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Manchester United fans with verdict/comments on Newcastle United and Ronaldo debut

1 week ago

Manchester United fans have had plenty to say after Saturday.

Many of them declaring it to be one of the best atmospheres at Old Trafford they’d experienced, whilst beating Newcastle United 4-1.

The atmosphere / awakening for Manchester United fans was of course all about Ronaldo.

The 36 year old returning to the club and scoring twice on his second Man Utd debut.

Interesting to read what Manchester United fans have said because whilst many of them are blinded by the whole Ronaldo thing, plenty of others (see below) had a more realistic take on Saturday’s game. Where Ronaldo certainly did do decent and take the two goals well, it wasn’t really all that good a Man Utd performance overall. Probably more of a case of a game where they scored some very good goals that were a step above the overall display.

The Manchester United fans pointing out how defensive and negative Steve Bruce had the visitors, complaining about NUFC time wasting from the very first whistle, with Freddie Woodman in particular having the finger pointed at him.

After having struggled to a very fortunate 1-0 win against Wolves and 1-1 draw with Southampton in the two previous matches, plenty of Manchester United fans acknowledging that their team won’t be able to be as lax as they were at times against Newcastle, when they take on anybody half decent.

Newcastle are averaging three goals conceded every Premier League match and are relying on the likes of ASM and Almiron to create from very little attacking play, they managed it with the Manquillo goal on Saturday but NUFC won’t win many games if they continue to concede so many, so regularly.

As always as well, Manchester United fans also happy to twist the knife in where Newcastle supporters are concerned…

Manchester United fans commenting via their Red Cafe message board:

‘How many times have we beaten Newcastle 4-1 already? I’ve lost count. lol.’

‘And some of their fans still wants to get annoyed at the fact that we call ourselves “United.”

Clearly there’s only one United who matter.’

‘Newcastle executed their game plan perfectly. Now watch them bending over against Chelsea and City.’

‘For most of the game yes but once United were able to build more than a two goal lead it was done. These teams have no plan beyond conceding less than a two goal deficit and hoping for a successful counter attack.’

‘I’ve watched all of the highlights non-stop for the entire day and night. Not joking. Truly a great moment to be a United fan.

On a separate note, I watched the highlights of the Newcastle goal several times and I’m not sure what to make of it as I’m not a football man as they say. The most obvious thing was the Maguire lunge but I don’t know if I can blame him in that situation as it felt as if he was left out to dry. Think that Matic was actually at fault for the goal for allowing Almiron to turn as easily as he did from a throw in and gain so much momentum.’

‘I rewatched the game and actually we played really well. But for some very good defending we would have scored much sooner and more. It was always going to be hard to play against a bus.’

‘Extremely satisfying that their time-wasting keeper messed up for the first 2 goals.’

‘I guess lots of people on here will be saying we are going to win the title after that – truth is we were cut open quite often and if Newcastle had a poacher on the field we might well have been behind before ronaldo’s second. Hate to say it but Shearer probably would have had a hat-trick – quality sides would certainly have punished us.

Of course, we kept going, played some very good football and the goal’s were nice. But problems remain in midfield and the defence went AWOL for their equaliser.’

‘Nah their goal was not our fault, it was because Almiron is a great buzzing player and dribbler who deserves better than newcastle.’

‘First of all atmosphere was amazing from start to finish. Goosebumps.

I dont know when was the last time it was like this.

What a 2nd debut for Ronaldo, not just 2 goals but his constant movement, involvement in the buildup, playmaking, everything. We needed someone to score those tap ins and to be in right place at a right time. And his run for the 2nd goal needs to be learned at school.’

‘Just watched Ronaldo’s post match interview on You Tube but couldn’t hear most of it for the constant chanting of his name.’

‘Newcastle were awful and just too negative with mostly 10 men behind the ball in a confined space. It was always going to be difficult to get the breakthrough. It was just about probing and once United scored and the gates were always going to open.’

‘They’re just always a defensive pile of bodies under Bruce but we just kept at it. Was never going to be aesthetically pleasing and we still look quite vulnerable throughout games.

First was poor keeping, second good finish (didn’t think it was that bad keeping as other said), third they just let Bruno have a free shot and he produced a ballistic mistake and fourth was lovely from us to play through them. Onwards.’

‘I’m 30 years old but I feel like a kid again. Feels like life has taken the backseat and all I’m thinking about is this team and what we can achieve this season. Need to watch some highlights again.’

‘Been watching the highlights over and over 😆

It’s exciting times!!’

‘Newcastle tactics – I know people criticise Ole for not having tactics, but Newcastle’s tactics were to just hope they get enough goal kicks to spend ages taking them and hope nothing else happens in between.’

‘Newcastle was very good in the first half in their “time management”

‘Who starts time wasting 9 mins in, that gk got what was coming to him.’

‘If we score 4 when we play bad and then mostly play well over the season we will be ok.’

‘Has Steve Bruce ever beaten us? And I’ll confess that I didn’t watch large chunks of the game because we’re frankly a hard watch at times.’

‘A bit of flattering result for us.

Sloppiness and lack of tempo give a bad taste to very good four goals.’

‘Newcastle’s Woodman casting ended about as you’d expect…with a loose and sloppy backline getting destroyed.’

‘Didn’t think the performance was particularly good for the most part, Newcastle did a great job at defending for the most part and Saint-Maximin was one of the best players on the pitch when counter attacking.’

‘There were some worrying moments on the break. It’s completely expected when you push everybody forward as we had to, but Saint Maximin continues to be a thorn in our side. He’s a good player.’

‘Not sure I agree with people saying it wasn’t a good performance. We were against a side that were set up to defend and hope to get us on the break. Think all of their threatening moments were caused by us.’

‘It wasn’t as straightforward as the scoreline suggests but it’s worth remembering that this is going to be one of Newcastle’s biggest games of the season.’


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