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Richard Keys obsessive hatred of Rafa Benitez erupts yet again on hearing Everton news

11 months ago

Richard Keys is at it again.

Jim White of Sky Sports on Wednesday night saying (see below) that after further productive talks, Rafa Benitez is ‘on the brink’ of becoming the new Everton manager.

In response, Richard Keys has yet again let his obsessive hatred of Rafa Benitez burst to the surface.

Newcastle fans experienced this throughout Rafa’s reign at St James Park and even after he left (see historical Richard Keys comments below), Keys attacking Benitez repeatedly and indeed the Newcastle fans, whilst backing up Mike Ashley and then relentlessly championing Steve Bruce. Pretty much all of it in an attempt to rubbish the credentials of Rafa Benitez.

Bizarrely though, in October 2019, Richard Keys (see below) actually was pushing Rafa for the Everton job, using some predictably twisted and bizarre logic.

Some quality replies from fans as well below, in response to this latest anti-Rafa Benitez rant from Richard Keys.

Jim White via his personal Twitter account – Wednesday 16 June 2021:

“Being told Rafa Benitez tonight on the brink of becoming Everton manager after more talks today.”

Richard Keys:


“What a bad appointment. A shocker Jim.

“I’ve already spoken to half a dozen guys who wore the shirt and they’ve all said the same thing ‘I’m done’.

“Moshiri doesn’t understand Everton if he thinks this is a good idea. Evertonians will watch Tranmere.”

Richard Keys going on to say…:

“If Benitez had any respect for himself or Liverpool he wouldn’t entertain the idea.

“Would Shanks have done? Dalglish? Souness? Evans? Any of them? Of course not.

“He left Newcastle exactly the same way – off to China when it suited him. Agent Benitez?”

Response from (Everton and other clubs’) fans to the embarrassing Richard Keys comments:

‘I’ve had a chat with about 7 Evertonians Richard and they are delighted and excited at getting a manager of Rafas calibre and proven success – exciting times. They are fed up of being the Tranmere of the Premier League.’

‘Tranmere?? Haha I’d rather watch you shave your paws for 90 minutes each weekend!’

‘Nonsense! Evertonians will always support the club, whoever the manager may be.

Look at how we still respect Andy Gray despite him using us for a payrise with Sky…remember those days
Richard Keys, when you were relevant?!!’

‘I’m a die hard blue and I’ll get behind him. I disliked him as much as anyone back then, but best coach for job, understands city and let’s be honest here we’ve settled for things for years they’d never accept across the park. Maybe some culture change.’

‘Couldn’t agree more Richard, a club like Everton should be aiming for someone like Steve Bruce, a man who has changed Newcastle United and could go down in history for Everton as a fantastic appointment. Let’s cross our fingers they see the light and go for Brucey.’

‘Richard, can you please explain your utter dislike of Rafa? I’m not meaning for this job in particular in meaning in general. I have never ever read or heard you say 1 good thing about him despite the fact he’s won more than most of the managers you champion.’

‘Richard, you literally recommended that they appoint Mark Hughes last week.

You genuinely think Evertonians would prefer him over Rafa?’

‘I will support the club whoever is in charge. Rafael would not be my choice but if he gets the job I’ll support him and the players.’

‘Jog on you clown. he’ll get them top 6.’

‘Why though? Proven winner and knows the league inside out and improves players.’

‘Not everyone lacks loyalty like you.’

‘Rafa lives rent free in Keys’ head.’

‘Cant believe anybody still talks to you.’

‘Richard have you ever actually justified your Rafa hatred?? It’s just plain weird now.’

Richard Keys and his all consuming (and disturbing?) hatred of Rafa Benitez bubbled up regularly once he (Rafa) was appointed at Newcastle United and even after Benitez left…Keys persistently attacking Newcastle fans as well, as he championed Steve Bruce and Mike Ashley.

Plus just look first at what Richard Keys wrote 7 October 2019, Keys writing on his own personal blog:

‘I’ve never thought Silva was the man to take Everton forward. They’d have been better off marking time with Sam and looking around for the right successor.

‘Everton are not the first club to waste a fortune and they won’t be the last and they’ve got to get on with it now.

‘Who next?

‘Arsene Wenger is available of course. So is David Moyes and my call left field last week was Rafa.

‘Don’t believe he wouldn’t take it. He tried twice to get it when he was at Newcastle – before Sam and Silva.

‘He’d walk back from China for it.

‘Rafa doesn’t do ‘emotion’ – as he proved when he went to Chelsea.

‘He does what he believes is right for himself. He always has. Ask Mike Ashley.

‘If Newcastle fans are wondering why I’m suggesting Rafa – let me explain.

‘Never have I said he isn’t a good coach. We all know he is.

‘What irritated me about his time at Newcastle was the constant moaning. He knew the deal. So get on with it.

‘Despite being told time and again that he’d walk into one of the world’s top jobs on leaving Newcastle I said he wouldn’t. He didn’t. He had the best job he was ever going to get in England – unless Everton are brave enough. Let’s see…’

Richard Keys reacting to Rafa Benitez having finally had enough of Mike Ashley and not renewing his Newcastle contract, Keys with his message to Newcastle fans (and Rafa) – 2 July 2019:

“You [Newcastle fans] will be there for the first game of the season – watching your team in your own stadium with someone in charge who will give you your team back and excite you.

“Wait for the replacement (for Rafa Benitez) announcement.

“Your owner (Mike Ashley) tired of Rafa’s constant moaning and no one in their right mind gives the manager financial control.

“Rafa won’t get a better job than he had. Newcastle will power on.”

Richard Keys when Steve Bruce appointed to replace Rafa Benitez – 17 July 2019:

“Good luck Brucey. Delighted.

“It seems British coaching is making a bit of a comeback. Newcastle couldn’t have chosen any better.”

Richard Keys on Steve Bruce and Rafa Benitez (and NUFC) – 9 August 2019:

“Newcastle will do ok. Believe me. What a breath of fresh air Steve Bruce will be.

“He’ll get them playing – and they’ve got the players to do that – unlike Brighton, who can’t afford to.

“It was so refreshing to hear Bruce talk about winning a trophy…Newcastle CAN win a trophy if the coach cares enough about silverware and not his bonus for grinding out a top 10 finish.”

Richard Keys on Steve Bruce (and Rafa Benitez!) and NUFC – 19 November 2019:

‘It’s gold for Steve Bruce – the man even Geordies wanted to fail. What a job he’s doing – proving that not only Benitez can manage that club.

Is it true? Does Bruce really have Newcastle seven points better off than at this time last season? Yes it is. And that despite a really tough start – a far more difficult start than Benitez had. The former coach says it’s not fair to compare different seasons – but he would wouldn’t he?

Benitez left for a ‘long term project’ in China and because Mike Ashley didn’t ‘share his ambition’. What a joke. He left for a fat salary and having done his best to create havoc for his successor.

Anyway, against a near impossible back ground, Bruce has been quietly working miracles. I’m disappointed that he didn’t take the League Cup more seriously, but otherwise it’s been terrific.’


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