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Talksport launch yet another embarrassing attack on Newcastle United fans

11 months ago

Talksport are at it again.

The radio station dipping yet again into its favourite pastime, baiting Newcastle United fans.

I know I / we shouldn’t take any notice, as we all know they only do it for two reasons, which is that they will get a reaction from Newcastle United fans, plus they know the kind of people who listen to Talksport will tend to revel in this kind of nonsense being aimed at NUFC supporters.

Newcastle United are good business for them, you certainly won’t get the same kind of reaction / listener engagement / revenue from launching embarrassing attacks on the fanbases of Norwich, Wolves, Burnley…indeed, pretty much any other club.

It is like good old fashioned bear baiting, Talksport know that Newcastle United fans will fight to the bitter end, they won’t just let it happen.

This latest Talksport nonsense was delivered to us in the aftermath of the Leeds match, by Carlton Cole (former Wolves, Charlton, Chelsea, Villa, West Ham, Celtic and Sacramento….nothing to do with Newcastle United, striker) and Adam Catterall (no, never heard of him either, turns out he is a 40 year old radio presenter from Blackburn)…

Carlton Cole:

“Cos Newcastle United weren’t down [didn’t get beat by Leeds], I’m happy for Steve Bruce.

“But I know Newcastle fans might not be agree with me, they probably wanted to lose that game.

“But, I’d say I’m happy for him [Bruce], cos he stuck in there, he’s got a point on the table.

“But look, Steve Bruce is Steve Bruce, he is what he is.

“He’s got to honour his contract, he aint leaving any time soon.

“So I think the Newcastle fans have got to cut him some slack.”

Adam Catterall:

“When you actually assess everything, when you look at everything at Newcastle…from behind the scenes, the boardroom, from what he [Steve Bruce] has been given, what he’s been supplied and what he’s actually doing…I actually think the geezer is doing a decent job.

“Now people might come at me and give me a bit of grief for that, yes but I think he is doing a decent job.

“I don’t know what the expectation is from Newcastle fans?

“It is not 1996 any more, this isn’t Ginola, this isn’t Les Ferdinand and Alan Shearer, this is not what you have got right now.

“It is a very difficult league and you are in that mix of those mid-table teams.

“I think if you finish amongst those mid-table teams, go on a bit of a cup run…you have had a Worldie of a season man.”

Quite amazing that people get paid for coming out with this kind of stuff.

Difficult to know where to begin, with this kind of patronising, know your place, ignorant, provocative, lets not ‘assess everything’ at Newcastle United, nonsense.

Steve Bruce has to honour his contract? Really??? Well it hasn’t stopped him before at a number of clubs in his career, including Sheffield Wednesday, a club who bent over backwards to accommodate and look after him, only for Bruce to force his way out after only six months, resigning and refusing to carry on, in order to come to Newcastle United.

So the Newcastle fans wanted to lose the Leeds match? So that is why the 50,000+ crowd were going mental when ASM scored that excellent goal. They weren’t celebrating apparently, instead they were obviously venting their anger at NUFC equalising.

The one thing the Talksport wind up merchants can never address / explain, is exactly why Newcastle fans were so supportive of Rafa Benitez. The football was generally not brilliant, there was never any chance of finishing above mid-table, so why were NUFC supporters so…supportive? Well, obviously the Talksport trolls can’t admit that it was because Rafa managed to get Newcastle stable in the Premier League despite zero net spend allowed by Mike Ashley across his three years as manager and that he actually in the final season had ever better results and football, particularly once he was finally allowed to spend more than £10m on a player since promotion in summer 2017 – Miguel Almiron arriving for £20m on 31 January 2019. The final 28 PL games of the 2018/19 season saw Rafa’s NUFC with the eighth best form in the PL, the final 16 PL matches of that season saw Newcastle with the fifth best form and fifth highest number of goals. Plus Rafa Benitez talked up Newcastle United, he regularly pointed to the potential if it was allowed to be realised by Mike Ashley or new ownership, he left because there was no change of ownership and in the absence of that, Ashley refusing to back realistic funding of backing for the first team squad, as well as desperately needed investment in the infrastructure of the likes of the training complex and academy.

The Talksport dopes talk about Steve Bruce having not been supported and yet he has been the Newcastle manager (or head coach) who by a massive distance has been given more financial backing than any previous NUFC boss in history. The money that Rafa should have been backed with and thanks to the financial position he (Benitez) put NUFC in due to getting relative success (mid-table platform to build on) on a zero net spend budget, has instead been spent since Steve Bruce came in. In his daft statement, Mike Ashley saying £160m has been committed on buying / signing players these past 26 months.

How can anybody describe Steve Bruce doing a ‘decent job’ so far this season? Apart from Man Utd, Newcastle have faced poor to average teams and in six matches altogether (four of them at home) have lost four, drawn two, out of the League Cup already and in the relegation zone.

This Adam Catterall says that he doesn’t know what the expectation is from Newcastle fans these days that the ‘geezer’ is doing a great job and adds: ‘I think if you finish amongst those mid-table teams, go on a bit of a cup run…you have had a Worldie of a season man.’

Ignoring the embarrassing use of ‘geezer’ and ‘man’ from the Blackburn born presenter, he totally ignores the reality of how this season is panning out, Steve Bruce has said from the start he would treat the cups with as much respect as the league and play the strongest team possible, yet has lost every time with Newcastle when playing a Premier League club in the cup and from his first NUFC cup match (lost to Leicester and made seven changes) to his latest cup game / defeat (losing to Burnley after changing nine out of ten outfield players)/ Yes we are certainly enjoying this ‘Worldie’ of a season…man.

Stuck with Geezer Bruce, we are definitely rocking this season, allowing the likes of Southampton and Leeds to come to St James Park and dominate matches, very lucky to get two points from those games, never mind losing the other four.

Not sure what exactly the expert knowledge the Blackburn born Geezer has of what happened back in 1996, when Newcastle failed to win the Premier League in the final game of that season, Adam Catterall was only 14 and no doubt all consumed by his acne and wondering if he would ever get a girlfriend.

Rant over, Talksport put back in their box…until the next time.


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