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Trevor Sinclair – Competition to find very worst of the worst Steve Bruce pundit has ended

2 days ago

It has taken some doing but Trevor Sinclair has managed it.

In the competition to find the very worst of the worst Steve Bruce pundit, he has left the rest well behind.

Despite literally hundreds of competitors trying valiantly to come up with the most extreme daftest defence of the Newcastle United Head Coach, Trevor Sinclair has done it effortlessly.

Best thing of all is that he is so self-righteous with it at the same time, quite literally thinking it is just so so obvious that he is in the right.

We are talking thick as a castle wall / Whale sandwich, you take your pick.

Put it this way, the stupidity of Trevor Sinclair even left Simon Jordan almost lost for words…

Discussing the position of Steve Bruce at Newcastle United and whether or not he should be replaced, Trevor Sinclair declaring: ‘I don’t see the point Simon [of sacking Steve Bruce], they can’t bring anybody in until January. So whilst they have got this group of players, they have got a manager who knows how to manage them.’

Then when Simon Jordan made the point that Steve Bruce is so unpopular with fans, it is easy to understand why the new owners would see that as yet another reason to sack him this week, so that the atmosphere is as positive as possible on Sunday to try and help get a positive result against Tottenham. Trevor Sinclair reacted with: ‘Well it depends if you are into popularity or you are into results and doing things properly?’

Well, where do you start???

Maybe the best starting point for Trevor Sinclair is to answer this question (Don’t worry Trevor, it is not a trick question), why are football managers usually popular or unpopular? That’s right, the more matches they win, the more popular they tend to be.

So just maybe, you can be a popular and winning (results!) manager!!!

When you are a head coach like Steve Bruce who hasn’t won any of his eight games this season (despite an easyish set of early fixtures), are out of the League Cup and second bottom of the Premier League, plus have only won seven of thirty seven matches these past 10+ months, then you are neither popular or a results man. Then when you have been allowed a £125m net spend in just over two years and an overall transfer spend of £160m according to Mike Ashley, well, it just shines an even bigger light on the reasons why you are not good enough for the job.

Trevor Sinclair says that because you can’t buy players for the time being, by far the best option then is to continue further with the manager who hasn’t been able to win with the current players, simply because he knows them best.

So then, according to Trevor Sinclair surely, no football club should ever change any manager unless it is during a transfer window, because the existing boss knows the players better than a new manager would do…

It is truly great when you get the Steve Bruce defence league making all kinds of reasons why he should keep his job that they would NEVER apply to any other club or manager.

Obviously you get some ridiculous examples, such as Mike Ashley sacking Chris Hughton when he’d promoted Newcastle as champions and had them mid-table in the Premier League, but this is not the case now at Newcastle.

You have a head coach who has turned Newcastle from having the seventh best PL defence two seasons in a row under Rafa Benitez, to now no Premier League club is conceding more than NUFC under Bruce.

Last season, Steve Bruce presided over a run of only two wins in a twenty one match run over the course of four and a half months, what has happened so far this season has felt very much like it was during that run last season, especially with what looks now a far tougher set of fixtures looming ahead.

The thing is as well, there are now another 14 Premier League games to play before we get to after 1 January 2022 and any chance of then having new January signings available. By that point Newcastle are scheduled to have played 21 of their 38 PL matches this season, even with new owners, new money, new signings and a new manager in say January 2022, Newcastle United may already be in such deep relegation trouble under Steve Bruce, that it would be impossible to climb out no matter who the new manager was and how much cash you had to sign players. Ashley left it far too late giving Rafa only 10 games to repair his (Ashley’s) and McClaren’s mess in 2015/16, giving somebody only 17 games or less this season would be inviting more of the same.

Newcastle United now have more able owners, they now need somebody in the dugout to match that.

Simon Jordan and Trevor Sinclair discussing the manager / head coach situation at Newcastle United on Talksport:

Trevor Sinclair:

“Steve Bruce is going to want clarity.

“Is he staying to do a job, or is he going?”

Simon Jordan:

“Course he will.

“We have heard Amanda [Staveley], because she is a ‘Town Crier’, at any point has she given us any indication that Steve Bruce was going to be fired?

“That has been joined up by media briefings, media assumptions, and somebody like me who has owned a football club, knowing that new brooms tend to sweep clean.”

Trevor Sinclair:

“I don’t see the point Simon [of sacking Steve Bruce], they can’t bring anybody in until January.

“So whilst they have got this group of players, they have got a manager who knows how to manage them.”

Simon Jordan:

“The Bruce factor is a negative factor that you don’t need because from what I understand, and whether it is right or wrong, a significant amount of Newcastle fans simply don’t want Steve Bruce.

“So if you are the owners of Newcastle and you now have a popularity count off the Richter scale…”

Trevor Sinclair:

“Well it depends if you are into popularity or you are into results and doing things properly?

“Popularity shouldn’t come into it because if you want to get results, you are talking about pure football matters, Steve knows the best players for that team.”


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