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Manchester United and Tottenham – Amazing media double standards after Newcastle United disgrace

1 month ago

Manchester United met Tottenham at the weekend.

The match billed as a game where the loser would / should be set for the sack.

The fans of both Tottenham and Manchester United demanding that they deserve better, their clubs / teams a shambles, and so on.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is now safe (until the next match…), whilst Nuno Espirito Santo will be reading these headlines this morning…

‘Nuno Espirito Santo on the brink of Tottenham sack’

‘Tottenham Hotspur are on the brink of sacking Nuno Espírito Santo’

‘Nuno Espírito Santo’s Tottenham future in doubt after Levy holds crisis talks’

The fans of both clubs have acted shamefully in abusing their managers but Solskjaer walked away with the three points after a 3-0 away win. Meanwhile, Nuno walked from the dugout with even more abuse raining down on him.

As a Newcastle United fan, it is quite extraordinary to watch this going on…and even more extraordinary, is the reaction of the media to it all.

Newcastle fans were attacked from all sides over a very long period by journalists / media worldwide, how could you criticise such a great man and brilliant manager as the honorable Steve Bruce, how could you dare to demand that he be replaced just because he hadn’t won any of the first nine games of this season (despite a generous set of opening fixtures) and in what proved to be his final 38 games, winning only 18% of them, exactly seven, with the final two of those seven against clubs already relegated long before they played and lost to Bruce’s Newcastle.

So exactly where have the journalists been when it comes to leaping to the defence of Nuno and Solskjaer, are they not honorable men?

The three headlines above about a seemingly inevitable sacking for the Tottenham manager, are from a trio of what would be called the ‘better’ newspapers, not over the top attention seeking tabloids….yet I couldn’t see the faintest defence of Nuno and no ridiculing of Spurs fans for slaughtering him. Exactly the same as we have seen repeatedly with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer this season, journalists failing whatsoever to challenge Manchester United supporters for way over the top abuse. Far worse abuse for both Solskjaer and Nuno than Steve Bruce ever got from Newcastle supporters. Just because Steve Bruce makes this out to be the case it DOES NOT necessarily mean that it is the truth. Does Bruce ever read through what Manchester United and Tottenham fans say about their managers online? Of course not. Inside stadiums which is the only fair way to judge the actions of fans, it was quite amazing how LITTLE earache Newcastle fans gave Steve Bruce despite absolute failure and a shocking set of results.

The thing is, whilst Manchester United did beat Spurs 3-0 at the weekend, a look at the stats shows Tottenham had 58%, nine shots compare to ten for the visitors, ten Spurs corners against only two, whilst Man Utd scored with three of their four shots on target. Compare those stats to what we as Newcastle fans had to watch week in week out from Steve Bruce?!!!

So as Nuno awaits what appears to be his inevitable fate, how exactly does his ‘shameful’ record at Tottenham measure up against Steve Bruce and his seven wins in the last 38 NUFC games?

Well, Nuno has only been in the job four months for starters (unlike Bruce who over 29 months made Newcastle ever worse), his ‘disgraceful’ time in charge has seen nine wins in seventeen matches, Tottenham eighth in the table, in the final eight of the League Cup and with four points from three games in their Europa Conference group. So in 21 less games, Nuno has won two more games than Steve Bruce.

It is laughable, so many journalists savagely attacking Newcastle fans relentlessly for saying…please, no more, Steve Bruce has to go for seven wins in 38 over more than ten months. Yet Nuno wins nine of seventeen (53% win ratio compared to Bruce’s 18% of his last 38) and somehow the media agree with the abusive fans that he absolutely has to be replaced!

As I said above, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has bought himself a few days more time, but it is only that. For sure, he would be reading the headlines that Nuno is looking at this morning, if he had lost against Spurs.

Bear in mind that compared to Bruce’s seven wins (18%) in 38, Solskjaer has won 20 of his last 38 Manchester United matches, coincidentally the same win ratio of 53% that Nuno has so far at Tottenham.

Other small details…Manchester United are top of their Champions League group and fifth in the Premier League, only three points off third top.

I am guessing that the Spurs fans and supportive media will force Nuno out before Tottenham play another game, whilst I am still very much assuming that Manchester United fans and their supportive media will do the same with Solskjaer before we see Christmas, the next three PL games include matches against Man City and Chelsea which no doubt will see Man U supporters using those likely defeats as ‘proof’ the Norwegian has to be replaced.

The thing is, maybe it is best for those two clubs if they change managers, after all, for the fans it is their clubs and they watch them week in week out and are entitled to their opinion, those best placed to judge how they have performed. However, it is absolutely double standards for those very same Manchester United and Tottenham fans (plus supporters from pretty much every single other club!) to abuse Newcastle supporters who wanted someone replaced who had win just seven of his last 38 games, none of any of the nine played this season.

As for the media / journalists, an absolute disgrace and massive double standards when it comes to how they behaved…and continue to behave, towards Newcastle supporters.


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