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Unai Emery Wednesday update: ‘Phone calls being exchanged now’ – Not a negotiation ploy

4 weeks ago

Unai Emery is still the name on everybody’s lips but is he set to be the new Newcastle United manager?

With Newcastle fans desperately hoping for a credible appointment as soon as possible, Tuesday morning saw the touch paper lit.

A media exclusive revealing that the Newcastle United owners hoped and expected to appoint Unai Emery in time for him to take charge before the match at Brighton on Saturday.

Twenty four hours later, the picture is a lot more blurred, to say the least.

After the Villarreal Champions League win over Young Boys last night, Unai Emery was predictably quizzed about the Newcastle United situation / speculation.

His comments to reporters weren’t decisive either way, maybe that was all too predictable as well. Somebody currently in a job at a club, is not going to be talking decisively, unless maybe if it is all done and dusted. Unai Emery said he was happy at Villarreal and that there hadn’t been a formal approach and offer to either himself or the Spanish club. However, he did make clear that there had been interest shown by Newcastle in him (though didn’t give details of what that had entailed) and said that if a formal offer was made, then it would be considered by himself and Villarreal. The La Liga club’s owner having earlier in the day admitted that if another club met the £5.1m buyout clause in the manager’s contract, they would be powerless to stop Unai Emery leaving, if he wanted to go.

Media on both the Spanish and English sides gave their interpretation of what Emery’s comments had meant…which varied widely.

However, later on, two journalists gave us contrasting updates about the Unai Emery situation…

Spanish journalist Guillem Balague stating that his understanding was that Unai Emery would ‘reject the approach from Newcastle’, whilst Craig Hope who covers NUFC for The Mail stated that: ‘Unai Emery has told [the Newcastle United] owners he wants job. Details being finalised tonight/tomorrow.’

Now on Wednesday morning the reporting pair have followed up (see below) on their takes last night, Balague claiming that the move was definitely off and that Unai Emery had made clear this was the case, the Spanish journalist insisting that this was ‘not a negotiation ploy’ from Emery in order to get a better deal from Newcastle United.

On the English reporting side of things though, Craig Hope has followed up this morning with: ‘As of this [Wednesday] morning… reports from Spain would suggest he’s pulled out. That was news to some at NUFC earlier but phone calls being exchanged now.’

As always with Newcastle United, far more questions than answers.

Is that really definitely it, is Unai Emery definitely staying at Villarreal?

Are Newcastle United now going to (via phone calls…) put a convincing argument to Unai Emery (via his representatives?) that Tyneside is the right move for him now.

Then most importantly of all, will a formal offer go in from Newcastle United, that Emery can then accept or reject, with Villarreal powerless to stop him going, if the answer is yes from the former PSG and Arsenal boss.

You would have to say that the odds now look against Unai Emery coming to Newcastle United, at least that is from what we are being fed by the media. However, if the current Villarreal manager is offered more power and control when it comes to transforming Newcastle United and / or more cash, just maybe that will be a game changer.

Guillem Balague – Spanish journalist who writes for BBC amongst others, via Twitter:

Reporting last night (Tuesday 2 November 2021):

“Emery will reject the approach from Newcastle.

“His doubts after the game had to do with not knowing the latest.

“And the latest -I think- was an unnecessary huge pressure on match day and not a clear vision from the club.

“What does Eddie Howe have to do with Unai, for instance?

“To build a club with the money available to Newcastle Unitedyou need to bring a manager that will have total power to create the necessary structure to win regularly.

“I feel those in charge now don’t have that experience and want to be the ones taking decisions.

“Manchester City brought the best people in each department. At the moment that is not happening at Newcastle United.

“If you want Unai, do you approach it in such a rushed way, without an official offer and leaking that is all practically done?

“That is when a manager is at his strongest, and I feels there’s too much emotion and not enough logical and calmed approach at the club. Imagine what would happen if things go wrong.

“I don’t see this move for Emery happening this season… Maybe next campaign when the structure is clearer and the vision more refined/defined, Newcastle will get more yes instead of noes from top managers as it has happened with Xavi, Conte, Löw and others.”

Following up with reporting this morning (Wednesday 3 November 2021):

“Let me add a couple of things more.

“Emery sounded reticent about his future just after the game as he did not know the latest.

“Then he was told about leaks, pressure and, after originally being very interested in hearing more, decided to stop it all.

“His family, friends and players told him to stay. The club [Villarreal] insisted he is building a squad to his image and has everyone respect. A not so good start in La Liga changes nothing.

“At the end, we all want to be where we are loved and respected

“So this is not considered a negotiation ploy.

“Unai remains at Villarreal in a project he is hugely enjoying.”

Craig Hope of The Mail via Twitter:

Reporting last night (Tuesday 2 November 2021):

“NUFC update:

“Unai Emery has told owners he wants job.

“Details being finalised tonight/tomorrow.

“Hope is he can meet players Thurs and training will be put back to PM if necessary.

“Chance could run beyond weekend but expectation he’ll be at Brighton. £6m buyout. Staveley has led search.”

Following up with reporting this morning (Wednesday 3 November 2021):

“As of last night, NUFC believed Unai Emery wanted job and expected details to be finalised.

“They hoped he would meet players Thurs PM.

“As of this [Wednesday] morning… reports from Spain would suggest he’s pulled out.

“That was news to some at NUFC earlier but phone calls being exchanged now.”


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