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Aston Villa fans getting a little feisty about Newcastle team, fans and Steve Bruce after 2-0 win

11 months ago

Aston Villa fans watched on as their team started the season in the worst possible fashion.

Quickly going 3-0 down to recently promoted relegation favourites Watford, a fightback ensued but came up short, having lost Jack Grealish it didn’t go down too well also losing the opening game of the season 3-2.

Missing a number of their best players and with major new signings yet to fully integrate, the writing could have been on the wall.

However, step forward Steve Bruce.

The Newcastle United Head Coach proving far more popular now he is sitting in the visitors’ dugout.

Interesting to read (see below) what Aston Villa fans made of Saturday, a bit underwhelmed by the performances of both their own team and their supporters on the day…but grateful they were playing a Newcastle side led by Steve Bruce.

Some reluctant positivity shown in the comments about Newcastle fans, however, not so when it came to either Steve Bruce or the team who are playing under him now.

All a bit concerning, when apart from Freddie Woodman, this would be seen as Newcastle’s first choice team by most NUFC fans.

Needless to say, sympathy in short supply from the Aston Villa fans!

Aston Villa fans commenting via Twitter and their Villa Talk message board:

‘Oooh a win and a world class goal, and sobbing Jawdees.

Makes ya feel like dancing.’

‘I do like me a sad Newcastle.’

‘Was shocked at how quiet it all was.

Holte didn’t make a peep (loud enough to travel the ground) until late second half, not even a yippee aye eye before or during KO that normally kicks it off.

Dead silence, did anyone else notice it? New season nerves?

To be fair, Newcastle fans, although they sang a lot more, didn’t take over, but I was shocked.’

‘The Newcastle lot were very quiet, they are usually much louder away. Reckon they are jaded with the ownership situation and being lumbered with Bruce for the long term.’

‘I’m in the lower North and the first half in particular was quiet, bar the opening 5 minutes or so.

Newcastle fans made a decent racket in the first half but quietened down a lot after the penalty, at which point our fans started to increase the volume somewhat.’

‘You could definitely hear the away fans particularly the rendition of “Jack Grealish, he knows you’re sh.t” (we’re going to get this every week aren’t we?).’

‘Ramsey stepped up, but our midfield as a whole looked much better as a three. Newcastle shi.t. Young also superb. Delighted we have Ings.’

‘Good result, controlled that game for large parts. Can’t say I was ever really worried once we got the 1st goal, Newcastle are horse sh.t.’

‘Three of our top performers out and we won the match. Cannot ask for more.’

‘It was always going to take time to adjust to not being Aston Grealish and even harder without some of our best players so will take the win, the clean sheet and the 3 points, say thank you and move on.

Newcastle could be in trouble already.’

‘This won’t be popular but I thought it was harsh to rule Wilson offside, it was marginal.’

‘Is it just me or is Callum Wilson an incredibly dirty player?’

‘Their whole team is.’

‘Half decent performance against Newcastle isn’t going to convince me everyone is suddenly fantastic again after last week.

Newcastle are a relegation candidate without a doubt and we absolutely had to win that game.’

‘I do think Martinez was slightly lucky to stay on the pitch, even if the pen was overturned for offside, it was a pretty dangerous and reckless challenge from him.’

‘Ref was a bit all over the place today , Murphy should have been booked for his dive , he let some obvious fouls go and then booked players for nothing stuff … that said he could have easily sent Martinez off so we owe him one there.’

‘Their disallowed penalty was absolutely the funniest thing I’ve seen today. As was Bruce’s face after we went 2-0 up. The man looks battered and defeated. Never mind.’

‘Thought Luiz was good. Ramsey did ok in patches. Wouldn’t like to have to rely on him for a full season though, he’s not ready for that yet.

Newcastle are dire.’

‘No Watkins, Bailey or Traore. Great to get a solid win without them. Bring on Brentford.

Shout out to Newcastle fans on the train north, not sure where they hid the full size speaker during the game but a good atmosphere in the carriage heading back! “Saturday night and the Mags are f.cking sh.te” to the Whigfield tune was a highlight.

We know how they feel re. Bruce too.’

‘I still f.cking hate Bruce and his excuses and whinging.’

‘Offside was very marginal but come on, that was a clear blatant handball. Would be furious with Bruce if I were a Newcastle fan.’

‘Mings was up for the battle with Wilson and came out on top.

However he was miles better in the air for us than on the ground. Lost his man and stopped playing to the whistle for Wilson’s one-on-one which if that would’ve gone in really could’ve been a spring board for another poor result. He recovered well and contributed to both goals. But he worries me with his lapses in concentration and focus. Contributed more in attacking areas than normal which I’m guessing is the work of the new set pieces coach. Hope so. Mings should be more of a threat than he usually is so hopefully we see more of this from our captain.’

‘Peak Steve Bruce bringing on Barry Bannan’s dad in the 90th minute (Fraser?). What was the point in that? Delighted with the result!’

‘We had to put up with Steve Bruce for two years and I wouldn’t wish him on my worst enemy. Woeful manager.’

Bruce is surely getting ready for his biannual pay off with comments like these.’

“Steve Bruce’s post-match interview gives me PTSD.’

‘He says these things so people think he was unlucky and is a good coach but unlucky offside and handball correct calls.’

‘I’m sorry Steve but your team were shocking today, you don’t deserve a thing. We played poorly and still beat you 2-0.’


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