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Newcastle United – 15 toxic issues that consume my brain whenever I think about my club

2 weeks ago

So, against Southampton we have yet again suffered another Groundhog Day in the life of a Newcastle United fan.

We are all seething about Steve Bruce and his evident failings as a manager and calling for his head, yet we know this is well away from actually happening.

Post-match I sat and thought about it. Every weekend we have a disappointing performance where the team looks lost, frustrated and disorganised. We have a manager who utilises any possible excuse to justify his own failings.

Saturday’s magnificent excuse was to blame VAR whilst admitting it actually made the right decision. Can’t quite work that one out myself.

After every match I myself am extremely frustrated and the Mrs gets the hump because I’m so annoyed by it. “It’s just a game” gets thrown at me each time. Why can’t I just let go of this emotional attachment to the one way abusive relationship with Newcastle United?

Even if we had won yesterday I still wouldn’t have been happy because…

A – this would buy Bruce more time and

B – we most definitely didn’t deserve to win.

It would have been an absolute robbery. I can’t remember what it’s like to beat a team convincingly and think we played well and deserved to win anymore.

There are so many toxic issues that consume my brain every time I think about my once beloved club:

1 – The failed takeover / premier league cartel

2 – Bruce’s incompetence

3- The questions surrounding the £40m+ (FORTY MILLION!) purchase and utilisation of Joelinton

4- The fact Ashley doesn’t care about the club

5- The shameful furloughing of staff during the pandemic

6- The horrific PR antics or lack of

7- How frustrated the players clearly are

8- The tacky new Castore shirts trying to make a buck off 90s nostalgia

9- Benitez doing well at Everton

10- The utterly mind blowing perception of our situation by most media

11- Bruce’s shielding of reality because all his mates in the media say he’s doing a good job

12- Disgusting Sports direct vandalism all over the stadium

13- Treatment of previous great servants to the club, Keegan etc

14- The sub par training facilities

15- The fact supporting this team doesn’t bring me happiness anymore

Football has become so much about money and rich people using their money to buy clubs as a play thing, that can be discarded back to the toy box as and when they see fit or get bored of it.

The knowledge that Ashley bought Newcastle as a dare based on what that ignorant snake Simon Jordan says, be it true or not, makes me sick.

It’s got to the point where I barely care about the outcome anymore because it’s not about the football anymore. Your team winning their match should make your weekend. It should act as a welcome distraction from everyday life and give you something to look forward to, not something to dread.

The club is so toxic and stale it’s impossible to care anymore. Until Bruce is gone, which is the only feasible development that could actually occur, I don’t think I’ll bother with it as it’s no longer worth the stress. It doesn’t bring the pleasure and excitement that it should.

Even just any new manager trying to attempt to do something different to Bruce, would be a breath of fresh air and give us a cause for vague optimism for the first time in two and a bit years. Just on pitch evidence of organisation and tactics would be appreciated to be honest.

Until that happens, someday hopefully in the not too distant future, I’ve had enough of this. Perhaps I’ll now spend my Saturday afternoons following the Mrs around IKEA looking at furniture, waiting for colour choices to be referred to me as VAR (to provide my own in game controversy) because even that couldn’t be as depressing as watching Steve Bruce try to crack enigma every Saturday afternoon.


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