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Steve Bruce gives very dubious interview to official club media – Does it match reality?

12 months ago

Steve Bruce watched on as Newcastle United made it two games, two defeats, to kick off the season.

Defeat at Aston Villa meaning Newcastle have already ended up in the relegation zone, no points and conceding a hefty six goals.

I have seen a number of interviews that Steve Bruce has done, following this latest defeat, all of them a bit embarrassing in my opinion.

In terms of the NUFC Head Coach making out that Newcastle United were the victims of some great series of injustices at Aston Villa.

However, I think I have found one that massively blows the rest of them out of the water.

Have a look at this one below, that Steve Bruce did with the official club media.

Steve Bruce speaking to NUFC TV after the 2-0 defeat to Aston Villa:


“A stunning overhead kick and two VAR calls separated the two teams, what else was between the two teams?”

Steve Bruce:

“Not much.

“There was very little in it.

“The key decisions went their way.

“We had a big opportunity at the start of the game, to get off and running, but I was pleased with a lot of our play today.

“The big calls have gone against us. It’s a ludicrous decision to get a penalty.

“A long throw and a penalty beat us and that’s the frustration.

“The one where Callum gets through and the penalty gets overtaken, all of a sudden there is lines appearing, I thought that wasn’t going to be the case.

“Two games, we have had big decisions go against us, so I feel a bit aggrieved I have to tell you, because it’s not what VAR is supposed to do.

“Nobody in the ground appealed for handball, Jamaal Lascelles’ leg, when you see it back, is above his head trying to block the ball. So if you have got your leg up that high, where is your arm going to go?

“So, for me it’s not clear and obvious.

“Big decisions went against us.

“The VAR was supposed to be brought in for clear and obvious today and we’re supposed to be going back to what we saw in the Euros. If that’s going back…I’ll let other people have a look and they decide.”


“As you say, you had the chances early on and then they go against you, in terms of the overall performance…?”

Steve Bruce:

“Yes, the overall performance, we gave as good as we got.

“But the decisions went against us.

“Fine margins in the Premier League but we have been done by a couple of big decisions today.

“Second goal, you know. The penalty which might have gone for us.

“All of a sudden these are different parts of the game then. It’s a different ball game.”


“Obviously against West Ham, a lot going forward throughout the game, not quite as much today…?”

Steve Bruce:

“No, but listen, we are coming here [Villa Park], you know, in the Premier League, me goalkeeper hasn’t even made a save really, you know.

“You know, yes we maybe lacked the cutting edge we had last week, but we are playing Aston Villa at their home ground you know, but large parts of it, I thought we were the better team.

“We certainly gave as good as we got.

“A big week ahead, that is what the Premier League is. I have been pleased with a lot of our football, we haven’t quite got the results but a lot of positives to take.

“Have to stay with it and I’m sure we will turn it around.”

Honestly, you would think it had been Diego Maradona ‘Hand of God’ levels on Saturday at Villa Park.

Steve Bruce is such a chancer, I think that he must believe that hardly any Newcastle fans will have seen more than the brief highlights, not understanding that thousands and thousands around the world will have watched the full game live, along with many more in the UK watching live via a stream on the internet.

Reading this, you would never imagine that the Villa keeper didn’t have a save to make the whole game.

Yes Callum Wilson had a chance early on and put it wide of the goal BUT the team having one big chance in an entire game and not scoring it, is NOT massively unlucky.

Whatever happened in the second half, Villa were already leading with that excellent Ings volley.

The penalty was a penalty, Lascelles’ leg was NOT above his head and I haven’t got a clue why the NUFC captain has his foot off the ground at all. The ball bounces up and it is a Mings header and Lascelles has his arm fully outstretched, even under old school rules I reckon that penalty would have been given, never mind ever since an outstretched arm getting hit by the ball almost always now means a spot-kick.

The Wilson ‘penalty’ incident, yes small margins BUT he was offside. The kind of decision where as the defending team you’d expect it to be called offside and as an attacking team you hope to get away with it. Not though massively controversial.

The only big controversy for me, was that Martinez should have seen red not yellow for his assault on Callum Wilson. Absolutely no excuse for that challenge, totally reckless and no care given to the danger it caused, should have been a sending off anywhere on the pitch.

However, even if it had been a red card, Villa were 2-0 up at the time and the home side would have brought their reserve keeper on and only had 15 minutes to see out with a man down. Newcastle United had shown almost zero threat during the first 75 minutes and all but zero chance of doing anything dramatic even if having a man advantage.

Newcastle played decent in the first half against West Ham but were horrendous in the second half, had next to no threat yesterday and in my honest opinion, clearly deserved to lose both these matches. Where on earth Steve Bruce sees all these NUFC positives and all these supposedly really harsh injustices…it makes him simply sound desperate.

Amusing how Steve Bruce makes out that playing away at Aston Villa is some incredible fortress where there is almost zero chance of success for anybody visiting. Also no mention of the fact that apart from goalkeeper, Newcastle had their first choice team on the pitch, whilst Villa were missing a host of first choice players, including big money new signings.

Maybe that is it, Steve Bruce is really just trying to convince himself that the underlying truth is that Newcastle United have actually looked very good, just unlucky to concede six goals in three hours so far and lose the two matches.

I can’t imagine how he will go on if Newcastle ever actually play well for 90 minutes and convincingly win a game this season. Here’s hoping we will find out…but maybe I will just turn the sound off so that I don’t have to listen to him.


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