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Journalist from The Times launches shameful attack on Newcastle United fans

2 weeks ago

An ‘interesting’ attack launched on Newcastle United fans by this journalist at The Times.

A perfect example of the way that so many people think they can act towards Newcastle supporters with impunity.

Where the truth no longer matters and it is just a free for all, just pile in behind everybody else and there are no consequences when you are lying, or uncaring about / reckless as to whether something is actually true or not.

This story starts with a tweet from the HLTCO account, this is a Crystal Palace fan who now has a seriously large following amongst fans of many clubs, not just Palace. He posts intelligent, often amusing, observations / views about football in general, all clubs, so successful has he been that he has now made it into a career move. Part of the alternative football media and making a living from it, having done it the hard way, building up his audience from scratch.

HLTCO via Twitter – 10 November 2021:

‘It says a great deal about Steve Bruce’s standards as Newcastle boss when their fans are gushing with praise for Eddie Howe because he gets into training early and actually participates in the drills he runs during a session.’

The man behind HLTCO often comments on events at Newcastle United, not favourable all the time, but from what I have seen, even when it may be critical, he is fair and credible, acting with integrity.

Then you have this response replying to that HLTCO tweet…

David Byers – Who is ‘Assistant editor, money, at The Times and The Sunday Times’ (and a Crystal Palace fan…):

‘On the other hand, those same Newcastle fans also walked down Holmesdale Road with a large Saudi flag chanting “blood money,” so I’m not sure we can take their views entirely seriously.’

Leading to these responses from Newcastle United fans:

Mark Batty:

‘I would delete this promptly.

Explanation 2: Defamation of a Company or a Collection of Persons. If an act is intended to cause harm to a company or association or a group of people, then it will amount to defamation.

Section 499 to 502 of IPC.’

Ian Walton:

‘Unless you’ve got proof of that, I’m calling bullsh.t designed to make us look bad. Given everybody who ‘saw’ this would have carried a camera, and would have definitely filmed it and posted it online, where are they?’


‘Did we?

I was at palace and didnt see one person chant about blood money…’

Richard Patterson:

‘Can file this under the “things that never happened” banner.’

The Half-Geordie:

‘Just didn’t happen though did it pal.’

Darren Gladwell:

‘Hurry up there David lad, just waiting on the proof to be posted.’

James Vout:

‘That just isn’t true is it David?’


‘I was at Brighton and I didn’t hear 1 blood money chant.’

The Farmster:

‘What? All of us?’

David Dunn:

‘I have zero intention of waving any Saudi flags or shouting blood money like the absolute, vast majority of our fans but if I ever do I’ll make sure to credit you for it. (That’s a view you can take seriously).’

Magpie Lee:

‘I trust you have evidence to back up your ridiculous accusation?’


‘Really? The exact same fans was it?’


‘What a strange thing to lie about.’

David McMillan:

‘Considering every man and his dog have a mobile I’m sure this would have been all over the place, maybe it just suits your agenda on the subject.’

Martin Johnson:

‘Prove it. I know you can’t because it didn’t happen. Sad that a once reputable newspaper employ no marks like you. No wonder the written press are going out of business.’

Chris F:

‘Did they though? Did they? Really? Did they? Eh?

Big old flag, thousands of fans chanting ‘blood money’ was it, aye? All of them, yeah?

Thousands of p.ssed up geordies, waltzing down to selhurst chanting ‘blood money’?

Aye? Aye.’

Pulling all of the above together, I think Newcastle United fans have every reason to be calling out this journalist from The Times.

Bottom line is that if a lie gets repeated enough, it becomes the truth.

David Byers has a ‘blue tick’ accredited Twitter account that has a description of ‘Assistant editor, money, at The Times and The Sunday Times’…and when he is using that Twitter account he has a duty to do so with integrity.

The man from The Times hasn’t responded to any of the Newcastle fans calling him out because of course he doesn’t have any proof that a large number of NUFC supporters were acting as he claims. That is due to the fact that what he describes happening, didn’t. He is either lying, or repeating a lie / misrepresentation that he has read or heard elsewhere.

As some of the Newcastle fans point out, if indeed a large mob of supporters had been acting as he states, there would absolutely be footage of that caught on people’s phones.

It is totally unacceptable for somebody such as this journalist from The Times to put out such insidious comments, whipping up contempt for and / or hatred towards a section of the community.

Did anybody act as he claims? There is always the chance that one lame knacker will do whatever BUT even then you can’t then generalise that as the entire NUFC fanbase.


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