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Steve Bruce says ‘I am never going to bullsh.t’ Newcastle United fans – A bit late for that…

2 months ago

Is it just really a week and a half or so since Steve Bruce came back into our lives?

Complete silence over the summer from the NUFC Head Coach, which then also meant complete silence from Newcastle United overall.

Both Mike Ashley and Lee Charnley betraying the promises of stepping up to the plate with far better (some!!!) communication from the football club, Charnley in particular promising back in August 2019 that he would be making every effort to come out and talk to the media / fans and keep supporters in the loop about what is happening.

Anyway, this summer has proved to be delicious, with nothing at all from Steve Bruce or the other shameful characters at Newcastle United.

Until now.

The memories of a splendid Euros are now such a distant memory, can it really be only two weeks ago today that the final played out?

I don’t massively rate Gareth Southgate as a manager in terms of his ability BUT he and his players carried themselves magnificently throughout the tournament and indeed beyond, as they dealt with the embarrassing abuse from a minority of social media – many of them anonymous, with a lot of the hate being racially motivated.

Anyway, back to Newcastle United…and Steve Bruce.

Hands held up high, I have always dreaded the day when he might get the NUFC job and he has proved himself far far worse than I even imagined, particularly with the nonsense he spouts.

This past week or two has been a rude reminder and wake up call, Steve Bruce is truly the worst with his patter. Yes, even worse than Pardew and Carver!

Anyway, the Chronicle are now reporting what Steve Bruce has told them and in particular a ‘message to Newcastle United fans’:

“The one thing I am never going to do is bullsh.t them [Newcastle fans].

“And they know…everybody knows how difficult it is going to be.

“We haven’t got a lot of money and as managers we always want players and money to improve the team.

“That’s our job.

“I don’t think I am alone though in thinking it’s going to be quiet [in the transfer market], so we have to be patient.

“We have to wait for the big huge clubs and see what they do.

“I hope people take that the right way.”

It is over two years since this clown was thrown at us by Mike Ashley as perfect cover for him to take all the stick and Steve Bruce is claiming he is never going to ‘bullsh.t’ us…is he for real???

That is all he ever does.

However, let me deal with just a few specifics to make my (our?) point.

Back in May before the season ended, Steve Bruce was repeating this kind of line, repeatedly, about the upcoming summer transfer window: ‘I will knock his [Mike Ashley’s] door down as hard as I can, to bring in more quality like we did last summer.’

Now 47 days into the summer transfer window and not a single signing made by Newcastle United.

Not only was Steve Bruce boldly going to be demolishing Mike Ashley’s door to ensure transfer window backing, he was promising that everything would be done to bring in better quality players, the Head Coach talking about at least ‘three or four’ arriving in plenty time before the new season.

Three weeks ahead of the 2021/22 season kicking off and not a single player signed and from what Steve Bruce has now told the Chronicle, there hasn’t even been any attempt to sign anyone.

The only ‘plan’ is to wait until the very end of the transfer window after everybody has bought whoever, letting other clubs get on as well and make the major loan signings that come with a significant loan fee to pay, then hope at the very end to pick up the scraps. To hit the jackpot like they did in January, facing no competition at all for Joe Willock, they got a player on loan who’d scored one goal in forty Premier League appearances for Arsenal, then he suddenly scored eight 14 for Newcastle, including scoring in all of his last seven matches for NUFC!!!

There is that definition of insanity about doing the same thing over and over again but expecting a different result. Well, on this occasion it is like hoping for lightning to strike in the same place or winning the lottery twice, very very lucky cheap and cheerful loans such as the Willock one will be almost impossible to repeat. Even if by some miracle Arsenal are willing to loan the midfielder out and not sell him to one of the many other Premier League clubs willing to pay his price tag on a permanent move, Joe Willock will have a large loan fee attached this time – one that no doubt Mike Ashley wouldn’t agree to.

That is all nonsense anyway in terms of absolutely nothing having happened so far. It is ridiculous that seven weeks into this transfer window, Newcastle have brought absolutely nobody in.

If you really believe Steve Bruce isn’t ‘bullsh.tting’ us about serious interest in Joe Willock, then what about getting on and making these other two or three quality signings in the meantime?

I’m sorry but how does anybody take Steve Bruce seriously He gives it the big one about promising a handful of quality signings and demanding Mike Ashley backs him, then next thing we know, Bruce is now telling us that basically it was ridiculous for anybody to have thought Newcastle would do proper realistic business this window.

Very much on the defensive, Steve Bruce giving it the we have no money and neither has anybody else, hardly any signings have been made by any clubs…yet the truth, once you scrape away the ‘bullsh.t’, is that every PL club apart from Newcastle and Champions League winners Chelsea, has signed at least one player, some like promoted Norwich, Brentford and Watford have all made numerous signings and paid out decent money, that trio alone bringing in at least 15 or 16 players the last time I looked and spending some £60m or £70m between them. I understand it is now 50+ signings made by the 18 PL clubs and some £400m+ spent, with many of the other clubs, not just the ‘big’ the ‘huge’ ones that Steve Bruce goes on about, like Arsenal who have finished eighth in the league both of these last two seasons…but also many of the other ‘lesser’ ones, expected to make major signings in the coming days and weeks that have been worked on for some time.

Newcastle fans though have to be patient and understanding, that we have to accept waiting to see if some crumbs might fall our way from the ‘big’ tables of other clubs, well after the season has already kicked off.

If I was asked to define ‘bullsh.t’ then I think I could find no finer example that Steve Bruce and what he has said about this transfer window and the way he embarrassingly is willing to say absolutely anything to cover for multi-billionaire Mike Ashley’s refusal to do what clearly needs to be done, if very likely disaster is to be avoided this coming season.


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