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Spurs fans comment on match BUT only want to talk about Newcastle United takeover

1 month ago

Spurs fans commenting on the match and their win BUT in truth, only really wanting to talk about the Newcastle United takeover.

Some ‘interesting’ comments from Spurs fans after Sunday’s match at St James Park.

A mix of views but the voices of reason / truth very much in the minority.

You won’t be surprised to hear that for many Spurs fans, if you still want to support Newcastle United then of course that automatically means you also are in favour of whatever the Saudi regime does.

Also, the fact that some Newcastle fans dressed up in whatever on Sunday, then equates to ‘all’ NUFC supporters doing so.

I find it especially amusing the Spurs fans who want to convince themselves that they are somehow intellectually / culturally superior to the backward hordes who inhabit Tyneside.

Amusing that so many of them go on as if they would turn their backs on Tottenham if a similar takeover happened and would refuse to go to games for the rest of their lives.

The more truthful minority honestly pointing out that for Spurs fans it would be no different, if it had happened to be them taken over…

Spurs fans commenting on their Fighting message board:

‘If Newcastle went down I would celebrate more than Woolwich or Chelsea suffering the same fate.’

‘Everyone I’ve spoken to are opposed to it whoever they support.

Lots agree teams will raise their games against Newcastle. Nobody wants them to succeed.’

‘My wife and I got back from Newcastle this afternoon having traveled up early yesterday morning.

It is an amazing city on a match day, the place is absolutely buzzing and the pride and passion of the Newcastle supporters for their club is heartwarming.

I wish them well going forward and sincerely hope the influx of vast wealth does not diminish the heart and soul of this proud club.

Fantastic stadium , bang in the centre of town and the 140 step climb to the away end certainly tests your stamina.

All in all a fantastic away trip, if you haven’t been I would thoroughly recommend it.COYS!!!!’

‘Any tinge of feeling sorry for Newcastle supporters dissipated pretty quickly with me once I saw them wearing sheikhs headdresses and costumes.

It’s completely f.cking astounding to me.

Now I just hope they get relegated, fire Bruce and can’t find a suitable manager and basically anything else to cause them issues along the way to financial doping and the inevitable silverware.’

‘If you think it would be any different at Spurs then you’re having a laugh.

Sad but true.’

‘I so hope they get relegated this season.’

‘I don’t think it would take me long searching on this forum to find someone begging for us to be bought by the Saudis after the deal initially collapsed a while back.’

‘Having spoken to several of the SCS they would soon take ‘corrective’ action against any Spurs fan near them who turned up in fancy dress …

There is a very different vibe in places like Newcastle, where many still think it’s the 1980’s, than there is in London.’

‘I don’t think the majority of Spurs fans would put up with it and they’d be a lot of fights if people were waving flags or such like. We aren’t Newcastle or even Woolwich fans. My goodness, could you imagine how cringing it would be if it were that lot. They’d be even worse than the geordies.’

‘I must confess.

I feel sorry for Newcastle.’

‘The fans made Mike Ashley’s life hell and were hardly acting in a way to make him want to soften his stance and help them out.

He’s obviously a nasty individual but over a decade of personal attacks will bare their brunt on anyone.’

‘It sounds good to say that I’d stop supporting the club (well it doesn’t sound good at all, but it sounds principled and ethical). Truth is, if we got some ownership in place that spent crazy amounts and brought in amazing players and have us a chance at winning everything, I’d be thrilled.’

‘Beating newcastle was to be expected and yet 2 minutes in we were 1-0 down.

So i wont act like we just won the league.

Newcastle are poor. Fact.

Just because theyve had new owners for 2 minutes doesnt change that.

It was a guaranteed three points, and we still made a pigs ear out of it.’

‘The Newcastle team were caught up and carried along on the overwhelmingly massive wave of hysterical euphoria for about 10 minutes then, suddenly, they remembered how shi.te they are.’

‘You can’t say with a straight face that we made Newcastle look good.

I’m sorry but that’s utter nonsense.

They were on top for the first 10 minutes but after that it was one of the most dominant displays of football you will see in this league all season long.

We ruined them and we even managed to play some nice slick football again for the first time in ages.

Yeah, they are cr.p. And yes we have a long way to go but yesterday was a good performance and the players had to show a lot of character when every pundit was rabidly pro Newcastle and the crowd were manic.’

‘Actually feel, as I said before this, that perhaps we should applaud Wilsons movement in that goal rather than blame the defence as much. Call it hindsight and less rage as we snuck a win in the end.’

‘St James’s Park is never an easy place to go and the Geordies were really up for it today but we got the result. I wonder when they’ll remove all the Sports Direct branding from around the stadium.’


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