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BBC Sport comments from neutrals after Brentford draw shows what Newcastle fans are up against

2 years ago

Intriguing to read through these BBC Sport comments following Newcastle’s draw at home to Brentford.

The comments from neutrals especially telling…

This is what Newcastle United fans are up against these days.

These BBC Sport comments from neutrals, with a fair sprinkling of amusing trolls!

It is amusing that Newcastle fans get ridiculed for supposed deluded over the top expectations AND then when we appoint a Head Coach such as Eddie Howe, Newcastle supporters ridiculed for being happy despite Howe not having a trophy laden CV…so far.

The BBC Sport readers comments, mainly from neutrals, although the odd Brentford and Newcastle fan also contributing, tells you all you need to know about what Newcastle fans are facing now.

‘Anyone who cares about football will be disappointed Brentford did not win but delighted the Saudi sportswash project is now bottom of the league.’

‘Newcastle were terrible today.’

‘Yes please play this style of football….straight into the Championship. Take a step back it was Newcastle vs. Brentford a profusion of cr.p!’

‘It’s Amazing how quickly the trolls appear in the comments. From a toon perspective, we played better football we scored goals and we didn’t lose and the players looked like they wanted to be there. It will be a hard road but we will survive.’

‘As a toon fan it’s nice to see the team try and win a game for a change. The defence is still shocking and the keeper is terrible IMO, but at least we never gave up trying to get the win. As a fan that is all I want to see my team do.’

‘I’m not a toon fan, but this is probably the most sensible comment on here. All you want to see is your team putting the effort in to try and win games.’

‘Thrilling start to Eddie Howe’s reign. Much better to see Newcastle having a go rather than sitting back and waiting for a miracle from patron Saint-Maximin.’

‘Nice to see Newcastle hitting the bottom of the league. Won’t help the Saudi sport laundering if they get relegated.’

‘Entertaining game of football. Players left everything on the pitch. Newcastle will improve as will Brentford.’

Encouraging performance by Newcastle. Would have won if Dubravka had been in goal.’

‘What a game. Honestly some amazing football by both teams. Joelinton looked like a different person up until he started falling over his own feet at the end there.

If this is the type of football they are going to play under Howe people are going to want to watch. Much more like the early days a bournemouth rather than his more counter attacking style at the end.’

‘Eddie Howe has got this right. The only way that Newcastle are going to survive is score goals as they do not look like keeping a clean sheet in the near future. Need to play like this for the rest of the season & hope that he can get the players he needs in January to keep this club up.’

’23 shots on goal must be a massive improvement. The Howe effect?’

‘Yes 3 conceded, the Howe effect.’

‘A much better performance from recent weeks. Perhaps Bruce was not the greatest manager as his fanboys kept claiming. Looks like there’s a job going in Manchester!’

‘You lot are lower than where Brucie left you but don’t let the facts get in the way. The only way middle east fanboys will get to grips is when their club gets relegated.’

‘Bad luck today really. If Joe hadn’t slipped or Darlow hadn’t messed up. Much better than under Bruce. Night and day.’

‘You know your club is in trouble when you see a home draw against Brentford as a positive result.’

’40 points looks a long long long long long long long long way off for NFC.’

‘Need a telescope to see 20pts.’

‘Richest club in the world and the only loser you can get is Eddie Howe!

I’d be devastated to get him at QPR, awful manager.’

‘Newcastle are still rubbish, no better than when Steve Bruce was there.’

‘I have no problem if we go down, we’ve been left entirely in it by A$hley and Widow Twanky. Just so pleased the nightmare is over and they are both gone.’

‘I’ve done the maths and we’re going down. Won’t be enough games post January.

And I’m not as bothered as I think I should be. Ashley’s gone and the future is bright. Wasn’t expecting overnight success anyway, you learn that after decades supporting Toon.’

‘I hope Bruce has a big smile after the treatment he recieved.’

‘In the 70s and less than a decade after conquering europe (so they say) the mighty toon had gate of 7k v norwich for a top tier game.They then had 5k gate v wrexham for a league cup game.Yet they call themselves the best supporters in world.’

‘Fourth choice manager throws a sickie on day one?!?’

‘Most on here won’t like this, but this game was probably the easiest 3 points for Newcastle to pick up this season.

I feel Bruce would have came away with 3 points from this one.’

‘Nobody in their right minds wants to sign for blood money..anybody that does will be labelled a Judas.’

‘Saint Maximan will surely be off in January to save his career.’

‘Lets hope they stay bottom, world class players not going to Join with no Champions League fixtures for at least 2 years.’

‘Cards on the table I like both these teams. I remember the North London trolls saying that Brentford would be going straight back down and I reckon they would been happy with this point when they were planning their season. Newcastle are one of the most authentic clubs in the Premiership. There loyal and passionate fans deserve a more supportive owner than Mike Ashley. Up the Toon.’

‘Newcastle will be richest club in championship.’

‘Still on course for relegation. Brilliant.’

‘Hopefully the dirty money will kick in too late to prevent relegation.’

‘I’m loving all the haters on here. It seems all the other club supporters are convincing themselves that Newcastle fans expect to win the league **news flash for the stupid** we don’t. However, we know the ‘top six’ are running scared, complaining about takeover. Because they expect the rest of us to accept the norm!’

‘What a pathetic comment. I can assure you that none of the “top six” are running scared of Newcastle in any way shape or form. In fact they are all looking forward to your demise to the championship where you belong. Biggest club in the North East? You are having a laugh.’


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