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What fans of all the other clubs have said after playing Newcastle United this season…

4 months ago

After constantly hearing it is just us deluded Newcastle United fans giving Steve Bruce a hard time, as we do to all the other sub standard managers we rescue from lower leagues, who then go on to somehow do poorly at St James Park

I then decided to look back at comments made by opposing fans this season, after having faced NUFC.

I used the excellent fans comments feature articles that have appeared on The Mag this season, going back and taking one or two (sometimes more) comments from each set of fans.

Putting together a more complete picture of what opposition fans collectively think about this 2020/21 Newcastle United…

Southampton 2 Newcastle 0:

‘Newcastle looked awful. Imagine having to watch that every week. Almost as bad as us a year ago!’

Wolves 1 Newcastle 1:

Lets not pretend otherwise, Newcastle are dreadful.’

‘Why on earth we felt the need to keep 3 CBs on is absolutely beyond me.

Typical Bruce team that….f.cking s.ite!’

‘Newcastle WERE lucky, they were behind, offered nothing all game and got a gift in the 89th minute from a nothing ball.’

Newcastle 3 Burnley 1

‘Far, far too easy for an extremely average to poor Newcastle team, bar one guy with a bit of something extra about him. What a bonus we aren’t able to travel to watch!!’

Newcastle 2 Everton 1

‘They are dreadful. Definitely capable of going down but somehow grind results out throughout the season.’

Newcastle 0 Brighton 3

‘Potter Took the Dinosaur Bruce to the slaughterhouse and put him down. My Geordie supporting mate called it when he saw their line-up. 4-4-2 was either arrogance, stupidity or suicide.’

‘Brilliant for the second season running at St James Park to see Steve Bruce completely bemused by what was happening in front of him. Potter totally schooled him today.’

‘I think PL management is too advanced for Brucey . . . He looked like a neanderthal who’d just been defrosted.’

Newcastle 1 Man Utd 4

‘A lot of people consider this our best performance in quite sometime and it was against a terrible Newcastle side.

Coached by maybe the only manager in the league worse than ole.

Emphatic win but me Newcastle are a woeful side

genuinely had no idea what their tactics were other than pass to ASM and hope for the best.’

Spurs 1 Newcastle 1

‘I could not believe that Newcastle were so passive, brainless, unambitious and were clearly after a point.’

‘I couldn’t either. I mean Newcastle had picked up all 3 points on 4 of their last 5 visits to White Hart Lane.

‘Yesterday we tore one of the borefest teams to pieces, created loads of chances, hit the post, bar, and if we played like that against all the other borefest teams, then we’ll beat them 90% of the time. Which I’m happy with.’

Newcastle 1 Blackburn 0

‘On the plus side, dominated, created chances and on other days we’d get the win.’

‘Just gone to Newcastle and out performed them, bearing in mind that Newcastle team cost 100 million pounds.’

‘Only a packed defence stopped Rovers from a deserved win.’

‘Wow, how did we not win that? You’d think we were the PL side of the two teams looking at that match.’

Newcastle 0 Chelsea 2

‘Another match that makes me wonder: what is the point of Newcastle?’

‘Just looking at it from a Newcastle supporters view, no wonder they want Bruce gone.

11 behind the ball for the whole half at home, even when they went a goal behind, no attempt to come out.’

‘Newcastle is sh.t we should have scored 5-6 goals here and boost our goal difference.’

Newcastle 2 West Brom 1

‘Awful opposition and we created nothing.’

‘We actually played well today and were much the better side.’

‘If we had gone gung-ho, we’d probably have won today, Newcastle were woeful.’

‘There does seem to be growing evidence that the old fashioned tactics that worked 20 years ago are less effective now. Warnock managed to get Cardiff up 4 years ago but he was the last old guard English defence first manager to get promoted. There is a growing trend now of forward thinking managers getting promotion, Bielsa and Farke 2 examples.’

Leeds 5 Newcastle 2

‘It would have been very worrying if we hadn’t won that because Newcastle are the worst side we have played this season.

‘Just disappointing that a team that poor still scored two against us.’

‘Newcastle were pretty poor tbh and can’t believe they had us at 2-2. Just showed our defensive woes again.’

Newcastle 1 Fulham 1

‘It was only the lack of a competent striker (what the hell has happened to Mitro ? ) and a complete c.nt of a referee that stopped us winning.’

‘Last 2 games against Liverpool and Newcastle, we should have been out of sight at half time.’

Brentford 1 Newcastle 0

‘Watching our B team give a strong Premiership side a hammering.’

‘Laughing that Newcastle paid £40m for Joelinton, who’s scored 3 goals in 50 games for them.’

‘My god, how bad were Newcastle? At the same time, how well did we play?’’

‘It’s a fantastic win but that was more down to them being soooooo fkin bad that I’d be worried if I was a Geordie.’

‘Newcastle represent much that is wrong with the prem, over paid players that are past it, managers with no vision or flair and inflated egos. Shelvey or Dasilva, Toney or Gayle or Wilson or Carroll, Longstaff or Janelt/Norgaard, I could go on.’

‘Bruce is the most unimaginative manager you can possibly find and one of the most enduring pictures of him was him stood, dripping wet on the touchline at GP when we beat his terrible Villa side 3-0.’

‘Thankfully Newcastle were one of the worst teams to play at LR this season.’

Newcastle 1 Crystal Palace 2

‘I couldn’t believe Bruce didn’t launch Carroll on instead of Gayle. Played right into our hands.’

Man City 2 Newcastle 0

‘Newcastle are a proud club with a rich history of free flowing attacking football, it must be killing their supporters watching this sh.t.’

‘Has Steve Bruce abandoned his trusted 10 at the back formation?’

‘Such a shame we have to wait until early March for the Steve Bruce vs. Big Sam duel. They should advertise that game as a Jurassic Park prequel.’

‘These are f.cking sh.t.’

‘Didn’t Brucie once say something along the lines that there are no easy games in the PL as all teams “go for it”…’

Newcastle 0 Liverpool 0

‘Why do keepers only have world class performances v us?’

‘Darlow had one at Spurs too. Good goalie.’

Newcastle 1 Leicester 2

‘I’d hate to be a Newcastle fan.’

‘Delighted with the win. Much improved second half. Bar the 5 minutes in or around the Carroll goal we deserved it. Newcastle looked like hammer throwers.’

‘On Newcastle, they spent the same on Joelinton and Almiron as we spent on Tielemans, Maddison, Albrighton, Vardy, and Barnes.’

‘They are really awful, I keep hearing complaints that they don’t spend enough from Newcastle supporters, but really they spend their money really poorly.

They appear to buy a couple of big players every season and other than Perez I can’t think of anyone they’ve sold for big money.’

‘Having watched them and others a few times this season, they I would say are a worse team than Fulham. They have probably had good fortune this season in late penalties getting them back into games, whereas Fulham have missed a few penalties.’

Arsenal 3 Newcastle 0

‘Thankfully we turned up for the second half and Newcastle are absolutely sh.te.’

‘A good 2nd half but it should all be put in the context of Newcastle being terrible, like their coach is literally on the verge of the sack.

‘Steve Bruce saying in the first half they got in decent positions and didn’t make anything out of it. The poor chap is deluded.’

‘He says that every game. He’s just trolling Newcastle fans at this point.’

‘Newcastle look awful. Fulham must be optimistic about catching them to stay up.’

‘For those of you that don’t rate Mikel Arteta. Steve Bruce exists.’

‘That Almiron should be playing for a better team. I wouldn’t mind him at all at Arsenal.’

Sheff Utd 1 Newcastle 0

‘Got to feel for Newcastle fans watching that every week. We have been poor this season but Bruce’s tactic appears to be to try and get a 0-0 draw in every game.’

‘I bet Cabbages will be selling like hot cakes down the toon, if fans are ever allowed back in.’

Steve bruce wearing a top with fun on is the most inappropriate thing since Fred west submitted an application to the council for a patio extension’

‘I don’t think there’s a team that Brucey has ever managed that likes him since he left.’

‘Honestly couldn’t believe how poor Newcastle were yesterday, first half especially – time and time again they turned over possession which is what we’re usually very good at!’

‘I was stunned by Newcastle’s negative approach. Newcastle turned up like we were Barca. It was baffling.’

‘The lucky part was Newcastle were the worst team I’ve seen since the prem started.

We’ve been poor and losing games But never played as badly as that.’

‘Having ol’ cabbage heed at the helm steering the good ship Ashley towards the whirlpool of relegation makes it all the more satisfying!’

‘He set up to bore his way to a draw. Has he watched us this season?

‘If I were a Newcastle fan, I would be seething. Dozy, one dimensional, fat whining, living off his playing career, odious c.nt.’

‘Newcastle are sh.te haven’t seen a team so dire and negative.’

Villa 2 Newcastle 0

‘Their manager is an outdated muppet still playing the victim card.’

‘Newcastle are a disgrace and are really stinking the league out.’

‘Such an easy win. We could have won by 4-5. Love this team and the way we are approaching games.’

‘Didn’t have to get out of second gear. They were everything I thought a Bruce team would be after we had to live with his ineptitude for so long, just hoping a player would do something for him, no shape, no plan, no pattern of play, just awful.

So good that it was us that were always alive, in spaces, moving the ball, keeping the ball, bringing them on and then playing round them. Just a total opposite of what we were under Bruce and we played to about 30% of our potential and just cruised it.’

‘The contrast with Newcastle was startling. They have some excellent and exciting players but the lack of coaching and tactical nous shows.’

‘Pretty sure Newcastle gave up after 5-6 minutes. They really don’t want to play for Bruce.’

‘Bruce has seen enough to be encouraged…LOL.’

‘I bet we could turn Almiron into a world beater.’

‘How on earth can Bruce say he was encouraged watching that? Not sure we’ll come up against a worse side this season.’

‘I’m not quite sure Bruce saw that was encouraging because they were absolutely dire.’


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