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BBC Sport ask if Newcastle United would be better off getting relegated…

3 weeks ago

An interesting one from BBC Sport.

Alistair Magowan covers NUFC for BBC Sport and he is the one asking the question…would Newcastle United be better off getting relegated and going down to the Championship?

When asked, 100 out of 100 Sunderland supporters said yes!!!

However, the man from BBC Sport was actually addressing the question to Newcastle fans…

Alistair Magowan, who covers Newcastle United for BBC Sport, asks the question via Twitter:

“Newcastle fans: would it actually be that bad if the team was relegated this season?

“Seen a few suggestions today about Nuno to try and stay in PL.

“But is that what Newcastle need for long term?

“Is the rebuild better suited starting from Championship?”

The reaction from Newcastle fans…:

Gary Bennett:

‘Anyone saying a rebuild is ‘better suited’ to the Championship clearly doesn’t watch it. Relegation is a very real possibility and not only would it put managers off, it could put players off for a few seasons to come if they think it could even potentially happen again.’

Paul King:

‘It would be a spanner in the works, no one wants to be relegated . Getting the right manager in is easier said than done but dragging it out isn’t doing any good either . We need to go in another direct on the field and training ground sooner rather than later.’

Graeme Bell:

‘Under Ashley it would’ve been a disaster, and I would’ve said we’d just drop down the leagues. Under the new owners, it certainly wouldn’t be ideal as it puts their plans back about 2 years or so. But I’d be a lot more confident about the future, the deadwood would be cleared out.’


‘What’s the benefit to going down?’

Alistair Magowan:

‘Avoids making decisions to stave off relegation rather than for longer term.’

Pablo Blanco:

‘Christ, why would going down be preferable to staying in the PL?

We’d have to sign players who would play in the Champ, they’d be tied to long contracts which is how we ended up with SIX of the weekends team having played FIVE YEARS AGO for us in the Championship.’

J Carney:

‘Yup. Throw in humiliation of going down after fans crowing about ‘richest club in the world’, further damage to reputation of club, hit to FFP future investment ceiling and there being no guarantee it’s just for a year as ppl arrogantly assume. So illogical.’

Philip Peppiatt:

‘Would it not be MUCH easier to rebuild in the Premier League? Relegation just sets everything back a couple of years. I never understand why people suggest it would be a good thing.

Bring in a competent manager. Sign proven Premier League quality in Jan. Then build in the summer.’

Danny Arthur:

‘I’ve always been of the mind of I’d take relegation if it meant ridding ourselves of Ashley. Defo don’t think that way anymore now we actually have the takeover.’


‘Absolute disaster!! We’d be stuck with the majority of the squad which isn’t good enough & there’d be no guarantee we’d bounce straight back. Surely it’d be better/easier to start the rebuild in the PL.’


‘There’s enough bad sides in the league that Newcastle shouldn’t have to rebuild in the championship.

Promoted teams usually struggle after Christmas too. Add that to Burnley, Southampton and Leeds looking pretty bad already and Newcastle shouldn’t be writing the season off.’

Under Milkwood:

‘Well, it’s not an unthinkable scenario. Might get the media off our backs.’


‘It would be preferable to rebuild as a Premier league club,therefore it’s one job. Getting relegated would mean an extra phase of building a squad for promotion. Plus there is never a guarantee of automatic promotion or that a manager will work out.’


‘Do we know our owners would actually stick around and invest to get us back up? Theyve had plenty of warm words about being in it for the long game, but they are just words. (Also the Championship is a tough league: no guarantee we’d be straight back – investment or not!).’

John Ruddy:

‘I see many people saying its a chance for the club to reset, How does that Work!! A squad would have to be built for the Championship, then overhauled for the Prem. And despite the money its no guarantee for instant promotion. Ludicrous.’

I have to say, I totally agree with most of these responses from Newcastle United fans.

It is a very very naive view for anybody to think that Newcastle getting relegated this season, would be anything other than a very bad thing, possibly a disaster.

It isn’t Newcastle fans who have taken over the club, nobody can know for sure how the new owners would react if relegation happened. Yes, I think there is every chance that they would stick around, but no guarantees. With a different set of circumstances (relegation!) that they weren’t expecting, there is always a chance that the Saudi PIF could change their mind, the job suddenly so much harder in terms of rebuilding the club.

At the very least, as fans above make clear, it would delay the chances of Newcastle United becoming more competitive.

Again, as said above, no guarantees of getting out of the Championship straight away. Aston Villa had the most expensive squads in 2016/17 and 2017/18 but with disastrous managerial appointment in Roberto Di Matteo and Steve Bruce, they were looking more likely to get out of the Championship by getting into League One, rather than the Premier League. Only by sacking Bruce and bringing in Dean Smith did Villa avoid a potentially long long stay in the second tier or even worse.

The FFP rules can have a massive impact if you end up in the Championship, Stoke City may not have a lot of fans BUT they have owners who are also fans and who have massive amounts of money that they would happily put into the club to get promotion, but FFP prevents them doing so.

The sooner Newcastle United start climbing out of and away from the relegation zone, the quicker the nerves can settle for both NUFC owners and fans, then the rebuild can properly begin.


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