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Chelsea fans with intriguing comments ahead of Newcastle match and on NUFC takeover, obviously

4 weeks ago

Chelsea fans watched from a distance as their team won 2-0 at St James Park last season.

That was only the second time in this past decade (since December 2011) when they had seen their team win on Tyneside.

Newcastle with five wins and a draw since that 3-0 defeat on 3 December 2011, ironically the season when United went on to finish fifth in the Premier League, one place above Chelsea. Those two brilliant Papiss Cisse goals late on in the season at Stamford Bridge a key factor in where the two clubs ended up.

Fair to say that since the final whistle blew on the 2011/12 Premier League games, Chelsea fans have had ‘slightly’ different experiences to those of Newcastle supporters.

A decade of Mike Ashley misery and relegation (plus many other close shaves), whilst Roman Abramovich has bought Chelsea fans two Champions League, two Europa Leagues, two Premier League titles, two FA Cups and a League Cup (to go with the ten other trophies their Russian owner had already purchased for them).

Interesting then to read the comments (see below) from Chelsea fans ahead of today’s match, if nothing else the Newcastle United takeover has clearly made any number of their supporters worry / wonder what impact on their club there will be potentially, in the years to come.

Also interesting though that compared to the fans of most other clubs, there is a reluctance from many Chelsea fans to try and take some kind of moral high ground regarding the change of ownership at St James Park, obviously due to the controversy that has surrounded Roman Abramovich and how exactly he has made his money and his political connections, as well as the fact that if he hadn’t come along and bought all these trophies for them, Chelsea fans certainly wouldn’t be supporting the reigning Champions League victors or be currently top of the Premier League.

Amusingly, as always when we play them at SJP, no matter how the respective current fortunes of the two teams are, Chelsea fans ALWAYS fear the worst!

Just the 18 places between the two clubs going into today’s match, the deluded Newcastle fans would be jubilant if that was down to 17 places by 5pm this afternoon…

Chelsea fans commenting via their The Shed End The Shed and CFC Net message boards:

‘I will just say I prefer my Dirty Money to come from RUSSIA. LMFAO.’

‘Unlike Norwich they have a couple of pretty good players, (Wilson, Saint-Max, Almiron).

Like Norwich they are still horrible at the moment and we should still win this game, you can be sure City and Liverpool would do so.’

‘Think it’s the perfect time to play them since they’ll be in-between tactics. We need the lads to perform.’

‘I think the opposite. Too often I have seen teams miraculously bounce back after the manager is sacked.’

‘I want to demolish them just to see that stupid woman owner look distressed.’

‘It’s a potential banana skin if the players don’t go with the necessary intensity into the game. They will want to give us a game in front of their fans and the new owners. On paper, we are clear favourites, and I don’t like that much.’

‘To me, this is all about bringing a level of intensity that matches, and ideally exceeds what Newcastle bring. I never like going to Sports Direct Arena or whatever it is called; we often fall very flat.’

‘Newcastle are directionless and managerless, we need to win this one.’

‘That’s exactly why this one could be tricky. Traditionally it’s a tough away day for us and the whole situation in Newcastle may turn out to be some sort of a shock therapy for their players, so they will be up for it. We mustn’t allow ourselves to underestimate them.’

‘I expect Newcastle to match our formation and play us man for man. I just hope we are up for the fight. I definitely don’t expect this to be like Norwich.’

‘We’ve got a pretty terrible record away to Newcastle.

Would be very on brand for us to lose to an interim manager of a side in the relegation zone.’

‘Newcastle away for us nearly always is a banana skin, no matter how good we are and how sh.t they are.’

‘Seems odd just doing a day trip to Newcastle away … can’t remember the last time I did that!

Fingers crossed it’ll be a short but productive trip … with 3 points at the end of it!

Come on you Blues!!!!’

‘Kova injury is a big deal !

He is our most influential midfielder.’

‘A Geordie journo claimed they have been playing direct in training this week

Possibly on the back of Brentford causing us problems.’

‘Lets hope we get enough goals to make them throw in the tea-towel.’

‘This is a good tester post Norwich.

‘Bottom 3 club with a new interim coach and 50k toon toon supporters celebrating the king is dead long live the queen.’

‘I hate this away game.

Even when they are terrible, they give us a good game up there.

Palace should have stuffed them at the weekend, and they are there for the taking though.’

‘We should get 4 or 5. And I’m pretty sure that Roman Abramovich will be having a word with Thomas Tuchel about putting out a strong team.

A good drubbing might put Newcastle’s plans to challenge at the top back by 2 years, even with Saudi money and no FFP.’

‘I never like this fixture, we always seem to struggle up there, although it isn’t quite the bogey team that I seem to have in my mind. However, they will be up for this, a chance to make a statement against one of the established big boys, who got a hand up from someone with some spare change (although, obviously quite a big difference between our owner and theirs).’

‘As we know, fans of other clubs slam Chelsea FC for being owned by RA and blame the club for starting the trend of takeovers of clubs by questionable people. However, that shouldn’t stop our fans from following on from the Palace fans and making a similar gesture next weekend.’

‘With respect that would just make us look the biggest hypocrites in football history , we’d be an absolute laughing stock in the media , the memes generated would probably derail the season !

Even though we know full well the “crimes” aren’t comparable , they’d have us for breakfast.’

‘Any wrong doings by RA pails into insignificance next to that lot! However dificult a position we are in with this, I just feel its better to make some kind of gesture than do nothing at all. Then again, outside of the hardcore fanbases on social media, do that many really care all that much?’

‘Check Roman’s charitable donations across the World…astonishing…and he doesn’t use Chelsea as a “whitewash” investment.’

‘A lot of the more recent charitable donations are part of a pro-Israeli theme that I don’t care to support. I was much happier 10 years ago based purely on his record in Russia. That he was then facing a lot of ugly publicity funded by Berezovsky didn’t bother me the way he has had an easy path of it recently.’

‘Some of the Chelsea team of the past went to jelly when playing at st James.

It’s one of life’s conundrums.’

‘I’d really love a win here now. Of course, for our run for another PL trophy.

But mainly to give the new Saudi Arab NCL owners a glimse of what they would need to build to be in the top 4-5 of PL, someday in the future.’

‘Was thinking, these games must be so hard as a Newcastle player to motivate yourself for now. What are you playing for? To keep a team you won’t be playing for much longer, even if you hit form, in the league? Why, what’s in it for you?’


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