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BBC Sport comments from neutrals after Chelsea defeat shows what Newcastle fans are up against

1 month ago

Really ‘interesting’ reading through these BBC Sport comments following Newcastle’s defeat at home to Chelsea.

The comments from neutrals especially telling…

This is what Newcastle United fans are up against these days.

A club and especially fanbase, that neutrals are absolutely loving to pile in on.

You have to especially love the way so many want to blame Newcastle fans for what direction our club moves in, when we have no say / vote in what happens.

You also have to laugh when after three weeks in charge and three games (defeat to Spurs under Bruce, a draw away at Palace and losing to league leaders Chelsea under Jones), it is the fault of the new owners and caretaker Graeme Jones (some even think he is the new permanent manager!) for the mess Newcastle United are in, not the fourteen and a half years of Mike Ashley and 29 months of Steve Bruce.

We also have a situation where the media run countless articles claiming Newcastle fans expect change to happen overnight, there then follows countless comments (such as these below) from fans of other clubs, ridiculing Newcastle fans for expecting change to happen overnight. Hmmm, I wonder if there might be some kind of connection there…

The BBC Sport readers comments, mainly from neutrals, although the odd Chelsea and Newcastle fan also contributing, tells you all you need to know about what Newcastle fans are facing now.

‘It comes to something for me to cheer on Chelsea but against that blood money, I’m happy they won.’

‘At least Newcastle won on human rights abuses.’

‘I am no Newcastle fan but if I was would be ashamed of that performance and tactics today.

Willock on the bench. Goalkeeper warned after 25 minutes about time wasting, and Ritchie booked for it on 40 minutes. No attacking intentions. The interim coach I understand is part of the England set-up and highly rated! Quite shameful tactics at home in front of 50000 Geordies.

You blokes deserve better.’

‘He is a small part of the England set up, And has proved he is worse than BRUCE, fella is out of his depth and sinking.’

‘Goodbye Newcastle Utd and your horrible fans. You gave Bruce no end of stick and made out the problem was him, the fact is your team is championship quality at best.’

‘Richest club ever to be relegated.’

‘What’s arabic for ” i want my money back”…’

‘Operation relegate the war criminals proceeding well.’

‘Thank you Roman!’

‘Must be hard for the Newcastle players to motivate themselves knowing they’ll all be replaced over the next two transfer windows.’

‘The motivation surely is to play well enough to carry on a career

Because not one of them deserves those wages.’

‘To all the NUFC fans who showed no respect to Steve Bruce I hope you realise there was a much deeper problem then him.’

‘When Abramovich came in chelsea were already a decent side Newcastle are starting from rock bottom …will take years to get to top 6 even let alone top 4 .’

‘Looking forward to seeing Mpappe at Plymouth next season.’

‘How did hounding Bruce out work out for blood money utd.’

‘Newcastle are the worst PL team. They do not know how to pass the ball, they offer nothing going forward, they jsut sit back let the other team have possesion and hope they don’t score. Absolutely shocking tactics especially at home. The new owners need to clear out all the managing staff/coaches and replace 90% of the team with players that know how to pass the ball.’

‘No Bruce, no Ashley so who do the fans blame at the moment?’

‘I have to give it to the Chelsea’s owner. Nothing short of trophies will satisfy. All that BS of top four or second best is not good enough. Of course it helps when money is no-object. Having said that, buying a club for nothing and investing to make it worth billions is good business too.’

‘Let’s hope that Newcastle get relegated.’

‘Bitter and sad anti Newcastle trolls just cannot resist it – saddos!

It will take time to restore the magpies fortunes – this is the legacy of Ashley`s non investment in new players. A big relegation battle comimg up.’

‘Hypocrisy ridiculous on here, I’m not ashamed of the fact I’ve been a Newcastle fan all my life. Who Mike Ashley sells to is not the fans fault. Don’t know why so many Sunderland fans on here having a go either, stuck in League one and beaten 5-1 is a total embarrassment.’

‘Wow that new manager is doing a great job, looking forward to Newcastle in the championship, up the CHELS.’

‘I wonder how many fans would be honest enough to say they would let Steve Bruce manage their team…?’

‘Wouldn’t it be nice if they are relegated and try to buy Messi to play in the Championship?’

‘Great to see the Blues contribute to every football fans wish: to see Newcastle relegated.’

‘Not a Chelsea fan but am delighted with their win over the Saudi sportswash project.’

‘Top vs bottom and it showed. Mr.Ashley was clever shifting the liability of sacking Steve Bruce onto these Saudis, he has done them up like a kipper.’

‘Great result for the lads. But I have to wonder, apart from possibly Saint-Maximin. These Newcastle players, including even Wilson, will be on the scrap heap after the first transfer window. Getting rid of Bruce before January was a mistake. And who knows, after the window, Bruce may have turned it around. Because one thing is for sure, Jones won’t.’

‘All those Geordies voted to stay out of Europe in 2016. They have got their wish. They’ll be out of the premiership in 2022 at this rate.’

‘City of Newcastle had a majority to stay in Europe.

Get your facts right!’

‘No matter how much money you have ! Who’s gonna wanna play in the championship, not messi pmsl.’

‘If NUFC are in that position come January, even with 3-4 more points, I can see the Saudi’s spending no money, milking the player sales and the parachute money then selling the club.’

‘Geordies got the hump . there players are Donkeys.’

‘Staveley looks petrified sat there next to the Arab. First signing should be Harry Potter to unpetrify her or something.’

‘Is that not her husband…?’

‘Love it now when Newcastle lose. Horrible club run by horrible owners supported by horrible fans.’

‘Reality check for Newcastle today… Bruce wasn’t the problem and M’bappe is not coming to play in the Championship!’


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