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Newcastle United awarded the title of ‘Most Hated Football Club in the World’

1 month ago

It is going to be a long run till Newcastle United get to the January transfer window and have the opportunity to really start and make some changes.

So some simple things to help you / us through the weeks ahead.

As Newcastle United have been awarded the title of ‘Most Hated Football Club in the World’ (we’ve finally won something!)…

It’s going to be a long wait to January – How to avoid the media trolls.

Transfer Rumours

Not got enough to fill your newspaper column? Just pick any player in the world and say “Linked with Newcastle” or “Newcastle prepared to meet the release clause of 150m Euro / Dollar / Pounds…’ – if you want to add some more credibility, just get a mate on the continent to tell you the rumour you just made up.

Of course this also could just be agents trying to get some prices up in time for January but in reality why are we scouting players when we don’t have a scouting department, director of football, or a manager?

However, let’s not worry about that, the rumours can be used to show how Newcastle United fans are totally unrealistic by expecting Mbappe to be turning up (again, just say fans are demanding £500m worth of signings – no need to base that in any sort of reality).


Remember all those pundits that said Steve Bruce was doing an amazing job?

Would they be the same ones saying Big Sam would be a good choice?

That’s right, they need a good bit of click bait to stick up in the media to get people angry.

When you look at the names this lot are putting forward, it very rarely includes any of the names that the locals are coming up with – just a total fantasy list again. It’s as if they have no actual sources up in the NE.

Rest assured though, whoever we pick will be either:

Just here for the money

Not ambitious enough

Too good for us / current players

But in reality the main problem will be it’s not one of their mates.

The Money and the Morals

We should not forget that no other football club has a rich owner, they are all just struggling along living off the scarf sales and occasional charitable donations from lifelong fans. At no point have they spent hundreds of millions of pounds on players from all over the world.

Also, no team has ever taken any money from any dubious source, or done deals with anyone who they wouldn’t take home to have tea with their Gran.

A lot will be written about this over the next few years, just highlighting the hypocrisy in the league as they jet off to some dubious pre-season tours and sign up for anything that will bring in the cash.

The Expectation of the Fans

Once again, no other fans have unrealistic expectations of their club – you will never hear Man U fans trying to explain how if they don’t finish in the top four it’s the end of the world…and if they haven’t won the league in the last two years the club is finished…and after a poor run of form none of them would say such abusive things as sack the manager, he doesn’t know what he is doing.

When Wenger delivered continuous top four finishes to Arsenal no fans were complaining that it wasn’t good enough and he should be sacked.

Spurs fans were totally realistic when they sold good players then didn’t really replace them and are trying to do it all on the cheap.

Remember though, Newcastle United fans asking that their club invests, backs a manager and has aims above not getting relegated, is totally unrealistic and we should all get back in our box and stop complaining.

So what does all this really mean?

We have them rattled, we are not going to be the joke we have been for the last decade and more, we are going to bring in good players, we are going to play good football and we are going to take the league places that other fans think their team is entitled to be in.

They got a taste of what the Cathedral on Hill can sound like last week – it showed how different it can be to the silent Emirates, we won’t need to beg our fans to turn up like City do.

So lets ignore their whinging, be realistic about how quickly things will change and enjoy the ride.


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