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Bournemouth fans comment on reported imminent Eddie Howe move to Newcastle United

4 weeks ago

Bournemouth fans have been reacting to news that Eddie Howe is now the man expected to come in at Newcastle United.

Unai Emery went public on Wednesday, releasing a statement saying he was staying at Villarreal and not moving to Tyneside.

Sky Sports now on Thursday morning reporting that Eddie Howe is now expected to get the job and that talks between his representatives are continuing this morning.

Bournemouth fans saw Howe leave in August 202o after the club were unluckily relegated on the final day of the season, going down by a single point.

Sky Sports also revealed this morning that talks had taken place between Newcastle United and Eddie Howe BEFORE the takeover, with Howe having had talks with Mike Ashley’s people about potentially replacing the failing Steve Bruce.

Bournemouth fans comment via their Bournemouth-Forum message board on the news former manager Eddie Howe is now clear favourite to get the Newcastle United job:

‘I fear for Eddie with this one tbh. That Newcastle team is utter garbage.

They absolutely do not have the tools to play free flowing attacking football and Eddie cannot set a team up defensively to save his life, it’s just not in his DNA. Would be a dreadful appointment for them and will not benefit Eddie’s career. Only hope is that he can hang on until jan and then spend spend spend.

Will the fans/board give him until then if results are poor though?’

‘Newcastle have some pretty difficult fixtures before January, who ever takes this on will have a tough job before then. But you have to back yourself. I suspect the likes of Burnley and Leeds will be worried, if Newcastle do pick up then there’s another relegation spot up for grabs.’

‘He’d be mad to go to Newcastle.’

‘I’d hate this. I want to see Newcastle relegated but I also don’t want Eddie to fail.’

‘Me too.’

‘I want Eddie to do well but if he went to saints Brighton or Watford then I would want him relegated .

As for Newcastle, I would want him to do well.

Aware of the issues with the regime behind he club but other industries and politicians have no qualms about doing business there so why should football be an exception. Would query other backers of prem clubs too. Football in the prem lost its moral compass many years ago – regrettably

Would they trust Eddie with a war chest though?’

‘It’ll be a tough assignment if he takes the job, this season will probably define him as a Premier League manager. The Jan window will be critical for the next Newcastle manager. If he manages to keep them up, it’ll be huge for his cv.’

‘They probably need big Sam or somebody to get the most out of what they have in the short term.

Ed will not be able to set them up to be tight at the back but at the same time they don’t have the players to play his preferred style of play either.

Even if he is given a free hand to totally reform the team in January, getting a new team to gel with just half a season left to avoid relegation is a massive ask.

I suppose it might be the sort of challenge Ed would relish but I agree that the team they currently have will not suit him at all. So if he takes the job it has to be because they’ve assured him that he has a free hand in January to shape the squad how he wants it.

Could be an interesting watch to be honest. He could pull it off. But probably not without a mass overhaul of the squad in January.’

‘There are only 20 Premier league jobs available. If you discount at least 6 to 8 which Eddie would not get, it leaves a few options.

Given also the remaining ones only 3 or 4 are likely to become available. If he wants to manage in the Premier league then he can either wait another 2 years, or take one that comes up.

They’re all going to have challenges otherwise they wouldn’t be available. Norwich would be a worse move than Newcastle, at least he can sign some players in January.’

‘True, don’t begrudge him for taking it at all.

Like you say, he can’t be picky, a Prem job is a Prem job.

From their perspective I just really can’t see him being what they need in the short term. They should have broken the bank for a Sean Dyche type of manager. If they are happy to seriously consider sticking with Eddie in the event of a potential relegation/rooted in the bottom three come Jan ie a long term build then I’d change my opinion, but I think they’re going to want short term results fast. They are in danger of being cut adrift with Norwich.’

‘On another note, I wish Eddie had thrown Fraser under the bus but he never would.’

‘I’d love to see him go there as want to see what happens with Fraser and wilson.’

‘I can certainly see why Eddie would go there.

My concern for him is over the players.

None are the true wingers (except he who shall not be named) he likes to play with, so can he get his trusty formations in place?’

‘Didn’t Ritchie leaves us because he wanted to play under Rafa when Eddie was manager?’

‘I recall (I think) that it was also about playing for a big team. Huge stadium. Passionate fans. Big crowds. Who’d begrudge him that?’

‘I don’t think family would be happy with a move away from the south coast and commuting is not an option if you have ever had to do it.’

‘Well, he’s in the wrong job then. Managers can’t be so picky about where to live. Chances are they will have to move on at some point. If Eddie is determined to stay in the area, the Southampton job might be offered to him, but maybe not. Unless he’s willing to become more flexibly mobile, he needs to re-think his career. Plenty of other things he could do.

‘See Emery has decided to stay put in Spain so please God don’t let him go up there.’

‘Wonder if Wilson and Fraser will down tools and start producing half-arsed performances like they did under Howe in their last season here.’

‘I have this nightmare scenario in my head where he goes there, has a clear the air talk with Fraser and the little rat rediscovers his form and is instrumental in keeping them up.’

‘As a very young lad, I grew up supporting Newcastle United (weird reason that I can’t be bothered going into now), right through to the Keegan managerial years… I actually stopped going to see them when they got into the PL as tickets became impossible to get.

It was around this period as an early teenager, my casual relationship with AFCB moved to a more permanent fixture…

The rest is history, however I still always keep an eye out for Newcastle results…

If Eddie went to NUFC it would probably be the best possible scenario for me… other than him someday returning to our hot seat…

I’d be pleased for him and interested to see how he fares at a proper old school, big club with an undeniably large fan base… Good luck to him, if it happens…’

‘Interesting to see if he is Eddie Mk1, keep the ball and attack at all costs and try and win every game 4-2 or Eddie Mk2 playing on the break and letting the other team have possession. I suspect the latter if he goes there as that’s the squad they have and it’s more likely to keep them up. Shame as I think it’s only really Eddie Mk1 that was effective.’

‘Callum and the wee sheeet both played in the successful MK1 Team – perhaps they could convince the squad of its merits.

They won’t stay up just sitting back and hoping…’

‘Not sure why media keep saying Jones and Howe got on well, he didn’t join until Howe left.’

‘Eddie managing the richest club in the world would be quite something.’

‘Feel for anyone going into Newcastle. They have no time to change things before that December fixture list (Burnley, Leicester, Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Everton).’

‘Blimey that’s a tough set of fixtures, even with pep in charge they’ll struggle to get points with the players they have.’

‘I think this is why people are reticent and why Eddie may get it. Unai Emery leaves a champions league team in a warm country to go there, lose all those fixtures and have a load of geordies on talk sport slagging off your football, moaning you are not geordie and don’t understand what it means blah blah and demanding Keegan comes back.

Why would you do it to yourself…’

‘Not picking on Eddie here but knowing he’s quite a principled man made me wonder if anyone is rejecting Newcastle because of their unsavoury links.’

‘Bruce was wasting his time with that bunch of ‘ cruisers ‘ …the bloke was a good player with Man Utd…..better than All of them under his charge at St James..its a joke.

Chances are they are going down the Divs…without Ashley at the helm.

Arabs…Nah ! They ain’t Football people…thats for starters.

If they wuz on the gas..they would have blown Spurs out fer yer man Conte..

Big Money Men Eh ? …the Geordies are in for a massive shock!

Bloody shame ..for this great club!’

‘Based on past experience NUFC with “their club back” could still be facing many years without any kind of success. A club needs to have more than just money to be successful, as many have shown in the past!’


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