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After #Cans, what now for Newcastle United?

4 days ago

I hate to start my article with recap of what happened at Newcastle United but…

The media is having a field day, including supplying us with endless potential players reputedly agreeing to play for us.

So, in the next few months, we will get have to get used to this sort of ‘news’ / coverage.

Top five players available in (January, Summer etc)

Rehash the previous two seasons speculation on players coming

Big up the usual suspect, maybe get quotes from their invisible close friend (Coutinho, Mbappe, Kane)

Bring in NUFC legends to give their views and advice

For clickbait, get quotes from anti-Newcastle commentator

Prepare article on Steve Bruce not getting the benefit of doubt, how great he is, how he was the victim of high expectation from the ungrateful fans

Probably list number of English coaches currently deserving to get a chance

It is refreshing to read mainstream media now giving more than one column inch about us. Usually they just repeat the so called ‘expert’ view on the impossible situation Bruce is currently facing after another 17 percent possession at a home game.

The southern media suddenly grow a conscience about human rights and express their hypocritical dismay when they witnessed unbridled celebration at St James Park. Celebration of joy and relief is crudely associated with support for human rights issue happening some 3000 miles away. No wonder newspapers will soon become obsolete, as lazy journalism becomes the norm rather than the exception.

How I wish Tibet, or probably Bhutan, bought us, Amnesty International as our shirt sponsor and Greenpeace advertising boards all over the stadium. We would be every fans’ second favourite team as we clapped politely when they scored against us, all in the name of peace. We then cried together while expressing support for Steve Bruce when he blamed global warming and zero carbon emission for our eventual relegation.

Amanda was quite keen on Rafa before the takeover. I guess not only because of his reputation, but also his knowledge about football, and his vision of how to develop a football institution on par with the famed La Masia. What frustrated Rafa most during Ashley reign was the steadfast refusal to invest in youth development and facilities. Amanda clearly echoed Rafa’s vision during her first meeting with the press.

With this approach in mind, PIF might choose a manager, and / or Director of Football, with the experience to build a team from bottom up, rather than top down. We need someone who is experienced enough to improve every facet of our club, especially infrastructure and facilities. This is not a suitable job for a short term, hungry for success type of coach like Conte, or an up and coming manager who will run to Liverpool the moment Klopp resigns. PIF will choose a Manager and a DOF who have clout all over the world, respected at international level and proven winners, to develop a footballing philosophy with the aim of producing our own Fodens and Sanchos.

Thus, I believe that the best model PIF should look at is Germany.

For one, they have some excellent coaches, Ralf Rangnik, Nagelsmann, Tuchel and the soon to be the other 14 – post Salah, Klopp comes to mind. Most of them play high pressing, entertaining football as popularised by Rangnik. As for sports science, Germany is arguably always at the forefront. Another interesting aspect of Germany football system, Bayern aside, is that you hardly see them buying expensive players, or having clubs go bust due to financial problems. Yes there are some teams that occasionally tried to challenge Munich, before Bayern bought their best player. The German clubs prefer to develop their players, or embed the players they bought to their own football philosophy. Leipzig comes to mind.

Who should we buy?

Don’t fall for Coutinho clickbait. Post-Liverpool, his form doesn’t justify the type of salary he is earning. I don’t think we will be interested in big club rejects anymore. We will be targeting big club’s star player. We are talking about the type of players that would compel a young Mackem supporter to request a toon top from their father as Christmas present.

So for me, it would be Haaland over Lingard, Koulibaly over Tarkowski and so on.

We are not being arrogant, just being realistic. Heck, PIF is 100 times richer than billionaire Ashley. Newcastle United is not simply a club they want to invest in, it would be the crown jewel of their achievement. The Arabs being tribalistic and proud, they would never allow Man City to be bigger than Newcastle. They will throw money like spare change just to ensure that their dominance over Qatar extends to other areas, especially sports. Playing second fiddle to a far inferior country (their view, not mine) is not in their dictionary.

Hey, if the Qataris, UAE and the Saudis wanted to boast who own the biggest club in the world, why should we as normal fans (and beneficiary of their ego) interfere, right?


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