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West Ham fans with two VERY different views of Newcastle United and their supporters

1 month ago

West Ham fans are looking forward to the weekend.

Sunday sees the Hammers able to travel and watch their team in a competitive fixture for the first time in a year and a half.

No surprise then to see all 3,000 tickets have been snapped up by West Ham fans for this 2pm kick-off at St James Park.

Though it remains to be seen how many Newcastle fans will be in attendance with well over 11,000 season tickets not bought and countless seats showing as unsold still on the club’s official ticketing website.

Back in December 2019, Mike Ashley gave away 10,000 free half season tickets due to the impact both he (Ashley) and Steve Bruce had been responsible for when it came to a massive fall in attendances.

Interesting to see if the NUFC owner repeats this desperate move, to prevent huge swathes of empty seats surrounding his retail adverts.

Ahead of the game, I thought I’d have a look at what West Ham fans were saying in advance of the match, their last four friendlies seeing the Hammers beat Atalanta 2-0 at home, as well as victories at Brentford (0-1), Celtic (2-6) and Reading (0-3).

I found the usual kind of comments ahead of the match from away fans, which you can find first below.

However, it then became very interesting (amusing?) as one Hammer launched an attack on Newcastle United and our supporters in particular, only for a couple of other West Ham fans to put him right!

All comments from West Ham fans are via their excellent Knees Up Mother Brown message board:

‘The only club that has had an even more under whelming summer in the transfer stakes. Our preferred starting XI is better than theirs. But that is contingent on injury etc. Would love to get a win, and a clean sheet to get those records dealt with early doors. But a win of any kind would do.

Dont like the trip to SJP. Always feel its a bit of a mixed bag for us, and you wouldn’t rule out getting tonked, if they were in the mood.’

‘Barring one season our recent record against them is cr.p. Would love to start this season off with a nice win up there.’

‘Newcastle away is never an easy place to go so this isn’t a game I’d expect much from.

1-1 draw and a useful point to start the season.’

‘It will be interesting to see the difference between West Ham last season and this vs Newcastle and also how we do when given the ball. I still fear we only have a plan A. Whether this can be adapted game by game perhaps using Yarmalenko upfront occasionally or Bowen instead of Antonio.’

‘Even Mrs. Doubtfire should have worked out how to play us by now, hopefully if we score first, his cunning plan will go down the pan, and that’ll play into our hands.We have to come out all guns blazing, then I think we’ll have the quality to win easily, if not, and we don’t score in the first20 mins or so, orif they do, then it’s going to be pretty attritional, IMO.

St. Maximus (or whatever he’s called, I keep getting him mixed up with my mate’s cat) is quitecapable of ripping our back four a new one, so hopefully he’ll not feature.’

‘Newcastle are still a bloody good side who play some nice positive football but I felt they caught us cold at the beginning of last season – to say we hadn’t got going is an understatement , we had nothing and looked like Relegation Candidates not the team pushing for Europe that we became – David Moyes has instilled a ‘ Will To Win ‘ mentality and he’s made us tough to beat also –

I’m expecting a complete reversal of last season’s result , maybe even an extra goal –

Newcastle United 0 West Ham United 3.’

‘Get me on that train Sunday morning, Cant wait.’

‘OK, where we drinking?’

(ED: This is where it got really interesting…)

‘Newcastle United are of course perma under achievers.

The Tottenham of the North.

A sense of entitlement their history cannot justify.

A whole bag of chips on each shoulder.

These days of course they draw crowds of over 50k, which hasn’t always been the case and they demand a certain type of football, yearning for the all out attacking game of the unsuccessful Keegan era. I say unsuccessful, because, and I don’t need a fact checker to be sure, they won sod all under him.

Their beef of course is with their owner, a man so wicked he froze season ticket prices at St James Park for around a decade. Now, of course there is plenty of smoke and mirrors in that stat but the one thing Ashley cannot be accused of is milking their supporters for their hard earned. He’s also been trying to sell the club for the past couple of years, and at a fairly realistic price. I’m not too enamored with who he is trying to sell the club to, but I doubt too many Newcastle supporters are that bothered. Some will be of course, but many simply want change.

Newsflash for the Newcastle supporters – the sugar daddy you crave ain’t coming. The Chelsea and City shortcut is probably out of fashion for a while. London, fair enough, Manchester, a stretch, Newcastle ? Don’t be silly. There’s a reason Keegan told Andy Cole Newcastle was nearer London than Bristol.

Enough though of addressing the oppositions delusional thoughts…

Steve Bruce is a pragmatist, he will manage what he has to try and get a result and suffer the boos as a consequence from the Gallowgate.

Spare a thought too though for those supporters from each club who won’t be returning, those who have sadly passed away in those 18 months from Covid or some other illness. Every year there are some empty seats and if it’s one thing the pandemic has taught me it’s that every game could be the last i ever see, so I should make sure I enjoy it.

Maybe the grumbling Magpie supporters are right to do so after all, every game that passes as a joyless dull affair has gone forever, never to be replayed.

The good news for them is that on Saturday the famous West Ham are in Toon, and Newcastle supporters will get to watch at least one decent team. Rice, Soucek, Coufal, Benrahma, Bowen, Antonio and Fornals all have it within them to provide a little bit of something worth watching.

Little wonder we have sold out our entire allocation of tickets.

It’s not just the Toon Army that travels in numbers.’

‘I bet there’s a Geordie forum where someone is calling us The Sunderland of the South.

I’m not really sure what makes Newcastle any more similar to Tottenham than West Ham. And I don’t see any entitlement in a big city with a passionate fanbase expecting more of their club than the basket case they’ve been given for the better part of a decade.

They haven’t won anything in ages. Neither have we.

Their owner is a public embarrassment. So is ours.

They hire rubbish managers. So do we.

They sign overpaid, lazy players. So do we.

They have loyal fans that put up with it. So do we.

I’d have Newcastle over Tottenham every day. Don’t you think it’s a bit hypocritical for West Ham fans to throw around those sorts of statements about a club, and use the number of trophies won as a reason for it? Surely we should know more than most that trophies aren’t indicative of the quality of what matters to any Club – the support. And theirs is very good, much like ours.’

‘I’m a West Ham fan through and through because of my Dad. He moved us up to Newcastle when I was five so I grew up there, developed my passion for football there and obviously came into contact with many, many Newcastle fans and I can’t remember a single one who felt entitled.

Funny the different view points.

The stereotype I get up here is West Ham fans are either someone with their thumbs in their braces strutting around saying “awight, awight, awight” or wannabe gangsters saying things like;

“You ‘avvin a Giraffe?”

“You fahkin caaaahhhhnnnnntttt”

Both are Bollix 🙂

My most important match of the season, roll on Sunday and:



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