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The Mag signs up to help finance fans buying stake in Newcastle United – Join us

8 months ago

The Mag was set up in 1988 as a paper magazine due to disillusionment with what was happening at Newcastle United.

The intention being to give Newcastle fans a voice, a magazine of their own, where they could have their say.

A lack of ambition, no faith in those who owned the club.

Now 33 years later and The Mag is online…A total lack of ambition, no faith for Newcastle United fans in he who owns the club.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

What makes it all the worse now, is that it is so unnecessary. We have a multi-billionaire who owns Newcastle United and who purposefully refuses to allow the club to show any ambition.

We won’t bother reproducing them here but we can all easily come up with a long list of the many other reasons why Mike Ashley has brought shame on our football club and indeed the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

It is now 14 years we have had of him and it is 14 years too many.

Earlier today a new project has been launched, with the aim of Newcastle United fans buying part of the football club.

This is a long-term objective and the idea is to prepare for the day when Mike Ashley finally sells NUFC.

The project launched now, in order that fans can collectively contribute to an ever growing fund, which would then be ready to convert to owning a part of Newcastle United alongside new owners.

A lot of questions to be answered and nobody pretends this will be easy.

However, here at The Mag we are right behind the NUST initiative.

The core long-term underlying aim for all football club trusts, is to one day own part / all of the club.

As only that way do you have any way to guarantee some influence.

Yes it might seem like pie in the sky but every journey starts with a single step.

You have to have a starting point and the more money that can be collectively raised under the Newcastle United fans banner, the bigger the bargaining tool will be when it comes to new owners coming along and being able to convince them that the club’s supporters should be partners with them, part owners.

The NUST initiative (read on for the answers to some of your questions below…) isn’t demanding that you do anything, if as a fan you don’t want to contribute a penny then fine.

As for those Newcastle supporters that do want to chip in, the idea as well isn’t that you sell your house to help out.

Instead, it is all about a little from the many, over a period of time.

On that basis, here at The Mag we have this morning set up our own monthly direct debit contributing a nominal amount 12 times a year / season to the Newcastle United fans fund to help try and one day buy a stake in our club.

Why not join us and contribute yourself?

Go HERE to make a one-off donation, or like us here at The Mag, sign up for a monthly direct debit.

Not surprisingly, the buying a stake pledge website is very busy after the launch, so if at first you can’t get onto the page, give it a while and come back to it later.

Remember, UNITED we stand, divided we fall.

NUST (Newcastle United Supporters Trust) Press release:

SUPPORTERS of Newcastle United are launching a bid to buy part of their club.

Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST) is spearheading the drive to take a stake in the future of Newcastle United Football Club.

The Trust, which has more than 14,000 members, is asking United supporters to pledge small amounts of money for a fund that aims to buy part of the club when it is sold by the current owner, Mike Ashley.

The 1892 Pledge – named after the year Newcastle United was formed – has been three years in the planning and has already attracted support from the worlds of football, politics and the media.

Through the 1892 Pledge, NUST aims to build a pot of money that can either give supporters a small share of the club if it is sold while in the Premier League or see fans ready to step in to help save the club in the event of relegation and the financial consequences that could see a change of ownership.

Greg Tomlinson, Chair of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust said: “For decades, fans have been told they are the lifeblood of the club, but when major decisions are made, they are always left out.

“It is an unfortunate fact that in football, as in life, money talks. Therefore, we feel that if we as fans really want to be an active part of conversations that will dictate the future of Newcastle United, we have to put our money where our mouth is.

“Raising funds will give us the financial backing to make our voices properly heard as and when the club is eventually sold.”

Alex Hurst, Trust board member and the driving force behind the 1892 Pledge, said:

“The 1892 Pledge could mean we, as fans, can invest in our club, that could be in the form of a percentage stake in NUFC if it is sold whilst in the Premier League or, if things take a turn for the worse and the club’s fortunes sink further, we would be there standing ready to provide investment and potentially be part of a buying consortium.

“Supporters must have a say in what happens to NUFC and we believe this campaign will give us a real voice in the running of the club – not just now but for years and decades into the future.”

Fans are being asked to pay in what they can, when they can to fund the 1892 Pledge.

Supporters are encouraged to set up direct debit payments through a dedicated website – – which will display the total amount raised by fans on a daily basis.

Alex explained: “It is important to stress we are not asking fans to part with their life savings or cash in their pension pots – this is not what Pledge 1892 is about.

“Instead, it’s about making small, regular donations of a few pounds a month (or more if people can spare it!) which will build up a fund over time.

“It’s also about bringing NUFC supporters together in a common goal, not just fans in the North East and the UK but all over the world.

“We believe there is nothing that fans of this club can’t achieve when we are truly united and this is a chance for us to prove it.”

The Trust has appointed four ‘Guardians’ to safeguard the money raised and ensure it can only be used for one of two purposes.

The first purpose is to buy shares in Newcastle United FC.

The second is that if NUST fails in its attempt to buy a part of the club when it is sold because they have failed to raise the funds or a new owner did not want to sell a part of the club to supporters then all of the money would be donated to charities based in the North East of England.

The Guardians of the fund are:

• Warren Barton, former NUFC and England defender

• Ian Mearns, MP for Gateshead

• George Caulkin, North East football reporter for The Athletic

• Lee Humble, chartered accountant.

Alex Hurst said: “All four of our Guardians are passionate about Newcastle United and its supporters.

“They believe, as we do, that the future success and viability of the club depends on the fans – even more so with the financial problems brought about by the pandemic.

“Before Covid-19 hit, some people were confident that Premier League clubs could essentially survive on TV money, but that has been blown out of the water over the past 12 months.

“The financial situation faced by clubs across the league, not just NUFC, demonstrates just what a vital role fans play.

“We already have power and financial clout. Imagine what we could do with a proper stake in the club.”

In return for the fans’ financial backing, NUST would like new owners to allow the Trust to work within the club, either through an executive board position or another role which can allow the Trust, its members and the supporters of Newcastle United to influence the club and its future direction.

Alex said: “There is a huge and ever-growing disconnect between the people who run Newcastle United and the people who support the club.

“This is not just confined to the question of who manages the team – recent polls in the Chronicle and The Athletic have flagged up the intense disaffection which fans have with the entire running of the club.

“This situation is unhealthy and unsustainable. We believe the 1892 Pledge is the first step towards writing a better future for Newcastle United.

“This is an ambitious project designed to begin the hard work of protecting the club for the next generation of Newcastle United fans.”

(To join 14,000+ other fans as members of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust go HERE)


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