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‘Amanda Staveley definitive statements – Surely Newcastle United takeover is coming home?’

1 week ago

Back in 1986, I was distraught when a certain cheating Argentine knocked England out of the World Cup, we came oh so close to salvaging a 2-2 draw but it was not to be…

Fast forward to 1990 and England with the best footballer in the world, again came oh so close to winning, possibly one of the most entertaining World Cups ever (I loved the music).

In 1996, 30 years of hurt again almost ended, but as usual we fluffed our lines from 12 yards out.

I was disappointed on each occasion.

Last night, I watched as a bored disinterested armchair spectator as again England faltered, this time at the last hurdle, but in all familiar fashion. However, quite frankly I could not give a flying You see, in my warped mind I view the England national team as some sort of representation of the crooked English Premier League, I think at one point I was willing Italy to score a winner.

Whether I am right or wrong with my thoughts on the England team, the fact is that the EPL is as dodgy as Mike Ashley.

So, now that all this ridiculous national fervour has gone away, eyes will no doubt turn again to NUFC and whether the takeover is still alive, whether the up and coming legal challenges reopen the possibility of finally getting things done.

It is noticeable that in the last few days there has been a coordinated attack on the EPL by several high profile people, not least, a certain Mrs Amanda Staveley. She has came out on several media platforms doing interviews and reiterating that she is hell bent on her getting control of NUFC, I think she used the word tenacious quite a few times and I see her as a determined person.

Her husband, who is also quite high profile, has also spoken out, thanking the fans for their continued support etc as this process finally seems to coming to some sort of conclusion.

But what does it all mean?

We can all speculate…

My personal take is that the deal is still very much on.

Why would Amanda Staveley come out and make such definitive statements right before Mike Ashley is due to take on the powers that be with his own legal team. For those who say it is to sell season tickets, I disagree, it’s simply to crank up the pressure.

Surely legally, Amanda Staveley would not allowed to be so open and direct in her interviews, if she did not believe it was finally going to happen?

Why would she risk being made a fool of…because make no mistake, if things end as they are now, she will look daft.

Remember, she was only going to have a smaller stake so where does the finance come from?

Clearly, the Saudis and the Reubens are sitting in the background waiting for the green light. Remember, the deposit has already been paid and is sitting in a holding account…if the financial backing was not still there, Amanda Staveley could not speak out.

The sceptics among you will no doubt disagree with me and I get that. Until we see camels running round St James Park it is not going to happen, I hear you say.

The Reuben brothers could of course finance this themselves, so why do they not just throw a few quid at it? Again, I get your point.

For me though, this is more than just Newcastle United, this a way for the Saudis to get a foot in the door and improve their image in both business and sport, it gives the Reuben brothers an opportunity to invest and get great returns in new projects in the whole of the North East, it’s a win win situation and is beyond the boundaries of just football.

The alleged football plan is to invest into the football club’s infrastructure, something so neglected by Mike Ashley over the last 14 years, and give generous but sensible transfer budgets to those who run the football side. Despite having enough money to buy every club on the planet and still have change for a fish supper, the plan was not to do a Chelsea or Man City, but to steadily improve the club from top to bottom.

Amanda Staveley chose Newcastle United because like most of you she was hooked after going to a game and it is to her credit that she HAS got the backing of these huge investors and for it to be denied, would be painfully criminal.

An interesting next two or three weeks I think.


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