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Newcastle United letters to The Mag – Mike Ashley, Steve Bruce, Takeover, Relegation…The Usual!

1 week ago

Plenty to talk about when it comes to Newcastle United, as always.

The opinions continue to flow into The Mag as fans debate the various issues affecting our club, very few of them positive.

Steve Bruce and his players on a run of eight matches and no wins to start the season, Mike Ashley treating fans with the usual contempt, no finishing line in sight for the Newcastle United takeover saga, second bottom and in the relegation zone, instantly out of the League Cup, just another season at NUFC…

Contributions are sometimes too brief to make up into a full article and so we have gathered up a number of recent comments sent in, relating to issues at Newcastle United (if you would like to send anything in, long or short, then [email protected] is the place):

Dear Mag,

I was at Wolves on Saturday and the overall feeling was one of grave disappointment.

I don’t know why we turn up expecting something different and better on the pitch these days.

Playing without a centre-forward, Saint-Maximin goes down every time he gets touched and limps away, but if the ball arrives at his feet, he’s off and running.

Joelinton will not improve regardless of which position he plays, Almiron is not up to the rigours of Premier League – far too weak when up against the likes of the Wolves big lads.

At Wolverhampton Station the strains of ‘We’re Effing Sh.t’ rang out and was repeated at Carlisle, as well as on the train to Newcastle.

My highlight of the day was meeting Kenny Hibbitt before the game, lovely man who stopped and had a good conversation about his brother “Terry On The Wing”…then spoke to Shola on the train home.

Paul Robson

Dear Mag,

After seeing The Mag article recommending it might be best not to meet your Newcastle United heroes, I thought I’d share this more positive tale.

Going to Greece on holiday with my wife and lad, bumped into Gary Speed who was looking at magazines. He asked where we were going and we had a good chat about Crete and of course NUFC.

Downside – Ruud Gullit was manager and he shouted at him to come now. Gary didn’t go until he wished us a happy and safe holiday. He also apologised for the manager’s behaviour.

Top man Gary, RIP.

Robert Gill

Dear Mag,

Congratulations Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce. Great partnership behind a well run club.

Premiership clubs are on the road to financial ruin ; larger and larger transfer fees and salaries. Individual footballers laughing all the way to the bank. The premiership title is bought with the chequebook. Supporters brainwashed into thinking all this is the way forward for their beloved club.

Mike and Steve are ahead of their time. Building a team with sensible financing. Educating the supporters that patience is a virtue and recognising the importance of promoting the youth teams at the club.

Andrew Bentley

Dear Mag,

When we are relegated at the end of this season, will the Premier League give Bruce the “Manager of the year award”

And / Or

Will he get his pay out from the Premier League, rather than from Ashley.

Answers to the Mag.

David Y

Dear Mag,

The best formation over the years was always 4 4 2 in my opinion for Newcastle.

Bruce has tried everything, but it seems like that he chooses the players and then it’s up to them to win the game.

With so many players that are off form, should he try some from under 23?

They can’t do any worse.

Joelinton needs to go, he did nothing against Wolves, not even closed down anyone.

Well to be honest, everyone knows what needs to be done, except Bruce.

I am wasting my time and yours.

So RIP Newcastle .

Roger Satariano

Dear Mag,

How can club ownership rest with the cabal 6, plus foreign TV/country that holds broadcasting rights who are very anti-buyers country, as well as the incompetent committee put in by the cabal 6?

Only in America?

But this is Britain.

How our British standards have slipped due to greed , power and money.


Steve Lee

Dear Mag,

The Mag has no answer to my logical, common sense argument about what a well run club Newcastle United is….

Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce are doing a great job, building the team with sensible financing. Asking the supporters to be patient and wear the team shirt with pride.

Being in the premiership is an achievement in itself.

Do you want a club that is half a billion in debt, hasn’t won the league for eight years, makes panic buys in the transfer market, bigger and bigger salaries and bigger and bigger transfer fees

Individual footballers are laughing all the way to the bank in this fruit machine league. The title itself is bought with the biggest chequebook.

Get the Geordies behind the youth teams at the club.

Andrew Bentley

Dear Mag,

The other week I heard it stated that China does not recognise private businesses and even if owned by their citizens, it is ultimately the Chinese governments to take over control.

How many Premier League clubs have Chinese owners? If they are then they are effectively owned by Chinese state.

This makes the argument against Saudis owning the toon an absolute sham.

This is before the Russian owned clubs are discussed but that’s another letter…



Dear Mag,

Why should the premier league rush a decision on the saudi takeover.

If you choose someone who puts anyone who speaks out against him (MBS), or he feels is a threat to his power,  in jail, orders the murder of an innocent journalist abroad, encourages piracy of tv rights and is responsible for horrific human rights abuses on his own people, you just can’t expect it to be waved through.

In fact the takeover should have been turned down as soon as it was presented. Amnesty International are watching this case very closely.

David Wilkinson

Dear Mag,

Newcastle United, a so called United football club attempting to inform the loyal support that they are doing everything for the good of said institution.

Hmm, I and many thousands of others are more than sceptical about the claims.

It is a total waste of time to blame those with the purse strings because they don’t care one iota.

As for the one person taking the majority of the so called flak, surely this person, a go between, will stop kowtowing to the so called privileged and walk.

He knows that the club is crumbling, has fallen and will do so unless a miracle occurs.

Please don’t count on any longstanding so called rescue act.

Robert Thompson


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