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I’m boycotting due to Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce but why would I have a problem with other fans going?

5 months ago

I’m not setting foot inside St James Park whilst Mike Ashley AND Steve Bruce are still there.

I’m not alone.

Only three months before matches moved behind closed doors, in December 2019 Mike Ashley was forced to give away ten thousand free season tickets, to fill the empty gaps alongside his tat empire adverts.

Two and a half years before that, Newcastle United were averaging over 51,000 at home and filling St James Park, in the CHAMPIONSHIP! Simply because Rafa Benitez had given fans a little bit of hope by staying on to get us out of the second tier and if given the chance, rebuild the club.

We all know what happened next and Mike Ashley failing to deliver on the promises he’d given Rafa Benitez in order to get him to stay on and get him (Ashley) out of a disastrous position, having managed to relegate Newcastle for a second time in the space of only seven Premier League seasons.

Fast forward to summer 2019 and after forcing Rafa Benitez out due to his own crazy agenda, Mike Ashley then employed his latest puppet patsy, Steve Bruce.

I had returned to matches due to Rafa Benitez giving hope, now along with thousands of others I was removing my money and backside due to Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce taking away all hope.

It wasn’t the first time I had supported protests, boycotts, late walk-ins, in-match walk outs or whatever.

One thing never changed though.

Never did I care what anybody else did.

I only cared what I did, what I felt comfortable with.

I have never understood why some people get so upset with what other people get up to in their lives. So long as it is lawful and not harming anybody else, whether it is who you sleep with, what religion you choose or indeed don’t have one, or whatever, why do people get so uptight about what somebody else is doing?

I can only control what I do and I don’t want to control what others do.

Yes it would be nice if Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce were met by a totally empty stadium in August, if we see another disastrous summer which sees those two still at Newcastle United.

Will I slag off those who would still be inside St James Park? No.

If they still get some enjoyment or whatever from going to home matches, then good for them. In the great scheme of things, whether they do or don’t go to the matches won’t make any different to the bigger picture.

Yet you see people slagging off other Newcastle fans for going to St James Park, even if they are taking their kids.

The thing is, it is nothing to get upset about, other supporters still going to matches. Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce are perfectly capable of emptying the ground themselves.

Look at the Sheffield United match, they even struggled to get 10,000 fans willing to go to that game, despite no live football for 15 months at St James Park for Newcastle supporters.

I can’t see there being many more than 30,000 in August if nothing significant has changed at Newcastle United. No chance of Mike Ashley signing Joe Willock, every chance that ASM will leave, just read / listen to his interviews this week, warning he will be off if no ambition shown by Ashley if no takeover happens.

Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce managed to push away 10,000 regulars in summer 2019, with what we have all seen since, do you really think that any less than another 10,000 will not fancy giving Ashley their money to watch Bruce football?

Live and let live, that’s my motto.

I’m not even convinced that many of these people exist outside of social media and online comments sections. Both the people who go over the top in slagging off other fans for still going, nor supporters who still go and are over the top in verbally slaughtering those who have walked away.

We all know the score, we are addicted to Newcastle United.

We all have our breaking point, just some people don’t realise they have one, when they would walk away.

Some of the most aggressive in their condemnation of Newcastle fans who still go, are those who have most recently packed in.

They are like those who have just given up smoking, always the ones who get the most agitated if somebody else is being inconsiderate with their smoking.

I could be challenging those who have recently packed in going, asking where they were previously, why they didn’t walk out early from that Cardiff end of season match in 2014 and so on.

The thing is though, I’m not bothered. I only care that I have done what I consider the right thing for myself.

I will never say I won’t go back whilst Mike Ashley is still there, it could be forever!

If the club was ran properly and a proper quality manager appointed who was adequately backed and allowed to get on with the job, then I would be straight back, whether under Ashley or whoever.

Under the dream duo of Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce? I don’t think so.

Ashley could end up giving 20,000, 30,000 free season tickets away in the months ahead but as far as I’m concerned, he can stick them where the sun don’t shine.

If you want to fill your boots though, that’s your choice.


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