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Bournemouth fans with plenty to say about Eddie Howe AND Newcastle United after appointment

2 weeks ago

Bournemouth fans have been reacting to news that Eddie Howe has arrived at Newcastle United.

Quite a connection now between the two clubs, with former Cherries players Callum Wilson, Ryan Fraser and Matt Ritchie greeting Howe’s arrival at St James Park.

Whilst former Newcastle midfielder Scott Parker is now manager at Bournemouth, he followed ex-NUFC defender Jonathan Woodgate (who was caretaker boss last season), then preceding that it was Jason Tindall who is now at Newcastle as the new Head Coach’s assistant, then of course Eddie Howe himself was the manager Bournemouth experienced in charge for so many successful years.

So how have Bournemouth fans reacted to this week’s NUFC announcement?

Some very interesting and varying views from the Bournemouth fans on Eddie Howe, Newcastle United football club, NUFC fans, plus most importantly, how we are all going to get on together…

Bournemouth fans comment via their Bournemouth-Forum message board after former manager Eddie Howe takes the Newcastle United job:

‘Good luck to Eddie Howe…hope he sends Fraser packing to the championship soon!’

‘Good luck Eddie and Jason, we’ll look forward to seeing you next year in the Prem.’

‘Good luck, hope we will meet in the premier league and they get the ovation they deserve.’

‘Best of luck Eddie…. going to be intriguing to see what he can do at a club with no ceiling…..I think that’s what he struggled with here…just wasn’t content to survive every season.’

‘Can’t bring myself to wish him luck; a really strange move that I fear will not end well.

I foresee that Newcastle United, their new owners and fans will eat him alive.

I hope I’m wrong.’

‘Yeah, although flip side is, that if he does well leading them into a new era, he could become an absolute legend amongst one of the most passionate groups of fans in the world.’

‘All the best to Eddie & Jason. What was it their fans called Steve Bruce? ‘Cabbage Head’? One wonders how long it’ll be before they too are awarded such creative monikers.’

‘To be fair Bruce does look a bit like a cabbage/dried out jacket potato.’

‘I still want Newcastle to go down. But I don’t want EH to suffer. How will that work.’

‘I want Newcastle to be in the same league as us next year. Best away trip by a mile.’

‘I’ll be wanting them to win as long as Howe is in charge (or we’re playing them).

And to be honest, they’re hardly likely to be battling with us in mid/lower table if we do go up.

Really hope it works out well for him. Love the bloke.’

‘Could never wish Howe bad (unless he went the Woolwich)…so hope he does a job for the Geordies and gets their fanatical love.’

‘I want Eddie to smash it up there and become a legend of the game.’

‘Well if Howe is getting the thumbs up from Newcastle fans that is a good start for him.

Something Bruce never got.’

‘Newcastle fans were always very complimentary about Eddie whenever I was up there for our away matches. Sure they were being friendly, but it did seem to be genuine praise.’

‘The problem Eddie has is everyone knows tactically he’s a fantastic manager, he’s just not the big name that some of the Newcastle fans thought they would get now they are rolling in it and I’m sure they’ll be quick to turn against him.

I really hope he does well up there and I have no doubt he will keep them up. I hope the first thing he does is loan Fraser out to the championship.’

‘The big plus for me is that he has learned from the past (in trying to be involved in all aspects) and been appointed Head Coach.

This will mean his sole focus is what he does best, coaching and improving players.

The irony is this is the way I think AFCB wanted to go at the end of the relegation season and he saw different at that time.

I hope Eddie is a massive success. He seems a genuinely great and likable bloke, an AFCB legend and would be great for a British coach to do very well (alongside Potter and Moyes).’

‘I can’t imagine that Ryan Fraser would be prepared to roll up his sleeves and get stuck into a 6 month relegation battle. Oh no, it might jeopardise his move to a Top 6 club in the summer.

“I could have kept them up” eh, Ryan ? Take a walk round Bigg Market next May, and try that again.’

‘Although we’ve been looking at this as a bad choice by Eddie I reckon he looks at it as a no-lose job.

Newcastle are a basket case, bottom of the league with an awful squad.

So he goes in there and just squeeks staying in the premier league and he’s a god. They go down and he either gets another year or he can leave and everyone will say that he had no chance with cr.p squad and inexperienced owners.’

‘If he does get it right, and I believe he will, he could become an absolute legend in Geordieland. He’ll need a decent start to instill a bit of belief, not only among the players, but even more so among the long-suffering Toon faithful, and if he gets them onside – well, anything could happen!’

‘The Geordies are already impressed…his 6.45am start in the dark !

Brentford at St James first up….the players will be fitter I guess….this week will be a culture shock!’

‘I’m a bit fed up of hearing about these “long-suffering Newcastle fans”. They had a Champions League winning manager not that far back and have spent, what, two seasons outside the top tier? Why do they “deserve” success?’

‘I know this has been mentioned before…. but it will crack me up if Eddie plays a 4-4-2 against Brentford on Saturday 20th. But really looking forward to seeing him back where he belongs ( no – not watching a 4-4-2 LOL) On the touchline as the manager of a big team. I just wish the guy all the happiness he deserves.’

‘Eddie goes back to basics… It’ll be 4-4-2 against Brentford… Joelinton hatrick incoming…’

‘The big sides have set up the league to preserve their position at the top and now they are crying foul that someone might disrupt their cartel. I don’t like Newcastle’s new owners one bit but I certainly won’t be losing any sleep that Liverpool and Man United are going to face years in the wilderness.’

‘Howe simply must get points from their next 3 home games v Norwich, Burnley and Brentford. He’ll struggle to get too much from anything else till after Christmas, so it depends how much patience, and understanding, the geordie fans have…’

‘I doubt you’d find many AFCB supporters who wouldn’t say anything but positives about Eddie and what he did for our club and the wonderful highs he took us to during his time here.’

‘Eddie Howe transformed this club and gave us the best ten years we’ve ever had.’

‘You’re not going to get the usual responses from supporters about an ex manager that you would do normally.

The Howe and AFCB connection is unique, it dates back to him being a player and the AFCB message board at the time raising the funds to secure his return from Portsmouth.

His story as manager is well documented. Again unique, spanning a decade, building a club from brink of extinction and non league obscurity to the Premier League.

His achievements can never be equalled here or anywhere.’

‘It seems to me that Newcastle are a broken club given the Ashley years and I think they will be surprised what difference Eddie makes to the fabric of the club off the pitch.

He is able to unite people and show leadership.

Eddie didn’t do well in that final season but I think he had driven himself into the ground and really needed a break.

He wasn’t helped by a handful of stars like fraser acting above the team rather than pitching in to save us.

Without the team spirit it’s hard to stay up.

People forget that season that before an injury crisis set in, we were 3rd in September and 7th in November.

Only missed staying up by 1 point (Villa Hawkeye equivalent) and had a number of dubious VAR decisions against us.

Part of our problems was a change in playing style that meant our goals dipped.

I think Eddie will have used his break to reflect on tactics and will be re energised now.

The challenge will be how to manage disruptive big ego type signings as opposed to younger players that he can coach and improve.’

‘We’ll all be watching and wishing him all the best at AFC Newcastle… Treat him well and he’ll deliver the goods…’

‘What Newcastle fans witnessed on his first day is exactly what Eddie and his team do. First in, last out and putting in as much effort on the training ground as the players should be. He will man manage individual players to work on weaknesses they have unlike big names like Conte who just expect the player to have these skills and then only coach patterns of play.

What Eddie and Jason will also do is to work with all departments of the club including the academy to make sure everybody is working to the same agenda.’

‘It’s weird.

I never had a “second team” before.

Now I have one.

I will be following NUFC’s season with great interest from here on in.’

‘Much as Eddie’s rise up the league was inspirational it has no relevance for motivating players like shelvey, joelinton etc.’

‘While Ryan Fraser is at your club I want to see you fail miserably, regardless of who your manager is.’

‘This is absolutely ridiculous. You’d have to care more about Ryan Fraser than you do about Eddie Howe to think like this. Are you hoping for a gas explosion in your street that kills your wife because you don’t like your neighbour.’

‘Good luck to Newcastle, I’m planning to come up and see you boys in action later this season hopefully.’

‘Newcastle under the Saudis is a terrible match for the squeaky clean Howe. They are destined to be the most disliked club in the country and they have a shockingly poor squad, destined for relegation. Fans will turn on him. He will hate it.

All too much for Howe to handle. He’ll be gone before the start of next season.’

‘The logic here is all over the place. Newcastle fans are going to turn on him because his image doesn’t match their ownership?’

‘I think they will love him as much as they loved Sir Bobby, Kev and Rafa.

He will also get a stadium of 50k fans roaring him on which is what he deserves. When he was here he was the only one who wanted better for this club and could see we have potential to be bigger with the catchment area and the success he built and I imagine it annoyed him that no one else took these ambitions seriously.’


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