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Very interesting response after asking fans if in favour of Newcastle players taking the knee

4 weeks ago

The subject of taking the knee has risen to the headlines once again with the Euro 2020 finals seeing England players and others doing it before matches.

The 2020/21 Premier League season with fans almost entirely absent throughout, had seen taking the knee become a match by match occurrence.

As we march on towards the 2021/22 campaign, we asked NUFC fans the question of whether they were in favour of Newcastle United players taking the knee before games.

The poll was added at the end of a really good and interesting article by Michael McCarthy, entitled ‘Don’t boo our players when they take the knee’

It quickly became apparent though, as you will see if you look at the selected comments (see below) that appeared when we posed the question, that this is far more than a ‘yes or no’ question for so many people.

For the record though, our poll showed:

39% in favour of Newcastle United players taking the knee next season

61% against Newcastle United players taking the knee next season

This actually quite closely mirrors poll results at the weekend where the public was asked the question about England players at Euro 2020, 40% of the general public in England supported the England team taking the knee at Euro 2020, whilst 27% opposed it (in our poll on The Mag we didn’t offer a ‘don’t know’ option.

I think you could probably split Newcastle fans into four main groups on the taking the knee question:

Those who are keen to show support for players taking the knee, those who are keen to show their opposition, those who have no strong interest / views in the subject either way, plus those who simply don’t want what they see as non-football issues interfering with a matchday.

Ashington Mag:

‘I dont get why anyone would boo their team at all.

And as for booing taking knee? Ridiculous, if you dont agree wity it, just chat to ypur pals, or take a wee bit longer finishing pint and pie.’

Phil K:

‘UEFA and FIFA’s OFFICIAL rules are there should be NO political demonstrations.

So why is this political demonstration be allowed ? Rules can be sidestepped by the woke brigade

I gather ONLY Belgium are also doing it, showing our own FA are just grovelling to the middle class London Guardianistas who are the ones controlling this, as they do the media.’

Obvious Truth:

‘The core demographic fan base, has had enough of left wing gesture politics.

The players need to take note, of the of people who pay their wages.

It’s time this was stopped.’


‘Listen to yourself ffs. Why do you care so much?

The players have said they want to do, and that it means something to them.

Isn’t that good enough?’

David Webster:

‘It’s also illegal for fans to racially abuse players but it happens every day whether on social media or during matches. Why cant the players do something small to fight back?

I do think the knee thing has been taken too far now but I dont understand why you would get that upset about something aimed at preventing racism?’

Geordie Giants:

‘Social media is just a phone app, it’s not a compulsory part of life. If people don’t like it, don’t use it.

There has not been a racist incident at St James Park in decades.’

Obvious Truth:

‘Can you provide any real empirical evidence that players are abused during matches?

It used to happen in the 70s and 80s. Thankfully I haven’t seen it for decades at SJP.’

David Webster:

‘There have been multiple reports of it happening during premier league games over the last few years.

Usually it’s a few idiots who get reported then banned once caught by CCTV. It may not be as widespread but it’s still there.’


‘I dislike any form of group coercion,must wear a poppy,must take a knee etc.Those who enjoy this sort of thing should arrange their own events,in public areas,where they can do whatever it is that rings their bell.Personally I would not get on my knees for anyone,The Queen,BML,Harrison Ford or for anyone or anything else.’


‘They’re not asking you to get on your knees. They’re just asking you not to boo some people who have decided to make a symbolic gesture against racism.’

namkcelF ibboB:

‘Good article, the taking a knee is fine by me. I may not like the politics being BLM in the USA but that’s not what it’s about here.’


‘The reason the kneeling was debated so much here in the States was because the players were/are kneeling DURING the national anthem.

I have no problem with the players kneeling before kick-off, but the kneeling DURING the anthem was/is intentional disrespect for me.’


‘Football is a very strange game compared to other sports.

Footballers seem to be expected to make a stand or come out with articulate comments on political issues. I think it’s quite unfair and not what the public expect from the game or players.

I also find it strange when the players are crossing themselves and looking up to heaven, often when they come on as a sub. Do you do that in your job every time you go to work or every time you play a game or whatever.

My personal view is that the knee or even the applause for the NHS holds much more sway if it is done just once, in a coordinated effort across the country rather than for ages. Then people start to forget or question it and then the arguments begin as shown by the boos etc.’


‘TBF you shouldn’t be at the ground to make a decision either way


Andy Aames:

‘The taking of the knee is a gesture that has absolutely no substance. All it does is stir the pot and create greater division.

I also believe that many players don’t agree with it but comply simply to avoid the public backlash from social media.

I, along with the great majority of people, do not believe racism has any place in society.

Over the past year, race has become a political tool more than anything.’

Colin Brumwell:

‘The players have the right to kneel in protest and fans have the right to show they disagree by booing , its freedom of expression ,you do not have to agree with either option.’

Jimmy Toons:

‘I disagree with having a hereditary sysytem as head of a democratic country, and if an older person of that family die, is it fine for me to express my democratic right to boo in a minute’s sielence?

I object to having to do this, but I respect it. I just don’t get if you disagree with someone’s right to go on their knee – I don’t know why they still do it, but that is their right – why anyone wants to boo them. Why boo anyone because they express their own right?’


‘I am sick and tired of some, claiming that this is a ‘marxist’ tool, as if somehow the vast majority of football fans, have suddenly become experts on political structures.

Marxism, is effectively calling for revolution, based on class inequality. Nothing to do with racism.

This stance has been taken by the players, no one else. Anyone that thinks racism only exists because of BLM, is deluded at best and outright racist at worst.

I would love a time, when players do jot need to take a stance against racism, unfortunately those times are nowhere near. Those that say there are other ways to support black players and attack racism, again, imo have missed to point. None of those have worked. The sheer fact that we are still taking about this, means that something is having an effect.’


‘There is no place in life for racism, not just sports, but you don’t see office workers and factory workers taking the knee. I think we got the message but I don’t see the need for continuation of this gesture.’

Leicester Mag:

‘Won’t be an issue because while Ashley remains I’m not going. On the issue itself far from convinced as to what it now achieves but to boo sends out a terrible message.’

Paul Patterson:

‘This is EXACTLY why political gestures/statements should be nowhere near football.

They often cause more division than they set out to unite…’


“It is better to Die on your feet… than to Live on your knees”….No truer sentence spoken than by The Great Mexican Revolutionary Emilianò Salazar Zapàta. Stand tall and do not yield or subject yourself to potential ridicule….Get up and look them in the eye brothers.’


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