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Premier League clubs demand meeting with board to explain Newcastle United takeover

6 days ago

Premier League clubs are not happy with the Newcastle United takeover.

BBC Sport report (see below) that the 19 other clubs have demanded a meeting with Premier League staff to explain to them exactly how this takeover has been allowed to go through.

How it has happened so quickly, why they (the other 19 Premier League clubs) hadn’t been kept updated on the (rapid) progress (when eventually push came to shove and the Saudi peace deal with beIN Sports opened the window of opportunity apparently).

This story has of course been widely reported and what I would say first, is that I doubt that all 19 Premier League clubs have been demanding this meeting. Or at the very least, not all 19 Premier League clubs are traumatised to quite the same level…

Whilst the deal happened very quickly once going public again on Wednesday (6 October), we have of course endured almost two years of will it / won’t it, from first hearing about the potential Saudi / Staveley / Reuben takeover.

It is quite ironic after all the finger pointing from many Newcastle fans when looking to blame individuals for the NUFC takeover stalling, that this was said on Thursday after the deal was completed and Mike Ashley officially no longer in our lives.

Amanda Staveley talking to The Athletic about the role Premier League staff played in getting the Newcastle United takeover…over the line:

“I have given them a tough time [in the past] but I have been really grateful to Richard Masters [PL Chief Executive] and Gary Hoffman PL Chairman).

“They have worked very hard with us to get here.

“I have got to know them.

“One of the frustrating things about this transaction was not being able to do that before.

“Communication is everything.”

For the Premier League clubs to now be up in arms about the Newcastle United takeover and why they hadn’t been updated (consulted???) on it, I think we should remind ourselves of how exactly the Premier League works, or at least is supposed to.

The Premier League has 20 equal (don’t laugh) shareholders, these are the 20 clubs who are in the Premier League at any one time.

They set down agreed rules for how the Premier League works and then employ people to run the operation on their behalf.

So when something like the Newcastle United takeover comes along, the staff (Masters, Hoffman etc) then have the job of implementing those previously agreed rules, with their legal team no doubt taking the lead in looking into the whys and wherefores of the owner and director test with regard to the proposed new ownership structure at St James Park.

I would be quite amazed if the likes of Hoffman and Masters haven’t done everything by the book when the deal was finally brought to completion in these recent days (weeks, months?), considering all the scrutiny and spotlight there has been these past 18 months or more.

It is certainly not for certain Premier League clubs to retrospectively want to move the goalposts, to claim the laid down rules that they (the clubs) are responsible for being in place, are now somehow unfair. This is especially for those supposedly claiming ‘moral’ reasons for why the Newcastle United takeover shouldn’t have been allowed to go through, talk of how supposedly this deal with ‘damage the reputation’ of the Premier League.

Which is laughable anyway, portraying the Premier League as some kind of shining example to the rest of the world, when reality is that it is anything but, built on pure greed and full of snakes who are always looking to benefit themselves at the expense of the other 19 Premier League clubs.

The Premier League is the world league undoubtedly when it comes to fans around the globe and just people in general who want to watch it.

However, it has also become the ‘world’ league in terms of ownership, attracting those who seek to use the Premier League to enrich themselves and also increase their power, influence and profile.

There are now owners from Russia, China, Iran, Egypt, USA, Italy, Thailand, UAE, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia…even the odd one from the UK!

When you look into the background of so many of these people…can anybody honestly say that certain (many!) individuals enhance the ‘reputation’ of the Premier League?

Whether the other 19 Premier League clubs like it or not, there is now a new player in town, that has passed the tests laid down by those same Premier League clubs and implemented by the people they have appointed to apply those tests.

Get ready for the kick-off of a new era.

BBC Sport report – 9 October 2021:

‘Top-flight clubs have complained to the Premier League after it cleared the £305m takeover of Newcastle by a Saudi Arabian-backed group.

There is understood to be frustration from clubs about how the deal passed the owners’ and directors’ test.

Concerns also arose as to why they were not kept informed after the surprise news emerged on Wednesday.

Additionally, there are worries as to how Saudi Arabian owners will reflect on the league itself.

There are many human rights issues linked to the kingdom.

Clubs are demanding a meeting with the Premier League, which has previously said the takeover process would remain confidential.

There is irritation with the Premier League board from all 19 other clubs, who are united in a view they should have been kept updated on an issue of such significance.

The clubs also feel they should have been told what had changed to allow the deal to proceed before it was completed.

When approving the takeover on Thursday, the Premier League said it has received legal assurances from the new owners that the Saudi state would not control Newcastle United and there would be punishments if it was proven otherwise.’


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