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Must read comments from Brentford fans ahead of playing Newcastle United – Astonishing

2 weeks ago

Brentford fans have a rare opportunity to visit St James Park.

In October 2016, Rafa’s Newcastle United beat the Bees 3-1 on a Saturday on the way to promotion but for Brentford fans who missed out on that trip, alternative opportunities for a (football) visit to Tyneside have been very sparse.

A midweek League Cup match at St James Park in 2001, whilst the last Saturday game for Newcastle home to Brentford was the Keegan promotion team back in 1993 when hammering the visitors 5-1. Prior to that you have to go all the way back to 1955 when Newcastle beat Brentford on the way to the last NUFC domestic trophy win!

Anyway, ahead of Saturday’s match, I have been taking a look into what Brentford fans have been saying ahead of their trip to Tyneside.

I have to say, I was absolutely astonished when reading through what they said below.

Must read comments from Brentford fans ahead of playing Newcastle United and one absolutely massive thing stands out…after the comments I will tell you, just in case you haven’t spotted what I’m referring to.

These comments below are in a timeframe from way back in early October before tickets for the Newcastle match even went on sale, right up to the present day.

Brentford fans commenting via their Griffin Park Grapevine message board:

‘This is Newcastle, I think it will sell out easily. Yes we’ve done it before, but Newcastle is a bloody good night out afterwards!’

‘I was thinking (hoping for the sake of the missus and thus me) that this would go down to Members too, given: the distance, the fact it’s not a new ground to many, the trains, the distance, Wolves & Burnley, the fact the weather will be manky, the fact that Newcastle pre-January transfer window won’t be a draw…’

‘All sorted, should be a popular trip this one!’

‘Wasnt going to bother due to work and cost.

Holiday booked

Car share booked

Hotel nearly booked

2X match tickets sorted.’

‘Match tickets ordered, hotel booked, flight booking (for my son), just Metro tickets to go.’

‘Tickets ordered.

Car filled.

Parking reserved.

Hotel booked.

Oxygen for the long climb to our seats awaited!’

‘Not been to Newcastle since the Phil Holder days. when the stadium was much smaller!

Can anyone tell me roughly how long it would take a reasonably fit person to get back to the station platform from a seat up in the Gods in the away end at the end of the game?’

’15-20 minutes. Going down the stairs is much easier than going up them!’

‘Surely this will be less popular than Palace and West Ham though?

Much further away and it’s only been 4 or 5 years since we last played there.’

‘I believe more Bees will be in Newcastle than there are tickets available, many will travel with mates for the weekend away, obviously some won’t get to the game but that gives a sign of likely demand. I might be wrong but in my opinion tickets will be gone very quickly this afternoon, maybe quicker than even Palace.’

‘5 tickets sorted, can’t wait.’

‘Two bought…staying in Durham and pop to the toon for the match!’

‘2 more Bees booked up for a weekend on the Toon!

Cannot wait for this one.’

‘Sold out already!’


‘On the coach to Stoke and the guy behind me sounds like he works in ticket office and said [Newcastle] sold out in 6 mins…?? Not sure it its true though.’

‘Secured one with home fans with a Newcastle S/T holder mate already but not going to be the same.’

‘It’s cracking weekend away. Not going this time around can’t get the weekend off work. Geordies were welcoming.’

‘Someone posted on Football Awaydays a few weeks ago,

“Let’s see how many they take to Newcastle”

I think it was after someone posted our away section at Palace.

Newcastle – Sold Out!!’

‘November means it’ll still be tee-shirts for the lads and mini-skirts for the lassies Saturday night around Bigg Market…’

‘Miniskirts? More like a hanky tied on with a belt!’

‘Hotels in Newcastle on the Saturday night seem to be bloody expensive though, which I doubt is due solely to the visit of the mighty Bees so might be better to club ‘n’ brekky it, I expect that others on here may know of suitable venues.

Or there’s a train at 1am for £40 but there are 3 changes and gets you back to London in the afternoon including a 6 hour layover in Stevenage. Which sounds sh.t.’

‘We’re staying in the city centre Friday to Monday….I booked it when the fixtures came out. £117 each….I had a look earlier and was quoted over £250 each for the same hotel and dates! Madness.

Now, who has been before and give a lift of good watering holes?’

‘Been 3 times before and to be honest theres too many to mention,……prob more good pubs there than anywhere else in the world in such a small space.’

‘Spit and sawdust but the Beehive last time we were up there was £9.50 for 5 pints…The rest is up to you.’

‘You will be spoilt for choice, if you want mayhem and a touch of Phoenix nights, try The Black Garter pub.

It’s in the centre and where the market traders all drink, full of eclectic characters who are great fun and Saturday is Karaoke night.

It’s difficult to describe but great fun, no trouble and very lively.’

‘We are staying at Newton Ayecliffe (?) Saturday evening – 45 minutes south of Newcastle. Makes for a short return journey on Sunday and allows the grandsons to ‘enjoy’ the Newcastle night life whilst we watch MOTD!!!’

‘Still not got tickets for this one. If nothing comes today, I’m contacting ticket office as feeling bit jumpy now.’

‘I dangled the idea of a one day trip from Somerset if I could poach a ticket, and the Mrs shot me down told me I was insane lol’

‘Lightweight! My son’s going from Martock, Friday afternoon from Bristol > Newcastle, a couple of nights in Whitley Bay (I’m there 5 nights), then back Sunday… but he’s not married.’

‘Plenty of B&B’s along the coast, well served by the Metro and some fresh North Sea air: Tynemouth (expensive) up to Whitley Bay or South Shields.’

‘Wahay, tickets have arrived, very happy chap.

Bring it on, weekend on the Toon here we come.’

‘With much excitement I got my ticket, I love Newcastle two nighters.’

These comments above were just a small selection from hundreds that have been put up so far by Brentford fans, talking about the upcoming match / visit.

Not a single comment is about who owns Newcastle United and / or how that should then relate to Newcastle fans.

How absolutely refreshing to hear a fanbase who in advance of a football match, their passion and main hobby no doubt, are only wanting to focus on worrying about whether they can get a ticket, how are they going to travel up to Tyneside, where can they book to stay for once they get here, then of course looking forward to having a great time during their visit to our great city.

It doesn’t mean that no Brentford fans care about human rights in other parts of the world, or indeed who does and doesn’t own Premier League clubs. Indeed, I would say quite the opposite. if you are a Brentford fan of any length of time, then I would say you are a genuine football fans AND far more likely to be a genuine person than those at certain other clubs that Newcastle have recently played, that may attract the odd glory hunter or two…

As I say, just because they aren’t choosing to make human rights abuses top of their agenda when talking about coming to Newcastle Upon Tyne to watch a football match, doesn’t mean that at other times in their day to day lives / work / politics they aren’t focusing on what is happening in other parts of the world, good and bad.

I don’t doubt that some fans of other Premier League clubs HAVE been genuine when raising concerns about who owns Newcastle United now BUT I think equally clearly we have seen an awful lot of supporters of other clubs (as well as journalists and a host of other people) simply using the issue as an excuse to gratuitously abuse Newcastle fans. For example, when checking out many of those having a go at Newcastle supporters on social media, when you delve into their histories you invariably find little / zero evidence of any high moral concerns when it comes to human rights abuses or indeed anything else that so many of us have a conscience about.

So, I would just like to say thank you to the Brentford fans for reminding me that as Newcastle supporters we are allowed to keep on supporting our football team, that not everybody sees this as a huge expectation on NUFC fans to do something dramatic in terms of a reaction with regard to who Mike Ashley (not the supporters!) has sold the football club to…without ever really saying what we realistically can do as football fans to solve the issue of who is and isn’t allowed to buy football clubs in this country.

Have a great time Brentford fans at the weekend, hopefully the first win for Eddie Howe won’t put too much of a dampener on your enjoyment of all Newcastle Upon Tyne and the locals have to offer.


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