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Liverpool fans in incredible debate on why didn’t beat Newcastle United – Missing one thing

5 months ago

Liverpool fans have had plenty to say after Saturday’s 1-1 draw against Newcastle United at Anfield.

I win would have taken Jurgen Klopp’s team to fourth place in the table on Saturday afternoon.

However, a 95th minute Joe Willock goal threw a spanner in the works.

Reading through this incredible debate (see below) amongst Liverpool fans on why they didn’t beat Newcastle United, it is missing one stand out thing.

The Liverpool fans blame the defending, the failure to take chances, the entire performance in the match (and for some, the entire season!), Jurgen Klopp, injuries…

In fact, they point to every factor possible, apart from giving anybody involved with Newcastle United any credit whatsoever.

Some of the over the top comments are glorious, about how terrible things are for the Liverpool fans, how bad the football has been, how rubbish everything is.

I had to double check and yes, sure enough, they are still sixth in the table and reached the last eight of the Champions League.

Of course, that is before you get to the fact these last two seasons saw Liverpool get 97 and 99 points, win the Champions League and only nine months ago they were celebrating winning the Premier League trophy.

Yes the Liverpool defence is a bit ropey at the moment, largely down to injuries, and yes the whole team maybe is a bit jaded, but still, they had 22 shots on Saturday and if they had taken even a quarter of their very good chances, Liverpool could have win 3-0, 4-0, 5-0.

They have taken a large step backwards BUT still have loads of class players AND every chance they will bounce back next season.

They literally though don’t have a clue to what it is like for fans of pretty much every other club, such as Newcastle United, putting up with the nonsense of Mike Ashley for 14 years and having the likes of Steve Bruce as Head Coach.

Liverpool fans commenting on their Liverpool FC Forum message board:

‘This is as low as I’ve felt for a while supporting our great club.

I’m done with this season, and I can’t watch next Sunday v United.

I know I won’t be missed, but I just can’t put myself through this week after week.’

‘Jurgen Klopp is largely responsible for this awful season, whether people like it or not.

Now we’ll allow him his “gap year” this time.

Next season however needs to be better.’

‘We are rubbish. Top 4 gone.’

‘We escape the handball but can’t stop a sh.te Newcastle team from scoring for 2 minutes The team deserves all the abuse it gets.’

‘I hope the players realise how badly they have let down the manager, club and supporters.

It is going to make Klopp’s job so much harder next season, trying to attract better players.’

‘Yes we bottled it at the end and we should’ve defended better but we should’ve been 4 up at that point.’

‘The players have lost it, the manager has lost it, the owners have lost it.’

‘Players have lost their hearts, manager has lost his head, owners have lost the….trust.

Fans have lost the faith.’

‘We are a disgrace. We are out of Europe, as simple as that. Let us finish the season now! I’ve had enough!!’

‘Klopp’s game management is questionable, has been questionable all season.’

‘Klopp’s management has been nearly as bad as the team’s play this season. A lot of baffling decisions. Borderline Brodgesque at the end of his stint.

That’s doesn’t mean we should change managers. Klopp’s ceiling is higher and he’s shown that in the past.

But for god’s sake, he needs to stop with the stupid stuff.’

‘LOL! What a joke this team has turned into.’

He didn’t do anything wrong today. The Milner sub was a good tactical change to make us more solid in the middle.

The attackers let him down today. This game should’ve been 5-1.

We really need a couple more quality attackers to give the current set a rest and a kick up the backside at times.’

‘Why did I bother watching this absolute sh.t?’

‘Klopp’s decisions this season are starting to bear resemblance to Rafa in finals years

For years we had to watch Kuyt start at RW while we had Babel, Benayoun, Riera on the bench… or when he kept starting Lucas over Aquilani

Klopp’s blind spot this season has been Gini and Thiago. Team selection in both champions league games was a joke.’

‘The forwards miss a slew of chances and the players concede two goals in the last 3 minutes of et against Newcastle and we’re talking about Klopp?’

‘That’s baffling me too. We dominated the game and created clear chance after clear chance. What else could Klopp have done besides play and score himself I have no idea.’

‘ASM reminds me of the Indiana Jones attacker with all the crazy mad moves and Indy pulls out his gun and shoots him.’

‘I think klopp is going the same way as Arsene Wenger, where he kept with his favourites, didn’t bring anyone through and sucked up to the owners to the point when he would protect them from all critism.’

‘Provided the club doesn’t melt down over the summer, I would expect Klopp to be here next season, and the test will be how we do, once the unique challenges of this season are gone. If we are 8 games into next season, and it’s looking like the trends of this spring are going to continue, it’s not hard to imagine that Klopp would have to look around for a different club.’

‘Klopp has not had the answers on many occasions this season, big reason why we’ve failed this season.

Game management is poor, his selections are poor, his tactics are poor.

Does anyone want him sacked? Of course not but he;s the main person responsible for a disastrous season.’

‘Would have been a great performance by nearly all – if we could have finished some of these early chances and made it easy on ourselves.

Obvious statement I know.

It’s amazing how well we’ve played and yet this result.’

‘I dont want him sacked but he’s under pressure next season.

No manager anywhere in the world gets away with making wrong decisions pretty much every game.’

‘Front three are frauds.’

‘Klopp has had a nightmare season that’s for sure but, even leavibg aside his many poor decisions, it’s not his fault his attacking line cant convert even the easiest chances.’

‘Not being able to finish chances…SOS.’

‘Honestly, has a club in recent memory had to deal with this many injuries to key personnel?’

‘I think I’ve got to the bottom of it.

It’s our training schedule. Pure guesswork here.

We’re doing too much weight training. Would explain why the players look like they’ve lost a yard of pace. Look bulkier and why we pick up muscle injuries.’

‘Klopp took off our best player by a distance and we get worse after his substitutions again. This is happening way too often.

Also, how did Firmino stay on for the whole game?

I think top 4 is gone. Klopp needs to start next season well or he deserves sacking.’

‘Gutted. Simply gutted.’


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