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Richard Keys stating things yet again that are not true about Newcastle United fans

2 days ago

Richard Keys is at it again, like a dog with a bone, he just can’t let it go with Newcastle United.

The thing is, what he comes out with, time after time, is so laughable.

How can someone get so much so wrong, so often?

It truly is an outstanding effort from Richard Keys.

This week he misses the target, badly, making claims about Newcastle fans that are completely untrue.

Whilst his Steve Bruce patter stinks the place out, yet again.

The best bit is that as he always does, not just with Newcastle United but pretty much any subject that he writes / talks about, Richard Keys says he just wants to be our best mate BUT then instantly prove that his intentions are anything but, as goes on the wind up yet again.

This is his Newcastle United fantasy from today, I have made some comments following what he has had to say…

Richard Keys writing on his personal blog – 22 November 2021:

“Now the dust has settled – Saudi Arabia has stopped stealing BeINSPORTS output and we’re all friends again – I hope it’s also possible for Geordie fans to understand that I wish their club well.

“I repeat what I’ve said many times – it’s a great club. I’ve got wonderful memories of games at St James’ Park and I hope there are many more to come.

“I never had a problem with the ownership changing – IF the Saudi’s stopped pirating our output. Remember – 400 people lost their jobs at our company as a result. So – good luck to Eddie Howe.

“But how many times down the years have I said that Geordies would rather see their team lose in an exciting 5-4 than win a scruffy 1-0? It’s true.

“Proof is what happened at the weekend. They had more possession than Brentford. Yes – Brentford, who had lost their previous four. They mustered many more attempts at goal than in recent games, and they got a battling point. They were applauded off – as they crashed to the bottom of the table!

“You see, I’d rather have seen my team scramble a 1-0, as they might have done under Brucey, and give me belief that we could stay up.

“For the record, of the four teams that have failed to win in their opening 11 games, only one team has stayed up – Derby in 2001. The others went down. Newcastle haven’t won in 12. And believe me – as Derby, Reading, Sheffield Weds, QPR and Bournemouth have all found out – profitability and sustainability regulations in the EFL are a whole lot tighter than they are in the PL. Relegation would be a disaster for Newcastle.”

Geordies would rather see their team lose in an exciting 5-4 than win a scruffy 1-0…

It is simply not true. Newcastle fans are like every other set of supporters and would prefer to watch great football, who wouldn’t? However, Newcastle fans would far rather see their team win 1-0 on any given day, than lose 5-4.

Proof is what happened at the weekend.

Richard Keys claiming that Newcastle fans would have chosen the 3-3 over a 1-0 win against Brentford is simply pathetic. In our current situation especially, I don’t know of a single Newcastle supporter that would have chosen a point in and exciting match, over a win in a boring game. We are all very aware of what a shocking mess the new owners and Eddie Howe have inherited from Keys’ mates Ashley and Bruce. If it was an end of season match with nothing riding on it, then yes plenty people might prefer a high scoring high entertainment draw, over a ‘scruffy’ 1-0, but this was anything but a ‘nothing’ match.

They were applauded off – as they crashed to the bottom of the table!

As he bizarrely tries to back up his fantasy views, Richard Keys attempts to use this as ‘proof’ that Newcastle fans preferred an entertaining draw than boring win.

On Sunday I couldn’t believe it when watching on TV, at Conte’s first home Premier League match the Spurs fans booed him and the Tottenham team at half-time as they trailed 1-0 to Leeds, then on top of that, in the final stages, with Spurs hanging on for the win in near total silence, Conte then was forced to urge the home fans to give some support to their team!

Compare this to Newcastle United fans, brilliant support throughout the 90 minutes for Eddie Howe and his team in his first match, the fans applauding the players because they had given their all and some of them had played very well. It isn’t Eddie Howe’s fault that Newcastle are bottom of the table, that honour goes to Ashley and Bruce primarily. Supporters supporting the head coach and players, fancy that!

You see, I’d rather have seen my team scramble a 1-0, as they might have done under Brucey…

This is incredible, Richard Keys wanting to try and convince people that the problem is, Newcastle fans preferring supposedly reckless tactics and team set up under Eddie Howe that won’t get wins, as compared to Steve Bruce grinding out 1-0 wins.

How funny is this, when you have even a cursory look at the FACTS!

In Steve Bruce’s final 55 Premier League games at Newcastle United, do you know how many he won 1-0? One. Yes, one. That was in May at home against a Sheffield United team that had been relegated long before.

This season, Steve Bruce hadn’t managed a single Premier League clean sheet, never mind supposedly winning 1-0 on a regular basis. Indeed, seven wins in his final 38 NUFC matches and not a single one in nine this season, proves that Steve Bruce wasn’t winning many games at all.

The truth is as well, Newcastle United’s strengths are in the attacking half of the pitch and that is where the best chance of winning games is. Steve Bruce’s negative football had brought zero wins this season and had us competing with Norwich as to who has the worst defence.

Reality is, if Karl Darlow hadn’t gifted Brentford the first and third goals, Eddie Howe would have kicked off his challenge with a great win. Whilst if Steve Bruce had still been here, I think for sure Newcastle would have lost. Brentford are a canny team and yes they had lost their last four but the underlying stats (expected goals etc) showed they had been very unlucky. Having  won three and drawn three of their first seven PL matches this season, including a thrilling 3-3 against Liverpool…

Richard Keys is quite obviously desperate to see Newcastle United fail this season, here’s hoping he is proved wrong, as usual.


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