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Spurs fans comments on Newcastle United takeover and the match – Priceless

1 month ago

Reading what Spurs fans are having to say (see below) ahead of Sunday’s match at St James Park…astonishing.

Honestly, if this is the kind of thing we have to look forward to in the weeks, months and years ahead then…bring it on!

Spurs fans pretty much totally ignoring the match against Newcastle and instead pouring out the vitriol about the NUFC takeover.

To be fair not all of the Spurs fans are embarrassing themselves with their comments BUT plenty are.

One popular angle that they want to go down is summed up by this charming contribution: ‘Really, there’s not anywhere in France, Italy, or Spain I can think of thats worse than f.cking Newcastle.’

The irony is so sweet, I can certainly think of one place that is ‘worse than f.cking Newcastle’ and that would be Tottenham!

Honestly, of all the places where Premier League clubs are situated, the biggest dump is the Tottenham area, with maybe only Aston Villa giving them any kind of competition.

When Spurs fans make these kind of comments, you have to think clearly they haven’t been to Newcastle Upon Tyne before AND even more clearly, haven’t been to White Hart Lane before!

Genuine Spurs fans who travel home and away and know how class it is to visit Tyneside, must be so embarrassed by these clowns talking about something that they know absolutely nothing about.

Spurs fans comment via their top Fighting message board:

‘Really, there’s not anywhere in France, Italy, or Spain I can think of thats worse than f.cking Newcastle.

It’ll be funny to see SkySports show a live view of the Saudi prince taking in his club’s home opening fixture….on the tele from his flat in West London.’

‘Ashley hasn’t been as bad as painted out.

As for the Newcastle fans they are just people who crave success and something to cheer and gloat about.’

‘You know who i really feel sorry for in all this… Sunderland.’

‘And so it begins- got my first sighting of a Newcastle shirt today … Romford!!!’

‘I cannot blame majority of Newcastle fans, they really have been through sh.t over last 15 years with Ashley.

What do people expect when he’s gone, that they would protest against new owners?

Some of you live in a dreamland.’

‘Thats true…..with the Geordies the majority of their joy is that Ashley is finally gone, that’s all they have wanted for years.’

‘It is disgusting how football allows these power mongers to hide behind their filthy regimes but it

Newcastle won’t get there immediately but we know the most money talks.

It will take them a few years but we already know that soon they will be competing for honours. No real doubt about that.

What a sh.t way to get there but not the first.

All Newcastle will do is add to that small elite group of pointless clubs with no real meaning other than to their own fans.’

‘They’re gonna take Spurs’ spot in the Super League when that finally goes through.

‘This is what Levy’s b.tchin is all about – but ultimately it’s showing up the ENIC business model. and lack of investment /progress in the team.’

‘Was wondering how I’d feel if I were a Sunderland fan this morning. At least their club is proper.’

‘Saudi state is gonna buy/guarantee Newcastle a trophy…. Good for them.

And good luck with Newcastle fans sleeping at night… Which I think they will… Cos I don’t think they’ll give a sh.t WHERE the money comes from…. As long as it guarantees trophies.’

‘It’s a tricky one….. Very few will want to sign up for a relegation battle apart from a so-called ‘relegation specialist’ or someone with no rep to gamble with.

It’s almost as if a short-termist solution is all they have… e.g. Get Fat Sam on a huge bonus incentive and give him whatever trf dosh he wants and burn it knowing that they’ll all have to be replaced over the next 12 months anyway.’

‘Please make this happen. Please. I would never stop laughing if they got rid of Bruce and in came Sam. Imagine their fans have been dreaming of Conte and then in comes the gravy addict riding on a white horse to save the day.

It would be absolutely priceless.’

‘It is a risk for any high profile player to join Newcastle yet as they will have no CL next season and it will take time to get the team winning trophies.’

‘For players they are unlikely to be in the CL or win anything soon. Also Newcastle is not everyone’s ideal place to live.’

‘4-5 years to become a top 6 team, 6-8 to crack the top 4, and within a decade they will have a league title. That’s the timeframe I’d bet on, and I would be surprised if they haven’t set a similar one themselves.’

‘More than ever this league is THE destination in world football, and players have seen teams like Newcastle before. Everyone has full faith they’ll reach the top and that it’s just a matter of time. They still won’t be able to get top players, but ones like Rudiger, Sule or Kessie? It’s doable.

With the position they’re currently in, they can spend 200 million without a worry about FFP regulations. Many foreign clubs are still suffering post covid, and that amount of money with the correct scouting could buy you a hell of a lot.

Especially when you’re bringing in a handful of free players who have no impact on the FFP rules.’

‘Sad thing is we are going to regress now, we can joke about midtable but we will be midtable soon, take away newcastle, city and chelsea we cant compete with 3 oil teams.’

‘IN the long term no doubt this puts Newcastle back on the footballing map …’

‘Newcastle don’t have much to revamp, they were the second biggest stadium behind Utd for years….Their fans don’t give a second thought to the bells and whistles, they just want to see top players back at St James Park like the 90’s challenging for trophies again, and this time they will hope to get over the line….

Their fans are gonna love this ride that’s coming their way….Might take a season or two but it’s coming…’

‘Hopefully having a bottomless pit of money will be balanced by trying to convince top players to live anywhere near Newcastle.’

‘It would however be highly amusing if they got relegated this season. I assume reinforcements will come in January but they’re currently one of the favourites to go down, and if they’re enough points adrift of safety by then, who knows?’

‘Im so f.cking jealous of newcastle right now.’

‘The whole aim will be to turn Newcastle in to a propaganda tool, and to do that you need to win stuff, and be fun to watch. I doubt Newcastle fans will care about those intentions when the trophies come rolling in.

And I don’t find it embarrassing. That fan is just a product of what football has become. I don’t blame him for being delirious at getting rid of Ashley and instead bringing in people who will do what it takes to make them successful.’

‘Sky have their narrative ready and waiting, the great “entertainers” and their amazing fans.

Their commentators are ready and waiting to kiss

The reality is they are a nothing, regional, middle sized club who haven’t won a domestic trophy since 1956, 65 years.

The league is now skewed more against the rest but the PL couldn’t give a flying as its all about the money.

Long suffering fans, b.llocks to that sh.t, have a look around the rest of the country.’

‘Saudi and Newcastle – a match made in heaven.

One a barren, harsh place which is totally at odds with civilised society.

The other is Saudi.’

‘I don’t consider Newcastle a threat at this stage. I don’t think any top players will take them seriously while Steve Bruce is their manager and I doubt they’ll be able to offer CL football next season no matter who they bring in as manager. I think they should be throwing their hat in the ring for players like Haaland and Mbappe but I’ll be surprised if they get them. I could see them making a play for Vlahovic but I think he’ll prefer us over them at this stage because we’ve already got an established group of quality players and I think we’re more likely to offer European football next season than Newcastle.

I know I’m tempting fate a bit here with our trip to St James’s Park coming up soon but, as a neutral, I am excited for them. The 95/96 title race was one of the greatest dramas in football history and I would love to see moments like that again from Newcastle. Assuming the money is properly applied, and Amanda Staveley looks like she means business, Newcastle will be a player in the next five years or so.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I think there is a job for Steve Bruce to do at Norwich which is more within his ability and where he will hopefully be more valued and respected.

St James’s Park is never an easy place to go and they’ll want a win to celebrate their recent good fortune so they’ll be giving everything they’ve got no matter what I say or do. Let’s just hope that we’re the measure of them.’


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