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‘I don’t care if Newcastle United don’t win anything’

3 weeks ago

A lot has been said about Newcastle United this past six weeks.

Some of it has even been true…

Not a lot mind.

With new owners, very rich new owners, the media have been in overdrive.

Never mind the truth, just get as much Newcastle United content out there, lets grab our share of the clicks.

This has been particularly seen in the transfer coverage, who Newcastle are wanting to sign, indeed who Newcastle United have actually agreed to sign already, if you believe the really, really, ludicrous extremes of coverage.

A typical sequence of events might see the very same newspaper run this series of headlines and articles…

‘Newcastle United have contacted the respective clubs as they look to sign Mbappe and Haaland in the January transfer window’

‘Mbappe and Haaland have made clear they have no intention of joining Newcastle United in the January transfer window, a club in relegation trouble and hasn’t won a domestic trophy for 66 years’

‘Can you believe just how deluded these Newcastle United fans are, they actually thought they were getting Mbappe and Haaland in January’ 

This (above) is actually not far from the truth, in terms of the liberties that so much of the media have been taking with Newcastle United and the NUFC fans since takeover.

Literally just invent a story that Newcastle United have made approaches for elite players, follow it up then with another made up tale of how these elite players have literally laughed at the idea of them joining Newcastle in this next transfer window, then finally ridicule and blame the NUFC fans for supposedly coming up with such an idea in the first place.

Welcome to our World.

As above, the same applies to the supposed expectations of Newcastle United fans when it comes to the ‘success’ our club is now ‘definitely’ going to enjoy.

Winning trophy after trophy with a team full of World class players, the envy of every other club and so on and so on.

Meanwhile…when it comes to reality, Newcastle supporters have got very excited when they saw the new owners had arranged for the outside of St James Park to get a proper clean for the first time in almost 15 years, washing away the filth of the Mike Ashley years, when not a penny was spent on any kind of even maintenance, unless it had to be.

The new owners talking about plans for a new training complex and also a new Academy to be built, Newcastle United fans revelling in this positive news.

Yet it doesn’t suit the media to even mention these massively positive reactions from Newcastle fans, supporters so relieved that at last their club might be ran on a similar level to pretty much every other sizeable Premier League club, when it comes to the absolute basics of maintenance, modern training facilities / complex and an Academy that aims to give the best chance of producing the stars of the future.

As for us actually ever seeing anything placed in the trophy cabinet, I can honestly say…I don’t care if Newcastle United don’t win anything.

Yes, great if it happens, but if it doesn’t I won’t be losing any sleep over it.

Winning trophies is of course something that all supporters of all clubs aspire to…but there are far more important priorities in my eyes.

I dream of having a team that can compete, that goes into any match against any opposition trying to play against and beat them, a team that has better players than Newcastle have now, including exciting players that get you off your seat, I dream of getting safe standing in as soon as possible, being part of a far better atmosphere at matches, get a far bigger increased capacity St James Park so as many fans as possible can come and watch their team, for those fans to walk away after a match at SJP talking enthusiastically what they have just watched and can’t wait for the next game to come around.

That is football for me, that is what I want supporting Newcastle United to be all about.

Having the club run properly, with a manager / head coach you respect, playing proper attacking football and going along to watch it.

Everything else isn’t important, such as winning trophies. It is a nice bonus when / if it happens but I just want to see Newcastle United competing as we did under both Kevin Keegan and Sir Bobby Robson.

If there are honestly Newcastle fans who were around in the 90s that want to present what happened with Kevin Keegan as a failure, then to me they aren’t football fans. Yes, winning the Premier League in 1996 would have been the icing on the cake BUT the cake we ate over almost five years of KK was the best cake I have ever tasted. All of those matchdays where you bounced into town, meeting your mates in the pub and all the talk of what you were going to watch shortly, then back to the pub afterwards and dissecting the brilliance and excitement you had just watched, the whole packed pub silenced within a couple of seconds as everybody strained to hear on the pub TV what Kevin Keegan had to say post-match when interviewed about what we had all just watched.

After this last decade and a half I just want adventure and excitement, to look forward to the future and nowhere more so than for the younger fans who know nothing else but a Mike Ashley Newcastle United.

Imagine having trips around Europe to look forward to once again, of the ilk we enjoyed under Sir Bobby. Contrast that with the Arsenal fans who forced Arsene Wenger out because he ‘only’ delivered top four and Champions League football every season (as well as numerous trophies, including three FA Cups in his final five seasons).

Being a football fan for me is all about looking forward to going to watch Newcastle United play and if that is not possible, then the next best thing for me and you to be looking forward to watching it from afar on TV.

Football has become far too much about winning trophies and the fear of relegation, with nothing in between.

I look forward to watching a Newcastle United team that I can be proud of once again and coming away from games feeling that what I have watched, whatever the result, has taken me away from thinking / worrying about the trials and tribulations of the rest of my life for 90 minutes plus added time.


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