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Are you going to let Mike Ashley ruin your enjoyment of what is coming?

5 days ago

I am worried. I am worried because of what this Newcastle United forum of once amazing articles and opinion pieces has become.

I am a Geordie who now lives in Australia for work and find it hard to connect with the real experience of match day, the feeling of the buzz (or lack of) in the city and being deprived of what the TV cameras don’t show.

Because of this disconnect I find myself reading forums and articles and VLogs every week to try to get a flavour of what is going on as well as tuning in to the matches on Optus sports.

The Mag, due to the awful mess our club was in, had become such a concentrated cesspit for people to dump some of their emotional luggage off for others to read over the last few years. Endless tirades of ranting and regurgitating the same narrative and story on ever diminishing actual new content or information.

I got it, people were fed up. People wanted change. People wanted a new owner, so we can go on and dream. These stories maybe helped the change in their own way.

But now we have that change, that hope. In fe.cking bucket loads.

I couldn’t wait to see The Mag be lit up with stories of prospective glory, winding up other clubs, comedy links to Mbappe and Benitez coming…but it hasn’t been like that here.

People are biting on nobody statements from people that literally no one has heard of.

People are posting hate stories about Bruce’s dignity.

People are posting about how this and that have ruined the club, so we are allowed to be petulant in our response and deserve something better.

It is so petty.

Most alarmingly, articles already sort of questioning why Bruce has not yet been sacked, like our new owners have done something wrong?

The majority of authors that contribute to The Mag have so much hate and disdain in their heart for what our club had become, I wonder if they are actually too far gone to come back?

It is time to rise above.

That bloody massive chip on the shoulder needs to be patched up pronto because this IS Newcastle’s time. I know that is a big ask because of the last 14 years. But this is it. We have to let it go. Mike Ashley certainly has. Are you going to let Ashley ruin your enjoyment of what is coming?

Bruce will go in time but he is an actual human that should be shown humility as all humans can break. His departure will be a quiet ‘sorry it didn’t work out for you Bruce‘. Nothing more nothing less.

They say without the lows you can’t appreciate the highs. I am so sad that our lows have been so low that our fans are letting this affect their enjoyment of what is happening to our great club and still are giving out all the hate.

We’ve spent the last 14 years getting the bus to work. We’ve just been given a Lamborghini.

Let’s start acting like it and dressing for the occasion with our commentary.

Whilst we are at it, let’s do a drive by of the filthy Mackems that can’t even afford the bus anymore. Are they still even playing matches down there!?

Can’t bloody wait for what is coming,

Aussie Geordie out.


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