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Alan Shearer asks fans for questions – It was never going to end well…

3 weeks ago

Alan Shearer has asked the question.

That question being, have Newcastle fans (or indeed anybody else) got any questions they want the Newcastle United legend to answer?

This was never going to end well, as Newcastle supporters were always going to ask it…

Sure enough, the first question put forward…

‘Hi Alan. Should Bruce be sacked at Newcastle or should he walk away before he relegates a squad that should be mid table?’

(That question asked by a reader of The Athletic, which Alan Shearer writes for, the former NUFC number nine promising to later this week answer a ‘bunch’ of the questions that The Athletic people put forward to him. However, in the meantime, that initial question sparked these kind of comments below on Shearer’s Athletic article / request for questions, with informed Newcastle United fans and ignorant opposition fans / trolls going into battle on the subject)

‘Mate I mean no offence when I say this but Newcastle don’t have a good enough squad to even be close to mid-table. 16-20th is exactly where that team should be at the moment. A very poor side.’

‘A poorly coached side yes. Virtually any other manager could get a tune out of this squad, bruce is still looking for balance in a team he’s had for over 2 seasons.’

‘And in those two seasons he took an average side to the same points total as Saint Rafa managed. I get it, Bruce is uninspiring. But from the outside looking in, the level of vitriol Newcastle fans have for him is just weird.’

‘I’ll make only one comment – which other premier league manager went on holiday in the 1st international break? This alone defines his lack of professionalism.’

‘What is with NUFC and these lofty expectations? If you lot were second in the league you’d be saying it isn’t good enough. Time to know your place perhaps? Your squad is poor, backed by little investment, and while Bruce may not be a great manager it’s not him doing nothing on the pitch!’

‘Why do you care if you don’t support Newcastle? Do you expect us to be happy sitting in 19th with no wins.’

‘That’s quite clearly supposed to be an inflammatory statement. Just tells me you’ve never ever talked to a Newcastle fan.

He’s had tens of millions more to spend than Rafa and never had the team playing anything more than half decent football for a handful of games.’

‘Except Rafa had us comfortably mid table with a much much worse squad.’

‘You’re talking about our players now, and I wouldn’t disagree that nobody would touch most of them. But every single player that played under Rafa has regressed under Bruce.’

‘It’s the “outside looking in” thing that makes your opinion worthless. If you’d watched all our games under Bruce and Rafa you wouldn’t find it weird at all. If you’d watched Rafa’s intelligent press conferences and interviews and compared them with Bruce’s cliche-filled nonsense…’

‘Not sure why people continue to bring up Rafa as some sort of comparison, it’s like comparing apples and cabbages. Then again bruce has had the help of a £120m (net) spend on players, something Rafa never had without generating the cash through sales first, bruce hasn’t made anything.’

‘It’s not lofty expectations to want someone better than the worst performing head coach, even ashley won’t allow him to be called manager, in the PL. Is it too much to want better? See better football?’

(A host of questions eventually put to Alan Shearer – interesting Newcastle-themed ones, as well as those about football in general. We’ll have to have a look later this week when Shearer picks the questions he wants to answer and what he says. Naturally, we all want to hear what he thinks about the Steve Bruce situation and difficult to see how he can totally avoid the subject. After all, Alan Shearer did ask if we had any questions…?”

‘Who was better, Ginola or Laurent Robert?’

‘What do you think went wrong with your managerial tenure at Newcastle United?’

‘Mike Ashley is what went wrong there.’

‘Hi Alan, if the proposed take over of Nufc did somehow happen and PIF asked you to return to the club in a management capacity, what do you think your answer would be?’

‘Who is the most underrated coach in English football?’

‘Hi Alan, do you ever get frustrated with pundits talking about Steve Bruce‘s vast number of games as a manager in answer to the question “Why are Newcastle losing game after game?”. I want to know the logic behind his mistakes, and what he’ll do to improve, not that he’s been making them for a long time.’

‘Alan… given the myriad of issues from squad balance, to the academy, to the moribund state of SJP… and assuming that someone removes Mike Ashley’s ownership from our misery… what should be the first step made by a new regime to instill confidence, and what should the next two be after that?’

‘Why are we (NUFC) playing so many players out of position when we have players on the bench for those positions? I.e. Gayle on the bench and play no centre forward, Hayden in central defence with numerous centre halves available, I could go on. Surely if we play players in their correct positions we couldn’t be any worse than we are now. It’s not rocket science.’

‘Thoughts on Rafa’s start to his Everton job. He’s fast winning the majority round now and its brilliant to see us have a balanced, committed and more importantly FIT team.

How far can he go with the club once the FFP stranglehold has lessened and is able to spend money freely. Personally i think given the quality of what I’ve seen so far of him as a coach then i see no reason why we couldn’t break that top 4

Interesting to see what Newcastle fans and you make of it/him.’

‘What does Steve Bruce have to do for you to say he needs to be fired?’

‘If Steve Bruce is to remain as NUFC manager for the rest of the season, do they stay up? In my opinion… No chance.’

‘Hi Alan, quick question, do you think Steve bruce is getting the best out of this squad? Granted its not a team of world beaters, but 7 wins in 37 games paints a picture that the manager is out of his depth and lacks ideas of how to address this issue, playing saint maximan as a striker isn’t working and its clear our backline simply isn’t good enough for the Premier league, do you think NUFC will survive this season?’

‘1. Can you give us your candid opinion of Steve Bruce’s job performance?

2. What did you think when you saw Bruce (of Birmingham City) in the Sky studio at half-time of the Man U 5-0 game complaining that the Peacock goal should have been disallowed and Poborsky should have had a penalty? Do you know any other Geordies or NUFC fans who wanted you/us to lose that game?’


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