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Newcastle United Lockdown Diaries – Bazoox

7 months ago

Welcome to our brand new feature, the latest NUFC fan / writer with their Newcastle United Lockdown Diaries.

Here at The Mag we thought it would be good to have an in depth look at these strange times, as we hopefully start coming out of the worst of it now etc.

We are asking regular / irregular contributors to give readers an insight into their own personal experience and thoughts, both about Newcastle United and how the pandemic has affected them personally.

Asking fans to share whatever and how much they would like to, in terms of how the virus impact has made them see NUFC now and so on.

Next up for the Newcastle United Lockdown Diaries, we have NUFC fan Bazoox.

Just to give readers a loose idea of who each fan is and the perspective they are coming from, we asked some basic personal info:

Age (exact age or loosely(30s, 40s etc)): Mid-50s.

Where you currently live: Born and bred in North Shields.

The year when you would say you first thought of yourself as a Newcastle fan, or realised it etc: 

I have supported Newcastle United since being a young boy in the early 1970s.

Line of work you are in: I worked in the oil and gas sector, on and offshore for over 30 years.

Now for the questions (you don’t have to answer them all and say as much or as little as you like, just use them as basic guide to get over whatever you would like to say):

How has the virus impacted on you in your life (totally up to you how much or as little you want to say and how much detail, just to give readers an idea of what your position/situation has been)?

I was as shocked as the next man initially at the scale of the pandemic in 2020, but it hasn’t drastically changed my day to day lifestyle.

Is Newcastle United now all about whether or not a takeover happens?

When I found out last year that PCP Capital Partners, the Reuben brothers and the Saudi PIF were serious about buying Newcastle United I was genuinely excited and it was a welcome distraction. As far as I am concerned this was, and still is the only deal in town.

I honestly believe that Ashley has the EPL up against the ropes and I think that the arbitration in July will prove pivotal to a hopefully successful outcome.

Do you think there has been a Premier League conspiracy to prevent an NUFC takeover happening?

I have no doubt that the likes of Hoffman, Masters and clubs within the “top 6 cartel” did their utmost to scupper the deal last year, dreading the prospect of a wealthy and ambitious Newcastle.

If Mike Ashley doesn’t sell NUFC, what do you see ahead of us?

Mike Ashley has been a disaster at Newcastle and the club has been going nowhere for over a decade.

I have not been back to St James’ to support the club since the Keegan debacle in 2008, as my own personal integrity is more important to me than following and propping up a pointless and selfish regime, that treats ordinary and decent people with such obvious contempt.

If the takeover goes through I am confident that success will quickly follow but the wounds of the last 14 years of ineptitude will take time to heal.

After being away so long I wouldn’t be able to bring myself to go straight back to St James’ and sit next to people who I believe have been complicit in making our club and city a laughing stock.

Assuming full capacity is allowed at Premier League matches next season, what kind of crowds do you think Newcastle will get if Ashley still owns the club?

If Steve Bruce is in charge next season I can see crowds dwindling and would be anticipating them going down to about 40,000. This man should never ever have got anywhere near being manager of our club in the first place.

If you have kids, grandkids, how much interest do you see from them in Newcastle United these days?

It is noticeable that the grandbairns are not as interested in NUFC as previous generations were.

I think that goes for kids in general who are all computer daft but you can’t blame the young Geordies for losing pride in their hometown club and being disinterested.

A lot of competition but which three pundits, commentators, former managers/players do you especially dislike for their coverage of Newcastle United?

The way Newcastle United are perceived in the media is a bone of contention with me.

Special mention should be made to the prize idiots Rio Ferdinand and Richard Keys. It is blatantly obvious that Keys has an agenda against the club.

I also have no time for club legend Alan Shearer on the BBC, who I find extremely bland.

During the pandemic, we have seen the ‘big six’ try to take control of the Premier League in October 2020 with their ‘big picture’ plan, which would have meant with changed rules, the six could outvote the other 14 on any major decision. Then 6 months later in April 2021, we had the six of them again playing a key role in trying another power and money grab with the attempted Super League. What do you have to say about those attempts and do you think it is inevitable that they will be back to try again?

The “Project Big Picture” fiasco was initiated by the EFL chairman Rick Parry, who is unashamedly a Liverpool fanatic. It was a despicable attempt at a power grab.

This was quickly followed by the ESL proposals, outlining once again the contempt this elitist so-called “Big 6” have for everyone else on the outside. They should never be trusted and should be detested in equal measure by other fair minded football supporters nationwide.

What three words would you use to describe Newcastle United these days?

The three words I would use to describe my current feelings with regard to Newcastle United amidst these uncertain times and what I would say to other fans is…”Just Keep Believing.”

This might, just might, be our year and time lads and lasses.

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