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‘Newcastle United supporters need to follow this example set by Manchester United fans’

5 months ago

I find myself reduced to watching YouTube Newcastle United videos of past games by my once loved club / team.

It has been the decline under the current owner that has caused me to re-evaluate several things NUFC / SDFC related.

One of which is, what is the point of supporting and investing time in a club or business that has no other interest than making money, not entertaining its followers?

I have for a long time just fallen out of love with the club that I was once so passionate about, and the worst thing is, the longer it goes on the less I care!

I hate being in this situation, and it has been so since Kevin Keegan was so unceremoniously kicked to the sideline by the current regime. Keegan told us of what was to come back then and he has been spot on every step of the way! If there are any who doubt his stance and advice, read his book, it’s all there in graphic detail!

There has NEVER been a better time for supporters of Newcastle United to take a stand and try and make a change at the club, the current pandemic and instability of football in general is the time to strike.

As much as I hate to say good things about Manchester United fans, they have taken a stand and the football world ie $ky and $ky sports news had to show Sunday’s events, maybe a lesson for our so called supporters?

They are £600m or so in debt as a club but the Manchester United fans are wanting a change, it’s not the prawn sandwich brigade here, it’s the city of supporters, real supporters, take note toon fans. We as Newcastle fans / supporters need to galvanise action to get the change the club needs and the fans deserve, problem is, the so called fans who will go back when allowed to for the home game against Sheffield United, a nothing game, but I bet the full allowed allocation is taken up. This is just what the regime needs to say it’s all OK, buckle up for another season of the same you mugs / mags, Mike Ashley will just rub his hands together all the way to the bank.

If you are happy with the way the club is run, and I know there are some sycophants who are, who will take it every season, saying thanks for the kicking, I will just hand over my hard earned because its the toon…

I have to ask, are you really a football fan?

Do you know ANYTHING about the game, we have not seen good or entertaining football at St James Park for years.

If you think otherwise please send your answers on the back of a stamp to The Mag or write a rebuttal to this post, I and a few others would love to see your logic.

For me at this stage of my life, or what’s left of it for a pensioner, I would like to see Newcastle United do well, or at the very least try, but it’s not going to happen under this regime, is it?

This is what I just cannot understand, folk unwilling to demonstrate or take a stand and fight for what we believe in, and I don’t mean waving bed sheets with poorly written text waved about by some ten year old with no teeth, you know what I mean!

I served my time as an apprentice electrician for the NCB in the early 70s, we knew what it was like to be persecuted and deprived of, or under threat of our jobs, but united we knew also how to protest. I saw three strikes in my time as an electrician, only the last one in ’84 did we suffer an overwhelming defeat, BUT we TRIED, something as fans we have NEVER done!

There have always been the ones who complained but slimed their way back under the guise of: ‘I support the team.’

Well, I ask you this now, are you happy with what is served up to you every home game and do you think its value for your hard earned? The general consensus of opinion is that it’s NOT and the media are catching on, ever so slowly, but it’s happening!

OK, so I’ve vented my spleen, and will close with this, my hope for the way forward:

We are probably left in the hands of a supporters group like NUST, it has good points and bad but hey it’s all we’ve got, but it needs teeth! I would like to see the NUST gather the fans to support a boycott of the club for the final home game and in fact picket those who would want to enter. Why? If publicised correctly and the intention made clear to the mainstream media, it would resonate throughout the football world and tell everyone that we as fans have had enough and are not willing to let our club fall further into decline under the current regime. As we all know there will be no investment for next season and possibly the sale of our best players, Pardew and Carroll resonate with anyone?

No, it’s time to press our advantage this time as the situation may never occur again and the time could just pass and groundhog day will ensue again.

Why this action now?

As previously stated, it’s a nothing game and the opportune time to make a statement, why would you waste your time and money to put another nail into the club coffin? To satisfy your own personal needs, what, after seeing what has been on display during the pandemic, and you call yourself someone who knows about football?

If there is a boycott and a picket at the stadium, I am sure it will gain support from other teams and supporters to make the statement we want our football to be entertaining and good to watch, not just another business for the fat cats and the top six to fill their already over inflated bank accounts. It’s football, for enjoyment and entertainment, not for oligarchs and multinationals to harvest the plebs’ hard earned while they pay their investors and / or the owners bank account!

If we fail to take action at this time you can bet your bottom dollar it will be R.I.P NUFC / SDFC!


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