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Rafa Benitez now set to finally be confirmed as Everton Manager – Sky Sports

7 months ago

Almost three weeks ago now, it was reported that Rafa Benitez had held talks with Everton about their managerial vacancy.

Then ten days ago (16 June 2021) it was claimed that the Spaniard’s appointment to the Goodison vacancy was imminent.

When that didn’t happen, the void was filled by various media claiming the Everton owner Moshiri had decided not to take on Rafa Benitez because of the opposition of some Everton fans (see comments below) to the appointment.

Laughable really, as Moshiri and his advisers would have been very well aware that some Everton supporters would be quick to show their displeasure at the former Liverpool boss potentially managing the blue side of Merseyside.

On Saturday (26 June 2021) though, Sky Sports News are reporting their sources telling them Rafa Benitez to Everton is set to be confirmed this coming week.

That rather than the two parties going their separate ways, this past week or so has seen continuous meetings to hammer out the contract and that now with ‘the keys aspects of his contract agreed’, Rafa Benitez will in the coming days be officially declared the successor to Carlo Ancelotti.

Everton fans commenting via their Grand Old Team message board earlier this month about the prospect of Rafa Benitez to Goodison happening…:

‘Benítez is just a NO.

I don’t care what type of manager he is and what he could bring to Everton.

There is no escaping the fact that he is ex-RS, disrespected Everton in the past etc. etc.

I remember when he took over at Chelsea and the atmosphere was toxic. Well….it would be a whole new level toxicity if he arrived at Everton…it just would not work.’

‘Why do people call that fat greasy boring old ex-manager “Rafa”? Are you his buddies?’

‘In the last 6 years he’s been in China and managed and relegated Newcastle.’

‘He didn’t relegate Newcastle. McClaren did. Rafa literally had about 8 games to keep them up.’

‘I’ve always been confused about Newcastle fans making out like he’s the Da Vinci to the toodler doodles of Bruce.

I’ve seen Bruce’s team play some great football and win some great games, but I don’t recall Rafa doing much…’

‘It’s because he pandered to them, telling them how wonderful they are and moaning about Ashley, who they hate. They hate Bruce because he just gets on with his job and doesn’t constantly complain about his boss, who he knew all about before he agreed to take the role.’

‘Can we just agree to Rafa being the worst possible appointment.’

‘I don’t want Rafa, nothing to do with his Liverpool links, he’s just past it as a top manager.

Steve Bruce is doing a better job at Newcastle.’

‘You do realise that Rafa left Bruce with a team that had been a secure Premier league side for 2 years.

Bruce also spent a vast amount more than Rafa, was bottom of every stat table and looking like certain relegation until Ashley brought in Grahame Jones to help Bruce out.’

‘Utter myth the money, Rafa spent millions at Newcastle.’

’16/17 -30m

17/18 +23.9m

18/19 -750k

He left Newcastle with a net spend of negative 8 million. He actually made them money.’

‘Deffo something odd about you. Can’t quite but my finger on it. Are you a Spanish football manager at all?’

‘I don’t recall Rafa doing much other than making Newcastle look like one of those teams you’d not be worried about playing.’

‘Beat us and drew with us in 18/19 didn’t they.’

‘Done the double over us this year. Shall we hire Steve Bruce?’

‘If it’s to be Rafa, then I’m no longer a blue! Hopefully Bill and Mosh read this comment and swiftly cross Rafa off their list.’

‘I wouldn’t want Benitez under any circumstances, for all manner of reasons…’

‘Actually, I’ve now decided we should get Rafa,

That would then mean I can finally be done with this club, the continuous false hopes/dawns and getting some more free time and save some cash.’

‘I see some people are making excuses for Benitez already…’

‘If Rafael Benítez had a sexy English sounding name like Joey Barton, we’d not even give him the time of day.’

‘Gerrard was a bad wind up suggestion and is my most hated sportsman but Benitez isn’t far behind in terms of being a joke.’

‘I have a red mate who said that if we get Rafa, he would actually not hate us anymore.

Thats reason enough to stay clear.’

‘Benitez as manager with a backroom staff consisting of stevie g, carragher and sammy lee

What could go wrong?’

‘Rafa is a has been… Fact.

He thinks he is above small clubs like Everton… Fact

He is a former RS… Fact.

The only thing he has going for that his name is not Sam Allardyce.’

‘Rafa Benitez plays absolutely dreadful footy, is a dinosaur, and hates us. I’d literally rather Eddie Howe and that’s saying something.’

‘Benitez far more toxic than Allardyce in terms of how the fan base will react

And thats really saying something.’

‘If we get Rafa it will do wonders for my season ticket waiting list chances.’

‘Benitez- a mercenary outmanaged by Steve Bruce who heaped derision and bile on our club who also happens to play cr.p football.’

‘Moshiri employed Sam Allardyce and Sammy Lee… won’t be at all surprised if he employs Benitez.’

‘I would take Allardyce over Benitez any day.’

‘I don’t want Rafa, nothing to do with his Liverpool links, he’s just past it as a top manager. Steve Bruce is doing a better job at Newcastle.’

‘I cannot support Rafa if he is appointed.’

‘Its not even his Liverpool past or his ‘small club’ comments that puts me off Rafa – its the fact that he’s proper proper average these days. Newcastle is his level.’

‘Rafa would finish me with Everton for the foreseeable.’

‘It won’t be rafa. If it was, I’d be done.

I’d rather have Bruce if we are after cr.p managers from Newcastle.’


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