 (4)

Shots on target were Leicester 5 (2) Newcastle 3 (0)

Corners were Leicester 4 (2) Newcastle 6 (4)

Referee: Peter Bankes

Crowd: 31,959 (NUFC 3,300)

Newcastle United:

Dubravka, Manquillo, Schar, Lascelles, Lewis (Murphy 62), Shelvey (Ritchie 85), Willock, Saint-Maximin, Almiron (Fraser 62), Joelinton, Wilson

Unused Subs:

Darlow, Hayden, Hendrick, Krafth, Gayle, Fernandez

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