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Spurs fans comments, furious on two counts after 2-2 draw at Newcastle – Some classics!

8 months ago

Reading what Spurs fans were thinking after drawing with Newcastle United was enjoyable after Sunday’s game.

Some real classic comments below from Spurs fans.

With Chelsea losing to West Brom, Tottenham knew that a win at St James Park would see them go top four.

Ahead of Sunday’s match, it was also headline news that the League Cup final later this month will be a test pilot for spectators at matches. So there will be some Man City and Spurs fans at Wembley to see who comes out on top.

Fighting for top four and a cup final, what more could a football fan want? Well quite a bit actually when it comes to Spurs fans!

Their anger and frustration after the 2-2 draw, could be broadly broken down into two main areas.

Spurs fans furious with their own club, many of the players, especially the manager, not happy with the style of football or ambition shown on and off the pitch.

Spurs fans also furious that they still hadn’t been able to beat a team as bad as Newcastle!

You have got to laugh, when as Newcastle fans we are made out to be deluded and unreasonable when fighting it out for relegation with Fulham and now on a run of two wins in twenty one matches. Yet the media are far more understanding with Spurs fans, who no matter what problems they do have at their club, are currently fifth in the league and have a cup final to look forward to, as well as having exceptional players such as Son and Kane.

You CAN understand their frustration and anger but everything is relative, just think what the Spurs fans would be having to say if fourth bottom under Steve Bruce and told you should be careful about what you wish for!

Spurs fans comment via their top message board:

‘When your defence cant contain Newcastle you know you have real problems.’

‘Quicker Mourinho is gone the better, the tactics are sh.t, the players are praised one week and thrown under the bus the next, the coaching is non existent and of course it’s never his fault.

Toxic. He’s lucky the fans aren’t allowed in, please make it end in the summer Mr Levy and take a long hard look at your own position.’

‘Yeah, they REALLY picked a bad week to send out the ST renewals/survey….’

‘I am so f.cking done with Jose and this season’s team.’

‘Out-gunned, out-shot, out-played by a team bereft of confidence and attacking quality. Shambolic.

Utterly exhausted by this season and can’t wait to see the back of it, back of the manager and back of the rotten deadwood.’

‘We switched off and started playing like it was a pre season friendly. No desire to score a 3rd and the 2 times we had clear chances our attackers tripped over themselves.’

‘Davinson became afraid to play and just hoofed every ball, giving Newcastle easy possession. They have to be tougher and not let mistakes disturb them so much, I’d rather we give the odd ball away trying to play out than give every ball away by just hoofing it in terror. The more easy clearances Newcastle hoovered up the more their confidence grew, we didn’t give ourselves the opportunity to push up the pitch and stay in their half.’

‘If Mourinho doesn’t go what would be the point of renewing your ST? A season of watching that in the flesh doesn’t bear thinking about.

Every game would be toxic. But the ‘ off Mourinho’ chants for 90 minutes would be fun.’

‘Another sh.te performance against a team that we could have beaten by 3 or 4 goals if on the front foot and had ‘go at them’. That is such a basic instinct that most teams possess but one that we have forgotten.’

“Dominated by Newcastle ” says it all really with total respect to the Barcodes.’

‘I missed the whole game as frankly id rather sit in my garden with a couple of mates I havent seen in literally months with some tunes on. My mate who is a Toon fan says they probably had the best chances, and I dont think hes a bullsh.tter given we both drove together to SJP a while back for a weekend on the and Spurs v Toon… is he correct?’

‘Unfortunately I was stone cold sober for this weekend’s torture, and yes, your friend is right.’

‘If today is any indication, and Newcastle are as bad a side as we’ll face, then we’ll only win 3/4 of our remaining 8 and I think he’ll get the chop.’

‘I thought we would lose 2-1 so I’m kind of happy with the draw. We are so bad it’s sad but hilarious.’

‘After today my biggest nightmare is that we’ll get two tickets for the final through the NHS (my son is an LAS paramedic).’

‘Newcastle are sh.t, so if you limit them to 4 chances they probably don’t take one.

Turns out give a sh.t team 22 chances even they might hit the target and score a couple.’

‘With no disrespect, we just shouldnt be losing or drawing with that lot. No confidence for top 4 now unfortunately. Yous can say im melting but lets be real, if we had any intention of fighting for top 4, that was not it.’

‘Many on here, quite rightly, complaining about the defence. But we all know that our defence is dodgy, especially that backline today.

However, more damning for me is the fact that we got out-shot by f.cking Newcastle. The fact that they had more goal attempts than us is a disgrace. F.cking attack them and we don’t have to worry so much about the backline.’

‘This “they had 22 shots” business. Two were the goals, otherwise I can only remember Lloris making one save worth the name.’

‘I’m done with this team and manager.

Absolute joke. Can’t even take the game to f.cking Newcastle. Disgrace.’


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