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Arsenal fans react to news of Joe Willock move to Newcastle United – Interesting comments

1 month ago

Arsenal fans watched on as their team lost 1-0 to Tottenham on Sunday afternoon.

Not the best of pre-season preparations or uplifting results, as the Gunners had already also lost to Hibernian and Chelsea, as well as a draw with Rangers.

Never the easiest to please, Arsenal fans not happy with the way things have gone, despite already some £75m spent on signings this summer, with the promise of more significant incoming business to come – including possibly James Maddison arriving in a £60m deal.

Joe Willock was completely absent from yesterday’s Arsenal squad and Mikel Arteta refused to say why the midfielder was missing, saying he couldn’t give any details at the moment, though he did confirm that it wasn’t injury / lack of fitness that prevented Willock playing.

With only 49 minutes as a sub in pre-season games, it had become apparent that despite scoring in all of his final seven Newcastle games on loan, Joe Willock wasn’t going to be a key player for Mikel Arteta this coming season.

Arsenal fans then seeing Sunday night’s late breaking news, where the likes of Sky Sports, The Mail and The Athletic al reported that a deal had now been agreed between Newcastle United and the Gunners. The consensus appearing to be that the deal will see £22m paid up front with £3m of future / potential add-ons taking it to £25m in total, eventually.

So how have Arsenal fans taken this news?

Looking back at the debate immediately after his loan period ended at Newcastle United, a clear majority of Arsenal fans appeared sure that selling the midfielder was the best option. A general feeling seemed to be that the goalscoring form at Newcastle was almost surely a one-off, best to cash in on the back of that improvement and goals glut when playing for NUFC.

As the summer moved on and pre-season was in full swing, looking at Arsenal fans discussing the 21 year old online, there seemed to be a clear change, with a definite majority now / then seeing the value in keeping Joe Willock and giving him a proper chance.

Moving bang up to date and now that the deal appears to be imminent, interesting to now read how Arsenal fans are viewing the deal, with only four days until they kick-off against Brentford.

The Arsenal fans seeming to split very much to two extremes and defending resolutely their positions. Selling Joe Willock for around £25m either a very GOOD deal, or a very BAD idea.

Interesting to read the arguments put forward on both sides…

Arsenal fans comment on Joe Willock via their Gooners World message board:

‘We should hold onto this guy. He gets goals from midfield. Something we need badly.’

‘He could easily turn into a James Madison type of player and command 50-60 mil. This again seems penny wise and pound foolish by Arsenal.’

‘What? Are you seriously saying that getting 25m for Joe Willock is bad business??’

‘He could be worth a lot more than 25m in the future, worst case we probably still get 15m next season.’

‘Yeah for 21 he did really well at Newcastle, we should a least keep him for one more season.’

‘If it were the old days where we had a plethora of CAMs I’d say take the money and run. But ESR is the only player we have that plays at the top of midfield and can reliably get you 7-8 goals a season. We haven’t closed on any of our CAM targets.

What’s the point in selling a guy who had an explosive few months at Newcastle?

Might as well play him and see if something special happens.’

‘We’ll throw this money into the maddison transfer.’

‘Bet he outscores our strikers next season.’

‘Yes its a strange thing.

A player’s stigma he builds up is very hard to shake off.

For example, Saka can do no wrong in the eyes of the fans but Willock will always be looked at as crap despite the fact he was one of the top 3 attacking CM’s for half a season in the entire Premier league.

People are acting like his fantastic Newcastle run never happened, he did it in the Prem, people act like he did it in China’s league or something.

There’s a lot to be said for having good marketing behind a player, honestly it can make or break a career.

Saka for example is nowhere near as good as his reputation amongst the fans, Arsenal fans act like he’s Mbappe but the guys got low end product.’

‘Maddison is good technically, Willock isn’t, we can shoot ourselves in the foot by holding on for more money or hoping he will become a phenom for us.

Both scenarios are highly unlikely, he found his level at Newcastle, great, lets say thank you for your service and chi-ching !!’

‘The chances of him being worth “a lot more than £25m in the future” are far far less than the chances of him being worth “a lot less than £25m in the future” !!!’

‘We got 35m for iwobi he was complete trash, willock has shown some level of effectiveness at only 21 if he can keep it up he is worth more than iwobi.’

‘There is an order of magnitude difference between Everton’s spending and Newcastle’s.

Newcastle are willing to pay because Willock is a proven quantity; they can set build their team around him.

Everton got burned badly by Iwobi, he’s flopped there big time.’

‘Yes, Willock could turn into a £50m player.

However, there’s an equal chance of him staying, struggling, and then joining the famed Arsenal deadwood brigade.

If we’re smart, with astute negotiators, we could include a sell-on fee or a first-refusal in his contract. £25m for Willock is great offer.’

‘Apparently this pleb is close to joining newcastle for 25m.’

‘Superb business if true!’

‘I like Joe but feel like this summer was probably the right time to cash in.

£20m in this market is good money for a player who came through the ranks and never quite looked like he’d make it here. I feel like he’ll be better for Newcastle than he would have been for us next season.’

‘He’s never done enough here, the goals for Newcastle did exactly what we needed them to…raise his stock. There’s also reports of a sell on clause so this would actually represent a great deal imo.

He wouldn’t get much game time this season and his value would drop if we don’t sell now. Worst case scenario I’m sure we’d be his first choice for a return if he turns incredible somehow.’

‘Why are people complaining about selling This kid. He is basically a poor mans Deli Ali second striker type who does Not Fit into most teams . Also He’s been given so many chances to prove himself Here and never consistently played well.

Getting 25M for him is absolute steal ffs and I couldn’t be happier! Time to reinvest hopefully , which we probably won’t though lol.’


He made 7 appearances in the PL last season before going on loan, 2 of those were 90′ min substitutions.

235 minutes total. He wasn’t even in the squad for most games.’

‘Willock has a better goal/assist to game ratio than smith rowe and saka in the pl last year, not saying he is as good but he isn’t someone we should be lookiing to sell atm.’

‘There we have it …………….

Newcastle have agreed a fee of over £20m, if he carries on from where he left off this is a steal ……. while we’re paying £60m for similar CM’s because Arteta can’t get performances out of our players but Steve Bruce apparently can.’

‘This is bad, we really are f.cking up here.’

‘Tbf Willock looked ok when he came on against Chelsea, even scores a good goal which is something we lack from midfield. I’m not against selling him if he’s replaced by a better player but if not it’s an odd one.’

‘Not at all sure how we’ve managed to sell a Home Grown CM with EPL experience who scores goals for just 20+5m …. to replace him with a similar home grown talent will cost double that at least …. are we seriously saying he’s just 25% the player Grealish is?’

‘Arteta wasn’t going to use him, so what choice do we have? We gave him no reason to extend with us so his value as an Arsenal player decreases by the day.’

‘Another young player with goals in him that Arteta can’t seem to figure out. No wonder our struggles scoring continue.’

‘You guys do remember he’s sh.t right?’

‘But he’s not though is he.

I was never a fan, but he was a top 3 performing CM in the Prem while at Newcastle and that can’t be ignored, hence why Newcastle were desperate to keep him.

How are you a sh.t midfielder if you scored 7 games in a row from midfield? then he scored one here against Chelsea although wrongfully disallowed.

Fact is Steve Bruce managed to get the ball and chain off him that he had at AFC slowing up his progress, better manager got better results from a player is what happened.

Maybe we should send Martnelli to Newcastle too, he’d probably turn into the Brazilian Van Persie.’

‘The same guy who tells us £25m for Willock is a good deal is the same guy making out Maddison is fine for £60m?

Does anybody think that makes sense? I didn’t see Maddison scoring in 7 games straight from Midfield in Prem competition how is he worth almost 3x as much?

The fact is this ……….. we had a home grown Ramsey MkII type of midfielder who quite frankly we never gave the chance to flourish, he was misused, under used and now we’re selling him for pittance in what is as we’re constantly reminded an inflated market.

If Willock carries on performing like where he left off at Newcastle then he’ll be worth £40-£50m by end of the season.

It is an “if” but we’ll never get the chance to find out at AFC, if he does carry on his form it’ll be all Newcastles benefit.’


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