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Steve Bruce shamed into not going on holiday again – First positive of Newcastle’s season!

3 weeks ago

After only two weeks of the season gone, Steve Bruce unbelievably took the opportunity of the first international fortnight to go abroad on holiday.

Newcastle United fans incredulous that after opening the season with four games without a win, three defeats and a lucky draw, that the NUFC Head Coach would choose to go on holiday rather than spending that time on the training ground trying to put things right

Especially when Newcastle had conceded a massive eight goals in their first three Premier League games, which pointed to serious issues with the team, Steve Bruce having already overseen a shocking decline in the side’s ability to defend, conceding a huge 120 goals in two Premier League seasons, compared to 95 in Rafa’s two NUFC seasons (27% more PL goals conceded by Bruce than Benitez!).

After the 4-1 hammering at Man Utd on 11 September 2021, Steve Bruce was asked by a reporter if he had been in Portugal during the first week of the international fortnight. In response, Steve Bruce petulantly refusing to answer the question properly, instead stating that he has been preparing the team in a ‘meticulous’ fashion ‘all week and we were in every day.’

From following NUFC’s official media output from the international fortnight, it appeared that Steve Bruce and the players had been back in training from Tuesday (7 September), giving them four days of preparation for the hammering at Old Trafford. So not even an ‘all week’ of seven days…

Apparently justifying going on holiday to Portugal in the first week of that international fortnight. Steve Bruce declaring: ‘Let me tell you. There is nothing more [that could have been done] in preparation. What was I supposed to do? We had six of them away.’

Not sure who the sixth one was but Newcastle had Fraser, Krafth, Schar, Lewis and Hendrick away on international duty. The thing was, not a single one of these are a first eleven choice for Steve Bruce and none of them started at Old Trafford…

So the obvious reply to that particular Steve Bruce nonsense, is why would having a few fringe squad players missing, mean you couldn’t spend the full two weeks preparing with your first choice players for that Man Utd match?

So moving forward three weeks after that hammering against Man Utd and Steve Bruce reacting like a kid who has been caught doing something he shouldn’t have and not wanting to admit it…what is the Head Coach up to with this October international fortnight?

Well with another four games played since his holiday in Portugal and no wins, two draws, two defeats and another eight goals conceded (and second bottom of the Premier League!), what is Steve Bruce saying this time…

Well after the latest depressing defeat, to Wolves on Saturday, Steve Bruce was asked about the international fortnight by the club’s own NUFC TV – 2 October 2021:

“The international break certainly helps us in that with injuries but we will see where we are [closer to playing Spurs on 17 October].

“You always want to go into the break with some sort of result.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to do it [due to losing to Wolves].

“We will have a couple of days break, then go to work again.”

I was laughing my head off when reading what the chancer had to say…Steve Bruce shamed into not going on holiday yet again.

It just shows how low my expectations have become when it comes to getting any joy out of Newcastle United, that when I heard Brucey was having to stay behind on Tyneside in the wind and rain, it put a big fat smile on my face.

Literally, the very first positive of Newcastle’s season!

I bet he was absolutely fuming, scared of the negative publicity and having to answer awkward questions once again, Steve Bruce having to kick around the training ground this week instead of sunning himself inn Portugal or wherever.

Instead of scoffing down paella, limited to his usual three square meals a day from Greggs!

I really despise him and after all the misery that he is helping Mike Ashley send our way and getting paid millions in the process for doing it, anything that impacts negatively on his cushy NUFC financed lifestyle is fine by me.

After the 4-1 hammering at Old Trafford, Steve Bruce politely asked by the Chronicle if he had been on holiday. The newspaper reporting that numerous fans had urged them to ask the question, widespread media reports having stated that Bruce had spent the first week of the September international break in Portugal. This despite Newcastle having now wins in their first four matches of the season, three defeats and a fortunate draw against Southampton. – 11 September 2021:


“Go on…

“Do you think I really have to answer that to you?

“That’s what the fans are asking are they?

“We have trained all week and we were in every day.

“The preparation was meticulous.

“Let me tell you. There is nothing more [that could have been done] in preparation.

“What was I supposed to do?

“We had six of them away.

“The preparation was fine and we have been in all week.

“You could see the game plan was what we worked to.

“To have to answer questions like that is typical to the question I would get off you and your newspaper.

“If I am being brutally honest…that is why they [Newcastle fans] are the way they are, the way you are and your negativity and your newspaper.”


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